Top 30 Tower Of Fantasy Tips & Tricks

In our guide we will look at all the important tips and tricks you need to know before playing Tower Of Fantasy.

Do you want to be the best at Tower Of Fantasy? Well, we have 30 Tower Of Fantasy Tips that will take you from a beginner to a pro. If you want to know more about the in-game characters, we have an amazing Tower of Fantasy Tier List: All Characters Ranked for you. Hence, you will know which character to get!

Key Highlights
  • Tower Of Fantasy has many mechanisms and systems to follow and sometimes it can be confusing as to what we should improve on and progress in the game.
  • To unlock more and improve your ability to fight, exploration is important as you fight harder enemies and start unlocking chests for rewards.
  • There are two types of chests, ones you can open without passwords like Iron Chest, and password-protected chests like Lockers.
  • Having good weapons are also necessary to progress and weapons wield different elements like:
    • Fire damage
    • Frost damage
    • Volt damage
    • Physical damage
  • Knowing about breaking shields is also important, different shields break with different types of elements on your weapons.
  • The same logic applies to enemies, some monsters have weaknesses in certain elements such as the Fire monsters’ weakness is Frost.
  • Cooking your food is also very beneficial as in certain types you could really use quick healing and buffs to defeat enemies.

About Tower of Fantasy

The wait is finally over! We thought this day would never come, yet here we are! The brand-new Tower Of Fantasy is here and ready to be enjoyed by gamers all around the globe! In case you are not up to speed with the game, we have a short blurb of the game ready for you.

The 3D open-world game Tower Of Fantasy tells players a fantastical post-apocalyptic tale of rescue and destruction. If you like having the freedom to move around however you want, Tower Of Fantasy may be for you! Why, may you ask? Well, Tower of Fantasy has one of the widest degrees of exploration freedom in the gaming world. 

If the last statement has not already excited you to play the game, the next part will definitely have you running for it if you are a gamer who enjoys good graphics and background. The Tower Of Fantasy game certainly has an immaculate shabby science fiction aesthetic, coupled with engaging puzzle components and a quick combat flair, and the game truly has it all!

You might be getting very curious about playing the game, but you should definitely read our Tower of Fantasy Tips. Hence, you will have an enjoyable and less stressful overall experience.

Tower Of Fantasy Basic Tips 

basic tips for Tower of Fantasy
Tower of Fantasy basic tips

In the basics tips part of the guide, we will tell you about all the general tips and tricks for Tower Of Fantasy. Think of them as the basic building blocks. If you know them, then playing the game will not come with a steep learning curve! 

So let’s now look at them one by one, and hopefully, by the time you are done with our guide, you will have all the knowledge to be a pro. 

Always Refer To Online Resources  

This goes without saying, but the internet is a huge treasure trove of valuable information. Think about it. You are reading our guide right now to learn tips about Tower of Fantasy. So do not be afraid to put on your detective cap and research around.

It is important to recognize that whenever you are stuck at a particular point in the game, it is better to look around for help. Now it would be pretty awesome to have a 24/7 gamer helpline at your disposal, but sadly, that is not feasible. The next best thing is to look at online resources that gamers have compiled.

These people have spent tons of time and energy getting to know the Tower of Fantasy inside and out. So, if you want a general gist of what to expect in the game or you are stuck at any particular place, do not be afraid to use these forums. 

Keep An Eye On Upgrades

Just like in any other game, Tower Of Fantasy has tons of cool and amazing upgrades that you can do, but as a new player, the choices might get a bit overwhelming. From different cooking upgrades to different supply pods, what should you do?

Well, we would suggest that, as a first-time player, you should try to find all the hidden supply pods in ruins. Not only is it a fun adventure, but players get a special bonus after they have found all of them. Can you guess what it is? 

Well, it is a mushroom, but not just any ordinary mushroom, but a magical one. The mushroom actually boosts your endurance, which will make exploring even easier!

Exploration Tips In Tower Of Fantasy 

Here are some key exploration tips you should be aware of while playing Tower Of Fantasy.

