V Rising Guides: Ultimate Wiki & Walkthrough

Our V Rising Wiki goes through everything you need to know about the game including different weapons, armor, builds, defeating bosses & more.

Survival Games like V Rising have always piqued players’ interest because of their unique gameplay. You spawn into a specific location without any food or weapons. Your goal from there on is to locate materials so you can craft armor, food, and weapons. During this period, you are also an easy target for other better-established players so you need to be careful about your movements.

These games are thrilling and can be fun to play if you can develop a great survival strategy. However, developing a strategy can be difficult if you don’t have a clear idea about what to do. For this very purpose, our V Rising Wiki goes over every you would ever need to know to survive in the game.

Key Highlights
  • V Rising was published and developed by Stunlock Studios on the 17th of May 2022.
  • The game is only available on a single platform which is on Windows.
  • There are a total of 18 quests that are available for players to complete. In return, players shall receive rewards such as vampire powers, recipes, blueprints, etc.
  • The main story completion will result in about 38-40 hours of your time. Whereas, 100% completion of the game will take around 80+ hours in total.
  • V Rising belongs to the survival genre of video games which basically revolves around the player finding different ways to survive in the gaming world.

V Rising Wikipedia

A Comprehensive V Rising Wiki Page

V Rising is an online Survival Game that has been developed by Stunlock Studios. The game has been created on the Unity engine and features some unique gameplay aspects.

V Rising entered early access on May 17th, 2022 and since then it has sold more than 1 million copies worldwide. The game is a settlement-building survival game that is set in an open world. You play as a newly resurrected vampire who spawns in a new location.

After you take control of your character, your job is to gather materials across the map. These materials will help you craft better weapons and items and eventually build your castle.

Additionally, you also need to defeat enemies to unlock new skills and abilities. You are also required to maintain your blood level by killing and feeding on victims. So, there is a lot to do in V Rising that will help you stay engaged for a long period.

However, as a new player, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the number of tasks available. To help you along your journey in the game, we have a complete V Rising Wiki. This wiki goes through every single aspect of the game and provides you with;

An Effective Farming Strategy

Farming is an important aspect of V Rising. As soon as you start the game, you are required to farm different materials. These materials are then used to craft different items in the game. Farming is the quickest way to make progress in the game. The plethora of materials available allows you to craft different weapons and other items. Farming also allows you to acquire unique items that will help you along your journey. Our V Rising Wiki includes farming guides like;

How to Mine Iron Ore?

Iron Ore is the most important crafting material in V Rising. It is essential for crafting weapons in the game. Additionally, it is also important when you build your castle. Iron Ore can also be extremely difficult to find if you have no idea where to look. You will have to roam around in Vardoran for hours before you locate any Iron.

To make this process easier for you, we have a Iron Ore guide. This guide covers the best 11 locations that you can visit to mine Iron Ore. It also talks about the different weapons and armor that you can craft after you have acquired the material. This guide can help you create weapons for the early game that will make your starting journey a lot easier.

Acquiring Silver Ore and Coins

Silver is the second best material for crafting weapons in V Rising after Iron. Silver is also a naturally occurring metal in the game that you can mine and use to forge Dark Silver Ingots. However, similar to other Vampire movies and stories, in Vampire Rising silver is injurious to you. It is also used as a weapon by a plethora of humans in the early game as a means to kill you.

Luckily for you, we have a Silver Ore guide that can help you farm Silver. This guide goes through the process of farming silver step-by-step. It also talks about the different weapons that you can craft as well as the best strategies to carry more silver.

Once you build resistance to the silver, you can also acquire and use Silver Coins. These coins are one of the primary in-game currencies and can be used to purchase different items. You can learn more about these coins by following our Silver Coins guide.

Farming Cotton

In V Rising, you can farm cotton as a crop. The raw cotton can then be converted into Cotton Yarn. Cotton Yarn is extremely useful as it can be used to craft a variety of armor pieces. Almost all armor pieces that you can get in the early game require cotton. So, you will need cotton to make any progress in the game.

If you are having difficulty farming cotton and crafting Cotton Yarn, you can follow our Cotton guide. This guide goes through every single step of the farming process. It also talks about the most effective ways to acquire cotton and how to use it to craft armor.

How to Find Whetstone?

During the early stages of V Rising, you must establish a base and use it to store your valuable items. However, constructing a base can be hectic. You will require a lot of resources to construct a decent base for the early stages of the game. This is where Whetstone will come in handy.

To make any building in the game you will need to craft stone bricks. To make stone bricks, you will need a Grinder which can only be made using Whetstone. Whetstone also has other important uses in the early game that have been explained in our Whetstone guide.

Different Methods to Farm Scales

Scales are also one of the most important crafting materials in the game. It is essential for crafting a plethora of mid-tier weapons that will help you at the start and mid-portion of your journey. Scales are hard to farm because you only get them in small quantities whenever you try to farm them.

