Outriders Unstoppable Force: Mod Effects & Anomaly Power

Unstoppable Force is a Powerful mod that can turn the tides of battle into your favour.

Outrider is an online-only RPG, and Square Enix published the game on April 1st, 2021. Players fight through swarms of enemies to make their way through, so you need to power up your character. There are different mods available in Outriders that help make your character powerful.

Key Takeaways
  • In Outriders, there are many different types of Mods available for players to choose from.
  • Each Mod has its own Unique Uses And Abilities. Mods for Weapons, Armors, Helmet, Boots, etc.
  • The Unstoppable Force is an Armor Mod, and it is one of the Tier III mods in the game
  • The mod allows the 50 Percent Increase in the characters Anomaly Power.
  • The Unstoppable Force Mod can be found in the Gloves known as the Hands Of The Reforged, which are a part of the full Reforged Set.
  • The Full Reforged Set Includes a total of 5 pieces.
  • Cowl Of The Reforged: Headgear, Armor Of The Reforged: Upper Armor, Hands Of The Reforged: Gloves, Wasicloth Of The Reforged: Lower Armor, and Boots Of The Reforged: Footgear.
  • There is a glitch where the Mod can be stacked on different equipment at once. 
  • For acquiring the Unstoppable Force Mod you will need to take apart the weapon that holds the mod within them.
  • If your character has a higher Anomaly Power, they will deal a lot more damage than usual.
  • There are different ways to increase your Anomaly Powers. One of which is to mod your equipment with the mods that provide Anomaly Powers.
  • Aura Of Force, Critstack, Move Groove, Arms And Anomaly, and Unstoppable Force are some of the Armor Mods that provide Anomaly Powers.
  • Grand Amplification, Overclocked, Anomaly Fueled, and Techbond are class skills that provide an increase in your Anomaly Powers.

Unstoppable Force is one of the Mods in Outriders that makes your character powerful and allows him to deal massive damage. While you’re at it, consider reading Outriders Worldslayer Technomancer build guide.

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What is Unstoppable Force Mod in Outriders

Unstoppable Force is one of the armor mods in Outriders that is used for the Pyromancers class of players in the game. The Mod increases the Anomaly Power of the wielder by 50%.

This bonus of the Mod is equal to 50% of the Resistance Piercing. It is a tier-III mod and is a Universal type which means you can equip it on almost all types of armor pieces. Also, consider reading our Outriders Pyromancer build guide.

Pyromancer gets unstoppable force mod.
Pyromancer has the ‘Hands of the Reforged’ Armor Piece.

You can find the mod on the Legendary Gloves known as the Hands of the Reforged. It is part of the Reforged Armor set of The Pyromancer. The set includes,

  • Cowl of the Reforged (Headgear)
  • Armor of the Reforged (Upper Armor)
  • Hands of the Reforged (Gloves)
  • Wasitcloth of the Reforged (Lower Armor)
  • Boots of the Reforged (Footgear)
Unstoppable Force mod acquired in Outriders.
‘Hands of the Reforged’ Armor piece gives Unstoppable Force mod.

Unstoppable Force Mod Glitch Explained

Usually, modes in Outriders don’t stack up. If you stack a mod on different pieces of equipment, the effect won’t stack up. The game will count it as one single Mod effect. But that is not the case with Unstoppable Force Mod.

Unstoppable Force Mod seems like a regular Mod unless you learn about its glitch. The glitch allows you to stack the Mod onto different types of equipment at once. This means you can equip it on different armor pieces and get extra Anomaly Power. In the case of the Mod, it is a 50% increased Anomaly Power on each stack.

Before we begin our testing for the Unstoppable Force mod’s glitch in Outriders, here’s what you need to know. Once you have unlocked an Armor Mod, you can place it in any Armor Mod slot. The same goes for the Weapons Mod, as you can place it in any Weapons Mod slot. A few things to remember about Mods are:

  • Weapon Mods are universal, meaning you can use them in any class.
  • Armor Mods that are Tier 1 are class-specific.
  • Armor Mods that are Tier 2 are universal.
  • All Armor Mods of Tier 3 can be class-specific or universal. You’ll have to read their description.

Testing DPS Output With & Without Unstoppable Force in Outriders

To begin with testing, we first acquired the Unstoppable Force mod. For that, we used the Pyromancer class and got it while with the Hands of the Reforged Armor set. After that, we sent it to other classes for testing because Pyromancer isn’t that great.

