Tower Of Fantasy Vs Genshin Impact – Which Is Better?

This Tower of Fantasy vs Genshin Impact guide will showcase the difference between the two games for players!

The Tower of Fantasy is finally out! After being released on the 10th of August 2022, it finally opened its global servers to the public. With a new gacha game comes comparison, and there is no secret that the game has been time and time again awaited to be the next “Genshin Killer.” While it’s okay to compare the two games, there’s a line that should never be crossed. 

Key Highlights

  • Tower Of Fantasy and Genshin Impact are two games that are the same but also entirely different and many players believe that Tower Of Fantasy is on par or even better than Genshin Impact.
  • Both games are known as Gacha Games, and Gacha is a system as a toy vending machine where you gamble on your luck. However, these games also offer a vast open world and a story.
  • To know which game is better, we have to know if both games fall into the same genre; however, Genshin is an RPG game, while Tower Of Fantasy is an MMORPG.
  • Regarding character customization, Tower Of Fantasy lets you completely customize your character, while Genshin characters are fixed, with the only customization being skinned.
  • The next comparison is the combat system. For Genshin Impact, the combat system is simple, but Tower Of Fantasy has more mechanics and options to choose from.
  • Multiplayer is where Genshin falls back and has received a lot of backlash as it is mainly a single-player game with few options for multiplayer activity. Still, Tower Of Fantasy has more activities to do in other players’ worlds and is more multiplayer-friendly.
  • Both games’ story differs. Genshin Impact goes into the category of medieval times, while Tower Of Fantasy is more in the futuristic Sci-fi category.
  • The Gacha system for both games is very different where. Tower Of Fantasy allows you to have a guaranteed SSR at 80 pulls, but if you get one SSR before 80, it will not reset in Genshin impact. Their pity system resets if you get a 5-star (highest rarity) before 90 pulls.
  • Finally, the Endgame content in both games is also different. Where after reaching AR 55, you have barely any content to do except Spiral Abyss and Events, but Tower Of Fantasy has a lot of activities to offer, such as Guilds and mini-games.

Game Genre

Let’s start with perhaps the most obvious difference between the game that sets the two apart completely and doesn’t even let them fit in the same category. The two falls on their platforms, being an RPG and an MMORPG. 

Genshin Impact is (for the most part) a single-player action RPG, whereby players will be able to explore the open world and be influenced by the different story quests and NPC dialogues but will stay in their world. RPGs are not multiplayer and should not be considered as such. 

On the other hand, Tower of Fantasy is quite obviously an MMORPG, which should be the biggest telltale sign that it falls in a completely different genre. It is obvious whenever the player first loads into a server and notices the server load or limit, as well as other players in their world. 

Both are action-based games, and both entail a combat system, a gacha system, and an anime aesthetic that is being adapted to invite weebs and anime-fanatics alike to pull for their desired waifus and husbandos. 

Making A Character 

Genshin Character Customisation
Character Customisation

Moving on, the next biggest difference in Tower of Fantasy vs Genshin Impact is the character customization offered to the players. Both are not similar at all, and they are on completely different spectrums.

Tower of Fantasy Character Customisation
Character Customisation

For Tower of Fantasy, players can completely personalize how they want their character to appear. While they are made to choose between one male or female protagonist, they will then be able to use a preset that they have made beforehand to personalize the character further. 

The customization features that are offered range from outfit changes, color changes, hair color, eye color, and hairstyles to nitpicking and being able to personalize the body physique, the shape of your eyes, the shape of your face, height changes, and a ton of other options. Players have gone as far as to make famous anime characters in-game. 

On the other hand, when we try to talk about character customization for Genshin Impact players, they are made to choose between one sibling or the other, either Aether or Lumine. A few select skins for the Genshin Impact characters are also offered, making it a long-awaited release whenever any character skin does come out. 

Character Rarities 

Genshin Character Rarities
Character Rarities

The next thing that we would like to discuss is the way that character rarities work in-game for both gacha games. Character and weapon rarities can switch from one game to the other. Therefore many players will be already familiar with the terms like SS units, SSRs, four stars, five stars, etc. 

The rarities in Genshin rate from four-star and five-star characters, whereas their weapons can range from one star to five stars, though most players will agree that four stars and five stars are the best weapons to go for. In the long run! Instead of the SR and SSR units, the characters will be described as four stars or five stars. 

Tower of Fantasy Weapon Rarities
Weapon Rarities

As for Tower of Fantasy’s rarities, considering players don’t get to play as characters, the main pull will always be for weapons ranging from R, SR, and SSR weapons rarities. The SSRs are the best in the game, though many SR weapons can also work well!

Know that an SR is equal to a four-star, an SSR will be equal to a five-star, and an R-rarity unit will be equal to a 3 star. 

Combat Abilities 

Genshin Combat System
Combat System

The next discussion will include the potential combat system featured in both gacha games for players. Upon entering the game first, players who have only been playing Genshin Impact will become quite overwhelmed with the number of combat abilities offered in Tower of Fantasy. 

Genshin Impact has a simple combat system, which grants players options to range from five basic attacks, each displaying a different attack animation. With that, it also comes with charge attacks which are done by holding down the attack button. A plunging attack from a certain height can also deal damage. 

Apart from that, there is also a skill, which is done by pressing E on PC, and an ultimate or a burst, which is done by pressing Q on PC. There is also a simple dodge system that helps players sort of “evade” but not fully, alongside having a jump option and being able to switch characters. 

Tower of Fantasy Combat System
Combat System

Now, with Tower of Fantasy, the main difference is that you will have one main character, and you can switch between three weapons. With that, you will get the 3-5 normal hits, charged attacks, as well as being able to unleash aerial attacks. 