Your Map Is Your Best Friend 

So the thing is, the world of Tower Of Fantasy can be a bit tricky to navigate at times, especially when you are playing it for the first time. We suggest that you mark off areas that you have been to. Which will help ensure that you do not walk around in circles. We have all been guilty of doing that!

Moreover, marking off all the areas you have found in the supply pod is crucial, while it is time-consuming and tedious. It will certainly help you in the long run when you only have a couple of pods missing, and you want to know where they are located.

Locked Areas

Okay, so you might not be aware of the following, but some areas of the game will be locked for players until a certain time has elapsed. Hence, you will not be able to enter it. Nor will you be able to get any supply capsules in those areas. 

A few of these locked areas include the western border of Astra. So if you face this issue, do not worry; your game is not glitching. That is just how it works. 

Endurance When Swimming, Climbing Up & Down

When you first start playing the game, your character will have very little endurance. Hence, tons of areas will feel out of reach. But is that the case? 

If you find yourself in a situation where you are unable to reach an area, do not worry, we have you covered. Let’s talk about a couple of endurance scenarios, like what to do if your swimming is too slow.

Okay, so the next thing we say may sound a little counterintuitive but hear us out. When you are swimming, do not sprint. Yes, you read that right. Think about it. Sprinting will give you a small boost but will tire your character out. Meaning that you will have to spend more time building back up your endurance. 

On the other hand, if you go at your normal pace, it will probably be more beneficial, and you will get to your destination much faster. Okay, so what about climbing? Do not worry, and we have a solution to all your issues!

When you are climbing, there is a certain trick we want you always to remember and use. It will pretty much reduce your endurance consumption to a minimum. Okay, so if you are playing on your PC, here is what you have to do. 

You will press the control button, which will help you get to the wall you want to climb. After getting there, you will have to double jump and then press “w”. It will help you grab the wall once again. If you are a bit confused, here is a simple way to show it.

  • Ctrl-Space-Space-W

Using this particular interesting Tower Of Fantasy Tip, you will be able to reach the summit with a very little amount of endurance, and is that not what we all want?

Imagine you have just used up all your endurance to get to the top of a mountain. Sadly, you find out that what you were looking for was, in fact, not there. You want to go down and continue with the game, but you can not. Why?

Well, the thing is, you do not just need the endurance to move up the mountain, but you also need it to descend. So what do you do now? So if you heavily attack while jumping down, you will be able to avoid all fall damage. Yes, you read that right! It is, in fact, that simple!

Breakable Objects 

While you are playing, try to keep your eyes peeled for breakable objects. We know that is a very vague statement. What is a breakable object? We have a list for you. These include:

Breakable ObjectHow to break them
Cracked RocksUse weapons like missiles.
Thorny VinesUse fire to burn them.
Tar PitsUse ice to freeze. 
VolcanoesUse frost by freezing water.
Kerosene Plant Use ice to freeze. 

So you might think, what is the main point of destroying these? Well, when you discover them, you can find hidden rewards. Just like in other games, some of the most precious loot is hidden in such items.

So, if you find something that looks out of place, do not hesitate to use the methods we mentioned above. Leave no loot behind!

Iron Chests

iron chest in the tower of fantasy
tower of fantasy iron chest

One thing we absolutely adore about the Tower Of Fantasy is the fact that there are so many ways to get cool loot and unlock items in the game. In fact, one of the most important Tower Of Fantasy Tips we would like to share with you is: never leave an iron or password chest. (we’ll talk about password chests later)

You might not know this, but after you reach level thirty, the in-game resources become very scarce. Hence, it is pivotal that you utilize all the free resources the game gives you. Trust us, if you do not do it now, you will regret it later.

Password Chests

Secondly, always keep an eye out for locked chests. Honestly, it is very hard to miss them. Those green strobing lights are a huge giveaway. There are multiple types of password chests that can be seen in the game. These are:

  • Lockers
  • Vending machine 
  • Large generators 
  • Large Speaker

So most of the time, you will have rotten luck with them, and they will not have anything inside. But sometimes, when you are lucky, they will have super rare materials that you can use in upgrades!