The good news regarding scales is that they can be obtained using different techniques. There are 4 different farming strategies that you can adopt in V Rising to obtain Scales. If you are looking for the best strategy to get Scales, you can follow the 4 Scales Farming Methods guide mentioned in our V Rising Wiki.

The Best Spots for Farming Quartz

Quartz is another important crafting material in V Rising. It can be used to create different items that you can use while constructing your castle. Similar to other materials, finding a perfect spot to farm Quartz can be difficult. That is where our Quartz Farming Guide comes in handy. It covers all the best spots that you can go to for collecting quartz. It also gives you some ideas on how you can use it.

Farming items by Killing Enemies

Unlike the materials and resources mentioned above, there are some items that you cannot mine or farm. These items are acquired by killing different enemies or bosses. You have to defeat a large group of enemies to gather these materials. However, they are just as useful as the items mentioned above so they are worth the effort that you will put in. Our V Rising Wiki includes guides that cover these items in detail. These guides include;

A Means of Crafting Items from Materials

Once you have spent a certain amount of time collecting these materials, you can use them to create different items. The items created from these materials can play a crucial part in your game progression. Some of these items are essential and you cannot hope to make any progress without them. Our V Rising Wiki provides detailed guides about how you can craft these items. They cover different topics like;

How to Craft Glass?

Once you have farmed a large amount of Quartz, you can use it to craft Glass. Glass is an important item in the V Rising world and it can be used to create different accessories. Our Glass Guide goes into detail about Glass. It covers all the important uses of Glass and also tells you how you can acquire it. It also touches on some Quartz farming methods which is needed for creating Glass.

Unlocking Tech Using the Research Desk

Like many open-world games, research can help you unlock newer and more powerful items in V Rising. However, to research different items, you will need a research desk. A research desk is essential to unlock or upgrade your items. Once you have a research desk, you can use it to upgrade your existing items or unlock new ones. You will also require different materials to do research using your desk.

Our Research Desk guide into specific details about this topic. It tells you exactly how you can create a desk and the specific materials you will require to perform the research. It also explains how you can acquire a large quantity of paper, the most important material in the entire research process.

Getting Paper Through a Paper Press

Paper is an important crafting material in V Rising. It is required to complete any research and unlock different scrolls and Schematics. However, collecting paper in the game can be extremely difficult. You will have to explore a large chunk of the map and kill countless enemies to collect paper. But there is a way in which you can cut this effort in half. Of course, we are talking about a Paper Press.

A Paper Press can help you craft paper, scrolls, and schematics. These items can then help you in making rapid progress in the game. They also have other important uses that have been covered in our Paper Press guide. It goes through the entire crafting process and tells you how you can acquire and use these items.

Crafting Other Important Items

There are a plethora of other items that you can craft using basic materials. Items like Blood Essence, Dark Silver Ingots, and Leather are very important in V Rising. These items can help you upgrade your weapons and armor and can be used to unlock other items as well. But crafting these items can be extremely challenging. You need to perform a series of steps and kill enemies and bosses to unlock the necessary materials.

These steps can be difficult to follow and keep up with if you are a new player. Luckily, our V Rising Wiki includes different guides that have covered all the steps you need to follow. These guides include;

A Ranked List of the Best Weapons & Armor

Once you have farmed the necessary materials and used them to craft different items, you can use these items to create weapons and armor. V Rising includes a long list of weapons that are good with different classes. These weapons differ in terms of rarity and effectiveness and you can unlock them at different stages of the game.

But due to the number of weapons available, it is easy to get confused and make the wrong choice. For this very reason, our V Rising Wiki includes a Weapons Tier List. This list includes and ranks all weapons in the game in terms of their effectiveness. We also have a Best Weapons in V Rising guide that talks about the best weapons in every weapon type. Also, check out the guide which entails everything about the Secret Weapons in V Rising.

For players aiming for real-time combat, they can check out the Top 5 PvP Weapons in V Rising!

When we talk about combat in V Rising, armor is just as if not more important as weapons. Armor helps you survive longer and fights, and it can make all the difference in the world in boss fights.

That is why equipping the best armor available is very important. To help you pick the best armor for a situation, we have created a Best Armors guide. This guide talks about the 7 best armors in the game that you can use to protect yourself in sticky situations.

An Opportunity to Fix All in-game Issues

As with any new game, V Rising also suffered from some issues and problems during the early access stage. These issues made the game unplayable. Issues like bugs and server crashes were common and caused severe problems. You would lose all your valuable in-game progress and would have to start from scratch.

As soon as the game came out, there were some base-level issues. These issues occurred when you tried to start up the game and resulted in the game crashing. If your game is also suffering from these issues, you can consult our V Rising Bugs, Crashes, and Issues guide. This guide goes through different remedies that you can try to ensure that your game works as intended.