Apart from that, there is also the plunge attack, weapon skills, and bursts. There is also an option to double jump and charge attack while being into the air, while also being able to air dash against enemies. There is yet another way to evade and “perfect dodge” to gain charged weapon skills and support a weapon gadget such as the Colossal Arms if need be. 

Co-Op And Multiplayer 

Genshin Co-Op

Another major game difference for long-time Genshin players that they will experience once they enter the world of Tower of Fantasy is the sheer amount of Co-Op activities that players can participate in. 

The truth is that Genshin is primarily a single-player, with the quests, events, and even limited-time events primarily single-player. A few exceptions, such as artifact, boss, and talent book domains, can be done as a Co-Op. 

Tower of Fantasy Co-op and Multiplayer
Co-op and Multiplayer

With Tower of Fantasy, players get complete freedom, considering they will be spawned in an already multiplayer shared world. Players in Tower of Fantasy can go boss hunting, go into dungeons and ruins, and have the freedom to create their crew or guild and complete daily and weekly tasks to achieve a goal. 

All in all, Tower of Fantasy is a lot more multiplayer friendly and is heaven who wants to play with multiple friends on a call with there also being a world chat with a voice message option! To find out which unit is doing best these days in terms of combat and general use, read up on our Tower of Fantasy Characters Tier List!


Genshin Exploration

Next up, let’s talk about the exploration aspects of Tower of Fantasy vs Genshin Impact games. Both games are purely open-world, which grants them the ability to allow players to run about as they wish, traveling from one area to the other and being able to take in the beauty if they play on high graphics. 

The main difference that people will notice is the main mode of transportation, which entails using teleport waypoints scattered across the open map in Genshin Impact and using a glider to jump from high heights and glide to a location; that’s pretty much it. 

Tower of Fantasy Exploration

However, in the tower of fantasy, there are areas known as Spacerifts, which will act as waypoints and are located in the center of a major city such as Astra or the Banges Port. from there, players can go on foot. Still, the major way of transporting will be using vehicles such as motorbikes. 

Other than that, jet boards are used to travel fast on water, while jetpacks are also available to go to a higher height. One thing to note is that the jetpack will use quite a significant amount of stamina to launch you higher, so make sure to keep your stamina stable. 

Lore And Story Setting 

Genshin Lore and Setting
Lore and Setting

As for the lore aspects and story setting in-game, it has been made pretty clear that Tower of Fantasy is a gacha game that is yet again going to focus on the far-future thousands of years from the present and has an overall futuristic sci-fi aesthetic. On the other hand, Genshin Impact is a medieval and fantasy element combined. 

The lore of both the games is pretty fresh, though Genshin has vast lore, taking elements from real life and being extremely well-developed. Genshin’s story revolves around finding the main character’s sibling, who The Heavenly Principles took, and they will travel from one nation to the other until they reach the end of their journey. 

Tower of Fantasy will focus on the planet AIDA, which houses people living in a post-apocalyptic timeframe. The story is still progressing, and it will be quite interesting to see how the lore progresses. 


Genshin Gacha

Moving on, the gacha system is pretty vast for both games, and both offer the player the ability to summon their units that they can use in combat. One thing to note is that both Genshin and Tower of Fantasy have a standard and a limited banner, though Tower of Fantasy has more options for banners. 

In Genshin, players use Primogems as the currency or standard pulls for the standard banner. They use acquaint fates for the limited-time rate-up banner whenever any character and their best enslot weapon comes out. The hard pity for the limited and standard is at 90, and there is a 50/50 system, and there is a pity of 80 on the weapon banner, though players can lose their pity twice on the weapon banner, making it brutal. 

Tower of Fantasy Gacha

In Tower of Fantasy, players will use Crystals as the currency and Nuclei as their fates, and there are also standard, limited, and other banners such as for matrices and chips. The pity caps at 80 for the standard and limited, whereby the player will get an SSR, and there is no pity reset before 80. Our Tower of Fantasy Pity System Guide will give a detailed guide about how the pity system works so that no confusion is left!

Endgame Content 

Genshin Endgame Content
Endgame Content

There will also be discussions regarding the amount of endgame content in Tower of Fantasy vs Genshin Impact, and this has been a big debate for long-time Genshin players, as we will discuss ahead. 

After players reach a certain AR in Genshin Impact, such as AR 55+, there is a massive lack of end-game content, and the end-game content consists of doing the spiral abyss, which resets every 15 days, spending your resin every on domains and/or doing your commissions and weeklies. 

With Tower of Fantasy, there are guilds, Weekly quests, battle pass, login bonuses, vitality-consuming tasks, daily bounties, guild donations, mini-games, and many other ways to spend time in the game, making it a lot more worth it. 

However, considering everyone playing on the global server, for now, is an early-game player, it is quite early to say how boring or exciting the end-game content will be like. Our Tower of Fantasy Tips guide will tell all early-game and beta players things that they didn’t know about the game!

Personal Opinions And Noted Differences 

Last but not least, having played both games, some subtle differences are pretty noticeable.

  • Tower of Fantasy needs a lot more polishing in terms of software UI, playability, and the overall movement of the main character and NPCs. 
  • While the NPCs have a lot more diversity as compared to Genshin, the fluidity and emotional expression are lacking, making the interactions feel a little stiff and “boring.” 
  • The gacha system is a hell of a lot more generous in Tower of Fantasy, considering that even if you end up pulling an SSR before hitting your 80-pity, it will not reset. 
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