Tower Of Fantasy Ring Of Echoes: All Yellow Pads

In Tower of Fantasy, there is a musical puzzle for you to solve by jumping on yellow pads in the Ring of Echoes. Get the puzzle solved and reward your characters by getting the weapons upgraded!

Tower of Fantasy includes a lot of puzzles and missions. One of the puzzles is called the Ring of Echoes. In this, you will jump on yellow-colored glowing pads to play the music. Get to know more about yellow pads in Tower of Fantasy in this guide.

Key Highlights
  • You must leap onto light yellow pads in this Ring of Echoes event in order to play music.
  • In the video game Tower of Fantasy, mankind is forced to abandon their home planet and move to a different one named Aida.
  • Five picturesque locations may be found in the Tower of Fantasy, and each one offers amazing views. The players can further explore Aida’s environment with the aid of all the points.
  • Open the settings, then choose Terminal from the list of options. Click Tales and Travel Log then.
  • In Ring of Echoes & Tower of Fantasy, it’s crucial to step onto the platforms in the right sequence to overcome yellow pads.
  • If players complete the task in the allotted time and use the proper strategy, they will be rewarded.

Look over at our guide on the best items and where to find these. Moreover, you can also look at the best armor and best resonance. Tower of Fantasy is a game about humans who were made to leave their homeland and shift to some other world called Aida.

What Are Scenic Points?

Tower of Fantasy includes five points of scenic, each having a breathtaking view. All the points help the players in exploring the world of Aida even more. Furthermore, the players also get rewarded with different items such as Mighty Mushrooms and even Dark Crystals. 

If players want to get across these Scenic Points, they must get over the yellow-colored glowing icon in the shape of the eye. Moreover, they need to click on the button to investigate more. Without any further delay, let’s get to the topic of our guide, Ring of Echoes. Moreover, you will get to know the use of yellow pads as well.

Location Of Ring Of Echoes (Yellow Pads)

If players want to look at the Tower of Fantasy yellow pads in the Ring of Echoes  Scenic points that have been discovered, they have to open up the menu and select the option of Terminal. Now, tap on Chronicles and Travel Log.

From there on, players will be able to look over all the viewpoints and also a detailed description of each point. Moreover, after the players have discovered each region’s viewpoint, they can even get a reward bonus. Following, we discussed the location of the Ring of Echoes in the Tower of Fantasy.

Tower of Fantasy Yellow Pads
Ring Of Echoes

The Spacecraft of Ring of Echoes in Tower of Fantasy is around the Ring Ranges in the west on the Southern side. Once you begin at the Space rift, go over to the east side and move over the plateau. You will then see an edge on the westernmost side; from there, you can jump into the rocks tower. The viewpoint will be at any point where even a little grass seems to be growing. 

Ring of Echoes is a puzzle that you will have to solve in the Tower of Fantasy. The puzzle includes several musical platforms in which you will have to set the notes accurately. Solving Tower of Fantasy yellow pads in the Ring of Echoes is not at all easy. However, you do get several rewards for completing the puzzle.  

How To Solve Yellow Pads

In our guide, you will know all the ways to solve the puzzle on time and easily. To solve yellow pads in Ring of Echoes and Tower of Fantasy, it is important you hop onto the platform in the correct order. However, it is not easy to specify the right order. Anyhow, we will help you get through it easily. 

If you want to make a jump on the right platform without missing out on the order of it, make sure you step foot on the circle made of metal. It is a must for you to be facing the cliff where you can see the platforms easily. 

Certain platforms are located right over the ground, due to which you won’t be able to jump on the yellow pads in the Ring of Echoes in Tower of Fantasy. However, if you follow the right method, you will be able to get the job done.

There are three platforms that you have to jump on to get the yellow pads in Ring of Echoes solved in the game Tower of Fantasy. We will be going over all three platforms in our guide. 

Yellow Pads In Ring Of Echoes

Platform 1

Players will be able to locate the first platform right between the two different trees across the ramp made of stone. All they need to do is move a little farther from the cliff side, where the platform will be located on the right side.

Furthermore, after the players have made their first jump, they will see nodes of music. These nodes will allow you to make the next jump on platform number 2.

Platform 2

Players will be able to find the second platform opposite the ramp made of stones where the first platform was located. After you make a jump on it, a yellow pad will appear that will glow. It will help you reach the third platform.

Ring Of Echoes
second platform musical

Platform 3

Players can look at the back side of the second number platform to find the third one. To get across that platform, all they need to do is jump up a level. Finding the third platform is not much difficult as it will have a glowing yellow pad along the second platform. 

Tower of Fantasy Yellow Pads
yellow pad

After the players are done jumping on all three platforms, they will have to jump over the platform on the left side and then over to the right one. Doing so will get the puzzle of yellow pads in Ring of Echoes in Tower of Fantasy completed. 

Rewards For Completing The Ring Of Echoes

After the players have completed the puzzle and made all the jumps in the right way, the metal circle will appear. There will be a chest on that circle.

That chest will have a Nucleus of Gold in it, which is a currency in the game through which the players can get their weapons rolled. Moreover, it will also help in getting their characters upgraded in Tower of Fantasy.

Players will get rewarded if they manage to get the puzzle done on time and with the right kind of method. So, make sure you do not ignore the puzzle so that you can win and celebrate.

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