Server issues were also a major deal as they could crash your game at any stage. If a server error occurred, you be kicked out of the server and would have difficulty reconnecting. This issue plagued a lot of players, especially during the first week of release. If you are going through a server crash while playing, you can seek help to solve V Rising Server Error by reading our guide.

V Rising also has a set of admin commands that can help improve your overall game experience. These commands can help you navigate the map more effectively. You can travel to different areas of the map by using a single command. Additionally, you could also use these commands to equip different sets and items. There is a long list of commands that are available in the Admin Commands option. You can learn more about them through our Admin Commands guide.

An Understanding of Different Abilities & Builds

As you make progress in the game, you have the chance to choose between different builds and abilities. All available builds in V Rising have benefits that make them a worthwhile choice. You can choose any build you want based on your playstyle. Every build also includes different spells and items that you can choose between. Selecting the correct build for yourself can be challenging because of the plethora of choices available. If you are also facing difficulties choosing a build, you can go through our Best Builds guide.

Once you have selected a build that works for you, you can then decide the appropriate abilities that pair well with it. However, similar to builds, the choices are also vast when it comes to abilities.

There are different types of abilities in the game including Basic, Travel, Ultimate, and Vampire abilities.

You also have a lot of choices when it comes to these 4 categories so it can be confusing to choose the ones best for your build. Our Best Abilities guide provides detailed information about the best spells in the game. You can also check out the Ultimate Abilities guide.

A Detailed Description of the Best Jewelry & Items

The best way to strengthen your character in V Rising is by improving your gear score. An improved gear score means that you will be able to inflict more damage to your enemies.

It will also boost up your defense and will cause you to tank more damage as well. There are a plethora of methods by which you can improve your gear score. All these methods have been mentioned in our V Rising Gear Progression guide.

This guide explains that to improve your gear score, you will need to equip better armor and items. These items will boost your score and help you make rapid progress in the game.

Therefore, you must have information about the best items available in the game. For this purpose, you can look at our V Rising Item List. It goes into detail about all the best items in the game that you can equip to improve your gear score.

The list goes through all the important equipable items like Jewelry. Jewelry in R Vising grants you different buffs that will help improve your character. There are different ways in which you can obtain this jewelry.

Once you have different pieces of jewelry, you also need to have an idea about which ones are better than the others. Our Jewelry List runs down all the best Jewelry in the game and how you can find it. You can also learn about all the Hats Locations in V Rising and add extra buffs to your player!

A Walkthrough of Different Quests

As with other open-world games, you need to complete missions to make progress in V Rising. These missions require you to travel to different corners of the map and perform different tasks. You are also required to fight bosses and defeat them to continue the main story.

First up we recommend you check out the guide about All Bosses in V Rising.

However, some of these missions can be particularly challenging. They can be difficult to complete without help. You are required to perform a tedious list of steps that add to the complexity of the mission. For this very reason, our V Rising Wiki features different walkthroughs. These guides give step-by-step instructions on how you can play and complete these missions. They include;

A Set of “How to” Guides

In addition to the main quests, there are tons of activities that you can perform in V Rising. These activities vary in terms of complexity, and they add to the overall appeal of the game. Completing these activities can be either extremely easy or difficult, depending on your understanding.

To help you perform these activities, our V Rising Wiki features some amazing ‘how to’ guides. These guides cover all the necessary steps that you need to perform to complete a specific task. They also tell you about the different strategies you can implement when performing a task. They include;

Other Best Of Guides

Here we have listed down some other important Best of guides based on V Rising which can immensely help you during your playthrough:

A Great Strategy for End Game

As you reach the end stage of V Rising, you will have to do your best to prepare for the onslaught that will be waiting for you. You will need to acquire the best armor, weapon, and secondary items possible for this preparation. You will also need a strong base location to weather the incoming swarm of enemies.

A base location provides you with a place where you can stay safe and protect yourself. It is also a defensive haven that you can come back to in case of a problem. Also, make sure to check out our take on V Rising in our Review.

Exploring the Best Base Locations

So, picking a good base location is an important step in your late-game preparation. Our Best Base Locations guide talks about the best base locations that you can pick. This guide covers all important factors that will contribute to you making an informed decision.

The Importance of Soul Shards

In addition to a great base location, you will also need different items to survive. Items like weapons, armor, jewelry, and cloaks can help out a significant amount in the late game.

These items improve your gear score, which results in better defense and damage. You will also need other items like Soul Shards that will help you survive against incoming enemies. Soul Shards provide strong buffs to your character, clan mates, and servants which makes them a must-have for the end game. Our Soul Shards guide further talks about their importance.

It also talks about where and how you can acquire these shards. Finally, the guide covers the most effective ways to use these shards and get the most out of them.

This concludes our V Rising Wiki. More guides and lists will be added as soon as we find new areas of the game to cover, so Stay Tuned to our Wikipedia for the game. 

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