Valheim Guide: How To Build Portals

Teleporting Long Distances.

Valheim is a big game, and having to haul resources across long distances can be a massive chore, especially if you have to make multiple trips. This is made even more tedious when you consider that many items, such as Iron, are only found in unique biomes that can be located far away from your base.

Thankfully though, the game has a solution for this problem in the form of Portals. Players can build these structures in the world and link them together, allowing you to quickly traverse long distances in an instant.

So this guide will show players how to build their own Valheim portal and correctly set them up.

Valheim Portal Guide

Valheim portal
Portal Transition Screen.

For the sake of clarity, it should be mentioned upfront that players cannot transport some resources through portals. If you expect to be able to fill your character’s inventory with Tin or Copper and teleport back to your base, then you’re going to have a bad time.

All of the restricted items can be seen in your inventory, with a crossed-out blue portal on their image. But all of these are almost exclusive crafting components, and you can see the full list of them below:

  • Black Metal.
  • Black Metal Scrap.
  • Bronze.
  • Copper.
  • Copper Ore.
  • Dragon Egg.
  • Iron.
  • Scrap Iron.
  • Silver.
  • Silver Ore.
  • Tin.
  • Tin Ore.

Apart from these, every other item like weapons and armor are allowed through Valheim portals.

How To Craft A Portal

Valheim portal
Putting Down A Portal.

In order to gain the ability to craft a portal, you first have to unlock the recipe for the structure. This can be done by collecting your first piece of ‘Fine Wood,’ after which your character automatically unlocks the ingredients list.

Then you must collect all of the components required to craft the Valheim portals. These are:

  • 20 Fine Wood: You can get this by farming Birch and Oak trees in the Meadows and Plains biomes, which require at least a Bronze Axe to cut down.
  • 10 Greydwarf Eyes: Get these by killing Greydwarfs, Greydwarf Brutes, Greydwarf Shamans, and Greylings in the Black Forest, Meadows, and Swamp biomes.
  • 2 Surtling Core: These can be dropped by the Surtling enemies and found inside random chests and the Burial Chambers in the Black Forest biome.

Portals can only operate in pairs of two, so you’ll have to double these ingredients in order to build a functioning route.

Once you have the necessary components, go ahead and put down portals in two different locations. The first one should be right next to your home, but the second one can be placed anywhere you want. A good idea is to go for biomes that are particularly hard to reach.

Valheim portal
Tagging Portals.

When you’ve picked a spot and finished construction, you then have to make sure to ‘Tag’ the portal. This involves walking up to it, and then pressing the ‘E’ button on your keyboard. Now pick a name for the portal, keeping in mind that this is case-sensitive.

Next, go to the other portal in the pair and ‘Tag’ it with the same word. This causes the game to recognize that two constructs have the same name and automatically establishes a connection between them, causing the runes on the exterior to grow bright orange.

Congratulations, you now have a set of fully functioning portals, which will make crossing large swathes of land much less tedious. You can also continue doing this as many more times as you want; there are no restrictions going forward.

Thank you for checking out our Valheim portal guide. While you’re here, why not also check out our Valheim iron farming guide.

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