Tower Of Fantasy Vehicles: How To Unlock All 8

The guide contains details about vehicles in Tower of Fantasy such as their maintenance, assembly, unlocking and much more.

What Are Vehicles In Tower Of Fantasy

Vehicles in Tower of Fantasy
All Vehicles in Tower of Fantasy

Before we begin with the list of vehicles in Tower of Fantasy, it is important to know how you can equip them and how you will have to use them. You will gain access through the main storyline to vehicles, allowing you to explore the enormous map in lesser time and with ease. Since the game is full of sci-fi and futuristic details, you will find the vehicles in a similar way.

Key Highlights
  • After getting the first vehicle, you’ll be able to access a new section called “Vehicles,” where you can find all the vehicles you unlock.
  • To unlock the Falcon motorcycle, you’ll have to reach the 90% completion mark for chapter 1-4, then go to Hykros and meet Franz.
  • 2613 is a Chinese vehicle introduced as a reward when the game got over 4 million pre-downloads.
  • The third vehicle is Monocross. We only know that it has to be assembled, and the required parts are, Bionic Body, Head, Unicorn Core Engine, and Mech Lambs.
  • You’ll find the Unicorn at coordinates (660, -1235). There you’ll need to enter 7092 as the password.
  • You can obtain Unicorn Independent Head from Devotee Eber and Devotee Noah, which has a low probability of dropping.
  • You can find the Unicorn Cyberlimbs in a treasure chest at coordinates (925, -410).
  • The Dustwheeler vehicle is a single-seater buggy, which unlocks after you reach Grand Marshal rank in PvP Apex League.
  • Voyager is a single-seater vehicle with a road racer-like exhaust, which you can assemble with the Engine, Voyager Screw, Body, and Cockpit.
  • Voyager Control Station can be found inside a warehouse at coordinates (510, 765) with the password ‘3594’.
  • You can obtain the Voyager Thruster from Hethlu, Sendyrs, Okka, and Smoli enemies as a drop.
  • The Chaser is another excellent vehicle you get by obtaining two items: Maglev Stalker and Magnetic Rod.
  • Vermain Brothers drop Maglev Stalker at Rat’s Den, Loen Dock, Anchorville, and North Signal Station. The Magnetic Rod is at coordinates (-830, 472).
  • Omnium Beast VII vehicle requires only three parts: Omnium Beast’s Left Arm, Omnium Beast’s Right Arm, and Omnium Beast Cockpit.
  • You can obtain Omnium Beast’s Left Arm inside the HT201 Shelter using the code 1647 to unlock the barrier.
  • You can get Omnium Beast’s Right Arm by farming Behemoths in Mimir, Bergelmir, Utgarda, and Surtur.
  • You can find Omnium Beast Cockpit by going to the Hyena Oil Rig and talking to the Hyena.
  • The Mechbird vehicle requires four parts to assemble Torso, Core, Legs, and Head. You can get these pieces at the Global Launch event’s fourth week.

Equipping A Vehicle

Once you get the first vehicle which is Falcon, you will find a new section in your main menu with the title ‘Vehicles.’ Here you will find all the vehicles that you are going to unlock in your Tower of Fantasy journey. You can use any of the unlocked vehicles by simply selecting it and pressing ‘V’ which will equip it for your character instantly no matter where you are.

Vehicle Mechanics

A good thing about the vehicle mechanics is that you don’t need to get off your vehicle to collect any item on the floor. You can simply collect them while riding. However, if you use it to dash or attack, you will get dismounted immediately.

Moreover, there are maintenance missions that are distinct for each vehicle. They refresh on a daily basis until the maintenance level of your vehicle surpasses your wanderer level. The popularity of the vehicle will also depend on the maintenance level, the higher the maintenance level the higher the popularity.

At a certain maintenance level, you will be able to unlock paints. Use them to modify your vehicle’s colors through the modification feature. However, you will require maintenance materials for your vehicle’s maintenance. You will get them from purchases at the commissary, purchases at the sundry merchant, password chests, and enemy drops.

Unlocking All Vehicles In Tower Of Fantasy

Each Tower of Fantasy Vehicle requires different methods to be unlocked. Depending on your choice and your progress in the game, unlock the one you like or the one you can.


Tower of Fantasy Vehicles: Falcon
The Falcon Vehicle

In order to get your first vehicle and its drop-down menu, you will have to complete the 90% completion mark of chapters 1-4 in the main story. Once you reach that mark, you need to go towards Hykros where you will meet Franz. Here, you will have to disarm some bombs and once you are done, you will be invited to the second floor of the building.

Franz will then give you a hint of having a present for you upstairs. To get that present, you will need to speak with Mi-a and Elric first. After talking to them, go upstairs and then have a conversation with Cobalt-B. Once the conversation ends, you will be able to interact with a motorcycle named Falcon.