These lockers actually reset on a daily basis, so you should definitely make it a habit to search through them on a daily basis.

The Unstuck Tool

What happens if you get stuck while playing Tower Of Fantasy? We are sure this has probably happened to you at least once. You are just casually playing your game, and then, suddenly, you find yourself wedged between two things, unable to move.

Normally, players would have to restart the game, but not in Tower Of Fantasy. They have made our lives so much easier because of the Unstuck tool in the main menu. The whole process is super easy. When stuck, go to the menu and click the “unstuck” button. And you are good to go!

Keep Checking Your Inventory 

In addition to taking up room, these crates can really contain the one thing you are lacking. On a PC, clicking B will immediately take you to the inventory.

Best Weapon Tips In Tower Of Fantasy

Here are some key weapon tips you should know before playing Tower Of Fantasy

Choose Your Weapon Wisely 

Weapons in the tower of fantasy game
Tower of fantasy Weapons

It goes without saying, but the weapon you choose while in combat can completely alter the course of the fight. The first thing you need to be aware of is the damage. There are multiple types of damage elements that you can use. These include:

  • Fire damage
  • Frost damage
  • Volt damage
  • Physical damage

Now the thing is that these are the basic building blocks of any particular weapon. You need to know exactly what type of element you want to use, as they will alter your resonance, DPS, and even healing. 

Know Your Resonance 

So what is it exactly? In case you are confused about what resonance does, think of it as a buff that you need for both solo and team matches.

Okay, so the thing is that resonance comes in different types. Hence, it is vital that you know what they all are and why they are so important. Different resonances will be activated based on the weapon you choose to use.

Now you might be thinking about the different types of resonances that one can use. Well  these include

BalanceIt will increase final damage and damage reduction by 5%.
Fortitude It will increase damage reduction by 25%.

It will increase shatter by 60%.

It will increase aggro by 800%.

AttackIt will increase the final damage by 10%.

It will increase team play by 40%.

Benediction It will increase healing by 100%.

It will increase team play by 100%.

Special Resonance 

Okay, so the four types we mentioned above are, in fact, not the only resonance that you can use. There are, in fact, certain special resonances that can be unlocked if you meet their criteria. One such type of resonance is frost resonance.

FrostIt will increase frost attacks by 15%.

It will increase frost resistance by 25%.

Weapon Upgrade 

We all like the idea of maxing out all our weapons, but is that really realistic? Of course not! One tip we would like you to practice is not just Tower Of Fantasy but other games using the funnel method.

Try to pick out one or two very versatile weapons and use all your resources to max out their upgrades. Hence, you will own two very powerful words rather than tons of mediocre ones.

Weapon Duplication 

You might not know the following but weapons in the game can actually be duplicated; it can easily be done by adding another star which will, in fact, unlock the passive bonus. These bonuses are very important and can really help you out in the long run!

Combat Tips In Tower Of Fantasy

Now that we are familiar with the weapons let’s talk more about combat tips in Tower of Fantasy.

Aerial Attacks

So the thing is that aerial attacks are far more powerful than any other type of attack that you can do in the game. That sounds all fun and dandy, and you might be thinking that aerial attacks are the only ones you will do.

Well, the thing is, while they are very powerful and will leave your enemy in a state of daze, they have a major disadvantage. While you are conducting an aerial attack, there is a narrow window of time where you are fully exposed. 

What we suggest is that you use an aerial attack type of attack sparingly. Do not use it over and over again, as your enemy may become familiar with your moves and will retaliate back. This way, you will not end up with zero health while your foe is still going strong.

Attack Combos

Okay, so each weapon you choose comes with its own unique combos that should definitely be used when playing the game. Think about it. While the main types of attacks are the same, each weapon brings its own uniqueness to the table. Depending on who your enemy is, it can make a whole world of a difference.

Of course, when you are starting out, it can be very tricky to remember all those different types of combos. What we suggest is just constantly pressing the left click button the whole time. Think of it as a holy grail tip when doing combat in Tower Of Fantasy.

As you get better in the game, you will start learning how to chain different combos together to get unique attack combinations that are not just super epic to look at but have hefty damage too! You should definitely look at a combo sheet. It will make your life so much easier.

