Tower Of Fantasy Voyager: How To Get All Parts

Voyager Thruster is futuristic vehicle in Tower Of Fantasy and you unlock it by gathering all four parts.

The Voyager is sort of a Mount in Tower of Fantasy that shows the futuristic side of the world of Aesperia. It is the kind of vehicle that has a hood of a modern car and its engine protruding from its hull. Moreover, the driver seat of the Voyager is pretty much normal, but its pilot uses a motorbike sort of steering wheel. Voyager mainly consists of three important parts; these are Thruster, Engine, Hull, and Control Station; we will discuss how you can get these in Tower Of Fantasy.

Key Highlights
  • The Voyager is a vehicle in the game Tower of Fantasy that has a futuristic design
  •  Voyager is made of 4 parts containing Thruster, Control Room, Hull, and an Engine.
  • To obtain these voyager parts, players must first progress through the story and gain access to specific regions.
  • To get the thruster, players must defeat specific enemies, after which they will have a small chance of getting it.
  • The Hull can be obtained by completing the “Hyenas Banges Base” quest by speaking with Morgley and giving him Iced Strawberry Soda.
  • the control room for the voyager can be found at the Seaforth Dock in the Crown region
  • To obtain the Voyager Engine, complete the “Hyenas Banges Base” quest by speaking to the Hyena Guard NPC, reading documents, cooking meat, and answering questions correctly at Rig FC-11.

How To Get Voyager?

Getting Voyager in-game is not an easy task; you have to embark on a journey to obtain it. This futuristic vehicle consists of four parts: Thruster, Control Room, Hull, and Engine. Players have acquired all these parts by doing some tasks in order to get Voyager.

Voyager Vehicle in Tower of Fantasy

Not only that, wanderers should progress far enough in the main story so that they have unlocked the ability to have vehicles. Moreover, players in Tower of fantasy should have access to the Navia, Banges, and Crown regions. Below is the article; we will discuss in detail how you can get each part of the Voyager easily. So, let us get started!

Voyager Thruster

Getting Voyager Thruster is the most interesting part of the unlocking Voyager journey in Tower of Fantasy. To obtain it, players must defeat specific enemies, and then they will have a rare chance of getting the part. However, there is less than a 1% chance that the enemies will drop the item. That is why you have to grind hard and need some luck as well to achieve victory.

The enemies, fortunately, respawn quickly; therefore, wanderers have the opportunity to kill them again and again without any limits. But players first have to find the location of these mobs and then reach there. These elite monsters are known as the “Four Powers, and below we have mentioned the list of all the enemies and where you can find them.

Location of Elite enemies in Tower of Fantasy

Find the enemy by investigating the enemy camp near north Navia and Northwest of Cetus Island. The Coordinates of are locations are -654.9,-1011.8. This small enemy brigade can be defeated at the unnamed building, and it has an electronic lock as well. You can find the place with help coordinates: -665.8, -834.2.

The third enemy can be found on the eastern slopes of Raincaller Island; it is in the region of Navia. Moreover, the Coordinates of the area are -668.7,-690.7. Finally, the players can discover the location of the last particular enemy camp in the northeastern corner of Navia Bay. The coordinates of the location are -422.3 and -773.7.

Keep in mind that defeating Four Power mobs is not easy, and they are particularly much stronger than other ordinary enemies. That is why it is suggested that you must carry food items with you so that you can heal anytime.

After you have gathered all the required components of Voyagers, now just travel to the Vehicle section through the overlay menu. In the menu, search Voyager and combine all the parts afterward; just press the unlock button, and you will get your Voyager. The good thing is this vehicle is customizable, which means you can alter the Hull’s color. However, for that, you must have obtained the required Maintenance level in Tower of Fantasy.