Tower of Fantasy Vehicles: 2613
The 2613 Vehicle

The 2613 vehicle is a Chinese exclusive and it was introduced as a part of a reward when Tower of Fantasy got over 4 million pre-downloads. So, if you have the game downloaded, then you will get this vehicle. At first glance, you might recall a Rubik’s Cube because it looks like one. The vehicle is easy to move even if you are on bumpy roads. However, it will catch a lot of attention at night.


Monocross for Transport
The Monocross Vehicle

Since the game is in its early stages, complete information regarding Monocross is yet to be released. So far, we know that you will require a Bionic Body, Head, Unicorn Core Engine, and Mech Limbs to assemble the Monocross vehicle.

You can get the Unicorn Bionic Frame at the coordinates (660, -1235) where you will see a facility. To get inside the facility, you will have to enter a password which is ‘7092,’ and get to the very end to find the part. You will find the Unicorn Independent Head in the low probability drop from Devotee Eber and Devotee Noah.

Unicorn Power Core is still to be allocated. However, to get to the Unicorn Cyberlimbs, you will find a treasure chest at coordinates (925, -410), look inside it for the material. Consider reading the Tower of Fantasy Crashing PC [FIXED] guide if you are repeatedly facing the issue.

Dust Wheeler

Dust Wheeler In-Game
The Dust Wheeler Vehicle

It is a single-seater buggy that might remind you of Star Wars due to the futuristic model. For the Dust Wheeler vehicle, you will have to spend a lot of time in Tower of Fantasy grinding.

The vehicle is only obtainable to players who in PvP Apex League reach the Grand Marshal rank. Once you reach the required rank, you will get the vehicle towards the end of the season.


Tower of Fantasy Vehicles: Voyager
The Voyager Vehicle

You will find a vehicle with the same name in Star Trek; however, the Voyager is not related to that. It is a single-seater vehicle which got a road racer-like exhaust. You need an Engine, Voyager Screw, Body, and Cockpit to assemble the Voyager.

Voyager Hull and Voyager Engine’s locations are yet to be decided and so they don’t have a specific location for now. Voyager Control Station can be found inside a warehouse at the coordinates (510, 765). You will have to enter a password to get inside, the password is ‘3594.’ You can get the Voyager Thruster which is dropped by the enemy’s four powers: Hethlu, Sendyrs, Okka, and Smoli.


Chaser Vehicle
The Chaser Vehicle

The Chaser is a mounted vehicle that can be unlocked by collecting materials while exploring the world. For it, you will only require two parts which are Maglev Stalker and Magnetic Rod. For Maglev Stalker, there are Vermin Brothers for low probability drop.

Although the Vermin Brothers do not have enough strength, it can still be time taking to get them to drop. The enemy respawns after a fixed duration, defeat it as many times as possible to farm a good amount of Maglev Stalker. Moreover, you can find the Vermin Brothers at Rat’s Den, Loen Dock, Anchorville, and North Signal Station.

For Magnetic Rod, go to the coordinates (-830, 472) where you will find a Rust Corridor. At the top of it, there is a tower which you need to climb. You can use a jetpack in Tower of Fantasy if you have one and it will save you time.

Omnium Beast VII

Tower of Fantasy Vehicles: Omnium Beast VII
The Omnium Beast VII Vehicle

The Omnium Beast VII is a vehicle that requires only three parts. The materials can be collected by exploring the world. The required parts are Omnium Beast’s Left Arm, Omnium Beast’s Right Arm, and Omnium Beast Cockpit.

For Omnium Beast’s Left Arm, all you need to do is go inside the HT201 Shelter. There you will find the blocked-off storage unit. To unlock the barrier, you need to use code 1647.

For Omnium Beast’s Right Arm, you will need to farm Behemoths. They might not drop the Right Arm in a couple of tries due to its rarity but keep trying. Either you can wait for the Behemoth to respawn, or you can travel to another Behemoth.

They are located in Mimir, Bergelmir, Utgarda, and Surtur. They are vulnerable to fire so using flame elemental weapons will save you time and effort.

Apart from that, you can gather Omnium Beast Cockpit material by going to the Hyena Oil Rig. At the west side of the Signal Station Ruins in Oil Rig, you will find Hyena. Talk to the Hyena and go back to Banges Dock where you will have to talk to Lozwall.

Then, once again you will have to interact with the Hyena so you can get access to Oil Rig. You will find the Omnium Beast Cockpit in a pod that is at the top of the Oil Rig.


ToF: Mechbird Vehicle
The Mechbird Vehicle

The Mechbird vehicle requires four parts to be assembled. The parts are the Torso, Core, Legs, and Head. You can get these materials Road Strife Global Launch event’s fourth week. Apart from that, we recommend you hurry up and redeem the free codes in Tower of Fantasy as soon as possible. 


All in all, so far Tower of Fantasy has released these eight vehicles. Try to get the vehicles as soon as you are capable of unlocking them. They will allow you to travel with ease and quickly. However, keep an update on each vehicle’s maintenance level as it will affect the vehicle’s popularity.

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