How To Upgrade House In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Knowing how to upgrade house in Disney Dreamlight is the most fun part. You can reside in big house with lots of room and live the luxurious life you have always dreamt of.

Of all the important things included in Disney Dreamlight Valley, getting to upgrade your house tops the list. Other than collecting valuable items and completing missions, you need to know how to upgrade your house in the game as well. Our guide will tell you all about that and also how many Star Coins you need to upgrade the houses.

Key Highlights
  • For you to be eligible for Upgrading your house you will be needed to fulfill missions for a character known as Scrooge McDuck. He will not only help you in upgrading your house but also tell you about the key mechanics of the game.
  • Dreamland Valley Economy 101 is going to be the quest given to you by Scrooge McDuck. Note that upgrading the house can cost money so keep that in mind.
  • After interacting with McDuck again you will be asked to upgrade your house using the money you earned. 
  • The interior of the house can be upgraded by using the Elevator that can be found on the left side of the door inside the house.

Houses players will be residing in would need an upgrade as well. Below, you will find everything you need to know about the upgrade. Now without holding you up anymore, we will get straight to the topic of our guide.

How To Upgrade House

For players to be able to get their house upgraded in the game, they would have to fulfill a few missions for a character named Scrooge McDuck. The character will not only help you in getting the house upgrade but also let you know about the important systems of the game. Knowing how to upgrade your own house in the game is not only refreshing but also fun. However, it does cost a little too much. 

 Disney Dreamlight Valley House Upgrade
Taking Help.

Accessing House For Upgrade

To upgrade your house, accept the first request called “Dreamlight Valley Economy 101”. The said mission would be given to you by Scrooge McDuck. To find McDuck, you need to look carefully in the Plaza or the shop. 

Furthermore, you need to gather gems of seven kinds. To get these gems, you can mine the nodes spread across the Dreamlight Valley. Once you are done with collecting the gems, sell them off to Goofy. Goofy can be found standing around holding his stall. 

 Disney Dreamlight Valley House Upgrade
Collecting Gems.

After that, get back to McDuck, who will ask you to use the money you earned and upgrade the house.

 Disney Dreamlight Valley House Upgrade
Selling Gems.

Upgrading Interior Of The House

To get your house’s interior upgraded, use an elevator. The elevator can be found inside the house on the left side of the door. You will be able to add up more rooms in the house and even increase the size of each room.

Upgrade House
Using The Elevator.

Doing so will also get the wallet empty with time. Below, we have labeled the cost of each upgrade with how the house is upgraded.

  1. On your first upgrade, you would need a thousand  Star Coins. The upgrade would increase the size of your room by 8 x 8.
  2. The second upgrade costs about two thousand Star Coins, which would upgrade your room by 10 x 10. Moreover, the upgrade also adds up one floor in the room at the top, one in the left room, and another on the right side of the room. 
Upgrade House
Expanding Floors.

Furthermore, you can also get the size of your separate room increased. The costs would be around a thousand to three thousand Star Coins. However, the price is totally up to how big of a room you want. Upgrade the exterior of your house and also add up more floors and rooms. 

Upgrading The Exterior Of The House

To upgrade your house’s exterior, you need to visit the McDuck, where its sign is marked just in front of the front side of the door. The duck will come to you and help you with the upgrade by taking some money. It is important to keep in mind that you can only use this upgrade once you have fulfilled the upgrade of the interiors. 

There will be different types of upgrades with prices increasing on each one of them. However, as a result, the house would become much more beautiful, big, and grand. Moreover, you can also add rooms by spending more of your coins. Below, you will find all the upgrade prices and how your exterior is upgraded.

  1. On your first upgrade of the exterior, you would spend two thousand Star Coins, and as a result, the capacity of your storage increases as an improvement of the exterior.
  2. The second upgrade of your exterior would cost you around twenty-thousand Star Coins, which would upgrade the second floor and increase the capacity of your storage.
  3. Going for the upgrade of the third type would cost you seventy-five thousand Star Coins, and get your third floor upgraded with an increase in the capacity of the storage.


Getting to upgrade a house in Disney Dreamlight Valley is both time-consuming and costly. However, the results you get at the end of each house upgrade are extraordinary. In short, hard work pays off! So, make sure you got a lot of money saved to get the house upgrade and have more fun.

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