To make a Mod equippable, you’ll have to dismantle the armor or the weapon that holds it that we did with the ‘Hands of the Reforged’ legendary piece of armor. And then, we had an equippable Mod available for testing.

Then we set up our test character with 30% Resistance Pierce. And our character had 148k Anomaly Power. After that, we equipped the Unstoppable Force mod on one of the armor pieces.

When we went on to check the Resistance Piercing, it was still at 30%, but the Anomaly power had increased to 165k. Then, we went on and equipped it with another piece of equipment. This time, again, the Resistance Piercing was still at 30. But his Anomaly Power went up to 182k. While you’re at it, you can check out the Outriders Seismic Commander Set to learn about the best Mods for the set and how to get them.

Glitch of Unstoppable Force mod in Outriders
Testing Unstoppable Force mod glitch.

When we equipped the Unstoppable Force mod on all five pieces of equipment, Anomaly Power went up to 233k. It shows that the Unstoppable Force mod is the only mod in Outriders that is stackable. And if your character depends on Skills, Melee attacks, or Special abilities for damage, then it is the best mod for you.

What is Anomaly Power?

Anomaly Power is a bonus Attribute in outriders. It dictates a stat in the game called Skill Damage Bonus. This means that all get a bonus for whatever additional direct damage your Outrider deals to the enemies using their Skills, Special Abilities, and Melee attacks. It means that if your character has a higher anomaly power, it will deal more damage to enemies using those attack types.

One thing to remember is that Anomaly Power only affects the damage dealt to others. It doesn’t increase anything else. It won’t affect the skills’ duration or its cooldown.

How To Calculate Anomaly Power

There’s a method to calculate Anomaly Power. Its formula is:

Total AP = Base AP + (Additive Bonus AP + (Base AP + Additive Bonus AP) * Percentage Bonus Ap)

  • Additive Bonus AP is your AP’s bonus like the gear’s AP attributes.
  • Base AP is the AP that you get from your level. It is shown in white color on the tooltip of AP.
  • Percentage Bonus AP the Percentage bonuses to AP. This can be from the Anomaly Fueled Trait from the Technomancer. 

Increasing Anomaly Power in Outriders

You can get Anomaly Power through different methods. One method is to equip mods onto your equipment. one of the best methods to increase Anomaly Power in Outriders is using the mod ‘Unstoppable Force’.

Armor Mods

These Armor mods give Anomaly Power in Outriders.

  • Aura of Force – It grants Anomaly Power to you and your allies for 10 seconds after killing an enemy with Critical Shots.
  • Critstack – Critical Shots on enemies will build up a 10-second stacking effect of Anomaly Power and Firepower bonus. It stacks up to 5 times.
  • Move Groove – Moving will increase your Anomaly Power and Firepower.
  • Power From the Ashes – Killing enemies affected by Ash will increase your Anomaly Power for 20 seconds. It stacks up to 2 times.
  • Rejuvenation – This mode grants you Anomaly Power, Armor, and Firepower bonus for 8 seconds when your health replenishes. It has a 10 seconds cooldown.
  • Stand Tall – You get Anomaly and Firepower when spending more than 5 seconds out of cover.
  • Anomaly Echo – You get Firepower and Anomaly power for 15 seconds on Skill activation.
  • Power Assimilation – It boosts your Anomaly for every Elite present on the battlefield.
  • Arms and Anomaly – critical shot increases your Anomaly Power for 6 seconds. It has a 7 seconds cooldown.
  • Unstoppable Force – The mod increases your Anomaly Power by 50%. The bonus of Unstoppable Force in Outriders is equal to 50% Resistance Piercing of your character.

Class Skills

In addition to Armor Mods, you can use Class Skills to increase Anomaly Power.

  • Grand Amplification – Grand Amplification increases Anomaly Power by 4% for each of the unlocked Br8 Amplifier class nodes. It can increase to a maximum of 12% Anomaly Power increase.
  • Overclocked – Overclocked is the final trait of the Tech Shaman skill tree. Upon activating the Gadget skill, your Anomaly Power and Weapon Damage will increase by 40% for 10 seconds.
  • Anomaly Fueled – Increases Anomaly Power by 6% for every node. Can increase to a maximum of 42%.
  • Techbond – Activating Ordnance in the game will increase your Anomaly Power by 50% for 10 seconds.

Outriders is an interesting game. If you want to get the best of this game, then you need to know about the little glitches and bugs that you can find. These glitches and bugs can be helpful for you. Unstoppable Force mod glitch is one of these. The stacking ability of the mod can turn the battle in your favor.

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