Tower of Fantasy Pity System: Currencies & Banners

The newly released Tower of Fantasy is a classic Gacha MMORPG. Here is Everything you need to know about its Pity System!

The highly-anticipated, anime-inspired MMORPG Tower of Fantasy was just released on the App Store and the Play Store. Players on PC will have to wait a little longer for the game to hit the Steam store. Tower of Fantasy is free-to-play and is developed by Hotta Studio and Perfect World. These developers have also implemented the Gacha System in the game, which allows you to pull items at the cost of in-game currencies. The Gacha System brings us to our topic for today, which is the Pity System of Tower of Fantasy.

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When it comes to Gacha games, it’s essential to learn all about the Pity System. The Pity System guarantees the player a rare pull after a certain number of tries. Thankfully, Tower of Fantasy follows a generous Pity System which is fair and rewarding. While you’re at it, be sure to check out our Tower of Fantasy Review.

Tower of Fantasy features a vast open world, a detailed character customization section, breath-taking battles, a rich storyline, and an addictive Gacha System. In the Tower of Fantasy, you can obtain Simulacra’s and Matrixes belonging to different rarities. If you enjoy anime-inspired MMORPGs, then consider checking out our Genshin Impact Character Tier List!

Without further ado, let’s learn everything about the Tower of Fantasy Pity System as well as its Gacha System. 

What Is Pity System In Tower Of Fantasy?

Tower of fantasy pity system
Pity System in Tower of Fantasy

The Tower of Fantasy follows a Gacha System. To enhance your MMORPG experience in the world of Aida, it’s important that you get your hands on the rarest Simulacra, Matrixes, and Weapons by performing pulls in the game. Players can perform Gacha pulls on different banners that use a currency type of their own. 

Gacha pulls are random; therefore, you may get anything from the rarity levels of R, SR, or SSR. However, since these pulls are random, Gacha games make sure to offer a Pity System, which guarantees that the player will get a rare item within a certain amount of pulls. 

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The Gacha System makes the game more fair and fun for the players. You won’t feel hard done by the game’s system, which has been the case with many games. Thankfully, the Pity System in Tower of Fantasy is quite generous and makes the experience worthwhile for the player!

Let’s get into the detail of the Pity System and all the nitty-gritty details about it.

Banners In Tower Of Fantasy: Pity System & Currency 

The Tower of Fantasy Pity System of the Gacha Pulls makes use of multiple in-game currencies. These currencies can be earned within the game, or they can be bought from the in-game store using real money. How you decide to accumulate these currencies depends on you. We are only here to make things crystal clear about the Gacha and Pity System in the Tower of Fantasy. 

The pull system is quite straightforward, but it can cause confusion amongst new MMORPG players. Therefore, this guide will serve as the perfect walkthrough of the whole system. 

The Tower of Fantasy Pity System is based around different banners, which are also known as Special Orders. As of now, the game offers three types of banners that uses in-game currencies known as; Black Nucleus, Gold Nucleus, and Red Nucleus.

Each banner has a different Pity System; therefore, let’s go through them one by one to learn about the guaranteed SSR Simulacra you can get after a certain amount of pulls.

Basic Standard Banner

Pity System of basic standard banner
Basic Standard Banner in Tower of Fantasy

The Basic Standard Banner uses a currency called the ‘Black Nucleus‘. Even though it’s called Black Nucleus, the color matches a shade of Purple; therefore, don’t get confused by the appearance. Black Nucleus can be collected from the open world; therefore, the game has no Pity System added to this banner. 

Hence, for the Basic Standard Banner, you’ll have to rely on your luck. There is a possibility of getting an SSR pull, but there’s no guarantee regardless of the number of pulls you make.

Standard Banner 

Pity system Standard banner
Standard Banner in Tower of Fantasy

As for the Standard Banner, the in-game currency you will use is called the ‘Gold Nucleus‘. Unlike the Basic Standard Banner, the Gold Nucleus does have a Pity System, which means you will get an SSR item after a certain amount of pulls. You may still have to rely on your luck, but knowing that there’s a guaranteed prize makes the Gacha System feel a lot better.