Voyager Hull

To obtain Voyager Hull to continue with the “Hyenas Banges Base” quest, do it by speaking with Morgley, a member of the Hyena faction on Rig FC-11. Create Iced Strawberry Soda and give it to the NPC; this recipe can be made with Carbonated water x1, Honey x2, and Strawberries x2.

Before getting to the next step, open the Points store and there buy Fine Gifts x3. Afterward, just open the gifts to get Tool Sets x3. All you need to do is go to the tower west of Navia Bay, which is close to the coordinates: -732.3 and -560.4. Make sure when you enter the tower, you must input the code 5972 at the warning terminal.

Obtaining Voyager Hull

Reach the tower south so Navia Bay, which is very near to the coordinates: -489.5, -357.8. There you will be required to activate the terminal, but you have to repair the small power plants, do that by using the Tool Sets in the last head to another location which is a tower southeast of Navia Bay close to the coordinates: 230.2, -520.0. Reach there and activate the terminal by using console components from Morgley.  

Finally, you have to go to the teleportation device and which is located at the center of Navia Bay. There just beam up into the Navia Ecological Park in the Tower of Fantasy. After that, open the Supply Pods to obtain the Voyager Hull in-game.

Voyager Control Station

Acquiring the Control station is the most simple and easy of all the Voyager parts. First of all, head to the Seaforth Dock in the Crown region; the coordinates of locations are -519.5, and 772.4. After reaching there, check out the Electronic Lock; it can be opened by putting the password, which is 3594. Finally, you will enter the building and there turn on the Type 1 Supply Pod to obtain the Voyager Control Station in Tower Of Fantasy.

Control Station
Control station part of Voyager

Voyager Engine

The engine is one of the important parts of the Voyager. The first thing you need to do is start the “Hyenas Banges Base” quest, and you can do that by speaking to Hyena Guard NPC. The location of NPC is at Rig FC-21; it is an oil rig outpost west of Banges( Coordinates: -1224.0, 79.2). Moreover, you can reach the location by using Jetboard SR Relic, which is at the begging of Chapter 2.

After that, go to the spacecraft at Banges Dock; you will find a robot port guard known as Lozwell. Now simply speak with this NPC and then return to Rig FC-21. On the screen, new dialogue options will appear now when you speak to the Hyena Guard. It will now allow the player to wander around the oil rig without any issue.

While exploring, read the Hyena Classified Documents that can be found on Rig FC -21. One of them can be found in the small shack at the top of the wooden scaffolding. You can find another one atop the elevated platform with the supply pod in-game.

Furthermore, the wanderer also needs sizzling meat, and this is required to complete the quest. Cook the Sizzling Meat by using Game Meat x2. Afterward, just travel to the Rig FC -11, which is a Navia Hyena Out and the coordinates of the location are -1049.3, and -962.8.

Voyager Engine
Voyager Engine in Tower of Fantasy

Remember that you need to answer all the questions of guard correctly by using clues from Hyena Classified Documents. Later on, just speak to the Hyena Member on the top of the wooden scaffolding. The final step is to give the NPC Sizzling Meat, and you can now access the Supply Pod, which has Voyager Engine that you need. 

Final Words

Voyager is a futuristic vehicle in Tower of Fantasy, and it comprises four important parts. Moreover, to unlock the Voyager in the game, you have obtained all the parts. However, getting these items is not an easy task; you have to embark on the journey to acquire all of them.

Even you have to defeat elite enemies to get some of them. But don’t worry, we have things easy for you. We have mentioned how you can get all the items easily.  

Other Tower of Fantasy Tips

Tower of Fantasy is a fascinating game with interesting characters such as King, Tsubasa, Nemesis, and many other best characters. Players can equip their heroes with the best weapons and best armors; furthermore, they can character customization as well. 

If you look at the side of the Vehicle, you will notice that there is a gas canister attached to it as well. All these features give the vehicle a very futuristic look in Tower of Fantasy. However, its design is not exceptional but perfectly mirrors the advanced yet tarnished society of the game. 

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