Combo sheet tip for tower of fantasy
Tower of Fantasy Tip: Combo Sheet

Types Of Dodge In The Game

As you can imagine, just like different attack combos that you can do, there are multiple different types of in-game doges that you should be well aware of. The thing is that not every doge mechanism works in the same way. Not all dodges are your run-of-the-mill trigger fantasia.

For example, the level seven doge is pretty cool. While using it, you can be immune to the enemy’s hit-stun for 0.5 seconds.


Shields have always played a vital role in any combat game. Their importance is unrivaled. One tip we would like to give you while playing Tower Of Fantasy is that you should not take your shield lightly. 

You probably already know the following, but your weapon carries a particular shatter. Hence, it shows how potent they are at shattering different types of shields. You may not be aware that shields themselves have different strengths and weaknesses too.

If you take into account the Non-Elemental shield, they are elemental resistance to elemental damage. On the other hand, a purple shield is far harder for a volt attack to shatter; hence using any other weapon element other than a volt will help shatter it quicker.

Knowing what type of weapon to use for shattering a shield is vital, especially when you are dueling a boss who has a shield to cover itself up. 

Elemental Weakness 

Different enemies have different elemental weaknesses. This means that using a particular weapon against a particular foe will yield much better results. Think about it. The machines will take far greater damage from frost but not volt. Yet the hyena is very sensitive to volt.

Elemental Weakness tips in tower of fantasy
Tower of Fantasy Tips: Elemental Weakness

The Best Hot Key

Okay, so while we are talking about tips, we want to mention our favorite hotkey. It will help you easily change between different relics while in the game. Yes, you read that right. We have a hack for you. All you gamers probably know painfully slow changing between each relic can be.

So how to reduce that time? So what you can do is have a few relic combinations made beforehand. After that, you can swap between them. All you have to do is press the “G” button. One thing to keep in mind is that you can not swap mid-battle. 

Important Progression Tips

Let’s now look at some progression tips.

Weapon Matrices 

Basically, think of them as data chips that give you stats and even bonuses. Each weapon can have four such matrices. So always pick and choose the ones that will be beneficial for multiple weapons, not just one. This will ensure that you are not wasting resources. 


The thing is, your suppressor is actually a very good source of base stats for your playable character. After you get to a certain point in the game and have enough omnium crystals, players can get a massive boost in their stats. After that, you can unlock a new suppressor.

Selection Boxes

While playing the game, you will come across a ton of selection boxes. What makes them different from any other loot box is that you can pick and choose what you want.

One thing to keep in mind is not to open the box until needed. This is because players will end up taking materials that they may not need. Hence, avoiding opening a box unless absolutely necessary is best.

Cooking Tips You Need To Know In Tower Of Fantasy 

Tower of Fantasy cooking tips
Cooking tips Tower of Fantasy

Let’s look at a few cooking tips in the game.

Know The Benefits 

Different types of food will give you different buffs and benefits. Therefore, only make food that will help you in the long run. We suggest making the Dandelion Mushroom Soup. It will do wonders for your health.

Keep Your Pantry Stocked

While playing the game, you will come across a lot of ingredients. Do not forget to pick all of them up. They will help you later on when you need to make more complex dishes. 

Daily And Weekly Task Tips For Tower Of Fantasy

Just like any either game, there are certain periodical tasks players can do to get bonuses. Let’s look at them and why they are important!

Dailies and Weeklies 

Okay, so this goes without saying, but try to get done with all your daily and weekly in-game tasks. It will help you level up and will give you tons of cool bonuses. Look at your adventure journal regularly and try to work your way through each task.

Make sure you always try to complete Mia’s kitchen. It will give you a substantial amount of buff, but there are easy tasks too. Some of them are daily sign-up bonuses.

Crew Donation

in game crew donations
Crew donation in the game

As soon as you start playing, we recommend you join a crew. It will give you access to the crew donation points, which can be used in the upgrade store and to get special gifts.

These were all the main tips that we think are super important while playing Tower Of Fantasy. We hope you found our guide helpful!

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