Apart from the Pity System, the Standard Banner also has a decent pull rate of SR and SSR items. You will have a 0.75-2.2% chance of pulling an SSR weapon and a 1-12.5% chance of pulling an SR weapon. 

As for the Pity System, the Tower of Fantasy guarantees an SR or SSR on every ten orders. At the same time, you’re also guaranteed an SSR after every 80 orders! Even if you bag an SSR weapon before 80 pulls, the Pity System cycle keeps running (details in the last section).

On every Gold Nucleus pull, players will receive a Gold Token as well. After collecting 120 Gold Tokens, they can then exchange them for an SSR weapon copy (which they already have).

Premium/Limited Banner

tower of fantasy limited banner pity
Limited Banner in Tower of Fantasy

The Premium Banner, or the Limited Banner, uses the special currency known as the ‘Red Nucleus’. The SSRs in these banners are usually limited items and are not available in the Standard Banner. These Limited Banners offer great prizes, and fortunately, they have a Pity System too.

The Premium banner has the same drop rates as the Standard Banner. Additionally, the Pity System also remains unchanged. The Gacha pulls on the Limited Banners offer a guaranteed SR or SSR item/weapon for every ten pulls. On the other hand, you are also guaranteed to get an SSR weapon after every 80 pulls, even if you’ve already bagged an SSR item before making your 80th pull!

With the Premium Banners, you also have a 50% chance of pulling the target weapon, which is mentioned on the Limited Banner page. Apart from that, each pull will make you earn a limited currency called ‘Flame Gold’, which can be used in the Limited Store to purchase items, most prominently the featured SSR/Simulacra, which cost about 120 Flame Gold. 

However, once the Limited Banner is expired, the Flame Gold currency will be converted into Black Gold. So it’s important you keep an eye on the Premium Banners timer and use the Flame Gold before it gets converted. On the brighter side, your Pity Counter on the Limited Banner will get carried forward to the next Premium/Limited Banner.

Limited Banners usually last for three weeks, after which they are replaced by another Banner.

Matrix Banner

tower of fantasy matrix banner pity
Matrix Banner in Tower of Fantasy

Apart from Banners that offer weapons, there’s also an additional Matrix Banner in Tower of Fantasy. Matrices are chips that work as enhancements on your weapons. Therefore, Matrixes are quite important in the game. So let’s learn about the Matrix Banner and its Pity System. 

The Matrix Banners drop rates are as follows, the SR Matrix will have a pull chance of 7.5-18.5%, whereas the SSR Matrix will have a pull chance of 1.7% to 4.2%. 

Since Matrixes are not as overpowered as the weapons themselves, hence, the Pity System is more lenient on them. The Pity System on this banner is halved as compared to the weapon banners. You will obtain either an SR or SSR for every ten pulls, while there’s a guaranteed SSR on the 40th pull.

However, since Matrixes are farmable in the game, these banners are not worth going after. Although, from time to time, you will get free tokens to pull Matrixes.

Does Tower Of Fantasy Have A Pity System Reset?

We are sure that one question still looms around your mind regarding the Pity System Reset. Worry not; we’ve got you covered. Here’s everything to know about the Pity System Reset in Tower of Fantasy. 

Most Gacha games follow a strict Pity Reset System. Let’s take an example where a game offers a rare item after every 50 pulls. By sheer luck, you get a rare item on your 20th pull; despite having 30 more pulls to obtain the guaranteed rare item, these games reset the whole Pity System Cycle. 

Now, your Pity System cycle will be reset and will start again from the 1st pull. It isn’t very pleasant and eliminates the fun and anticipation of the Gacha games. However, the Tower of Fantasy does not reset the Pity System! It is exactly why we love the Gacha pull system in this game!

So, let’s suppose you pull an SSR item on your 40th pull; you’d still be guaranteed another SSR weapon on the 80th pull. Regardless of how many SSRs you pull, the Pity System will not reset! 

Having no Pity Reset System, Tower of Fantasy provides a great experience for MMORPG fans across the globe. As of right now, it stands out amongst the other Gacha games. 

We hope that you enjoyed our guide about the Pity System in Tower of Fantasy. You can now comfortably earn in-game currencies and hope for the best while you make pulls in different banners in the game!

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