19 Best Vampire Masquerade Bloodhunt Weapons

Our Vampire the Masquerade Best Weapon guide covers all the best weapons in every single weapon class of the game.

Weapons are an important aspect of any Online Battle Royale game. They are often your primary source of damage and are necessary for killing enemies. There are a large variety of weapons available in every game. You can choose between these weapons based on your current situation or needs.

A good weapon can make all the difference in the world in a one-on-one situation. So, you must know the weapon that you are using. You need to understand which weapon you should and should not use in any situation.

This knowledge can help you win games and gain RP quickly. Today, we will cover some of the best Vampire bloodhunt Weapons that you should go for in different scenarios. While you’re at it, consider reading our Vampire the Masquerade Bloodhunt Best Classes guide.

Vampire the Masquerade Best Weapons

best weapons
Best Weapons in Vampire the Masquerade Bloodhunt

Weapons are a crucial part of all online games. All online games like Elden Ring, Lost Ark, and Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands feature amazing weapons. These weapons are divided into different categories and can be used at various stages of the game.

Selecting the best weapon for any situation is important as it can give you an advantage over the enemy. It is also the case for Vampire the Masquerade.

When you queue a ranked match in the game, you will be pitted against different enemies. You can learn more about the ranked system in the game by going through our Vampire Bloodhunt Ranks guide and learning about the Points & Rewards.

Additionally, to gain any rank points, you need to survive and kill enemies. If you decide to go for the wrong weapon, you can almost guarantee that you will last long in the game.

That is why knowing about the best weapons in the game is essential. Also, You can learn about the game’s multiplayer capabilities across different platforms in our Vampire the Masquerade Bloodhunt Crossplay Guide.

There are eight different weapon categories in Vampire the Masquerade Bloodhunt, and each category includes a series of associated weapons giving the players the option to choose the weapon they like.

All weapons in the game are situational and should be picked depending on the circumstances. So, you need to be mindful of all these situations to determine the best weapon choice.

Best Melee Weapons 

The first entry in our Vampire the Masquerade Best Weapons list is melee weapons. These are the default weapons in the game and can be used for close combat. Although these are the default weapons in the game, their importance cannot be overstated.

At close range, these weapons can deal a considerable amount of damage. They can be paired up with tank classes like Brute and Vandal to take out the enemies.

They can also be used in with stealth classes like Prowler and Saboteur to sneak up on enemies. The best Melee weapons in Vampire the Masquerade Bloodhunt include;

Fire Axe

The Fire Axe is a slow weapon that has a slow swing animation. However, it makes up for it by dealing 70 damage per hit. It is a large melee weapon that can be used to take down enemies with a single hit.

It can be used in combination with tank or stealth classes as you need to get close to the enemies before you can attack.

melee 1
Fire Axe

Scourge Blades

The second melee weapon on our list is the scourge blades. These are a pair of short swords that have jagged edges. These blades deal 30 damage per hit, but they can be used rapidly once you get close to the enemies. The blades have amazing DPS and cover a large AOE which can help you in dealing with multiple enemies.

These blades also come with a special ability called the Lunge Slash. The ability can be charged and used by pressing the alt-fire key. The Lunge Slash allows you to deal damage in a large AOE.  

melee 2
The Scourge Blades


The Katana is a traditional Japanese weapon that is perfect for close combat. It can be paired with both Brujah clan classes as you can get close to the enemies to attack them. Each attack from the Katana deals 70 damage. The Katana also has a Deflection ability. The ability can be activated by alt and the fire key.

Once activated, it will block the incoming damage from enemies. Deflection can also deflect the attacks back at the enemies depending on the range.

melee 3

Best Pistols

Pistols are the next best thing you can get in the game, and there is a reason most of the BR players deem them as the Best Weapons in Vampire Bloodhunt. Pistols are the basic ranged weapons and deal a small amount of damage.

Despite it, their importance cannot be overstated as they can still be used as an effective killing. The best Pistols in Vampire the Masquerade are;

Dual Pistols

pistol 1
Dual Pistols

The Dual Pistols are an enhanced form of the traditional pistol. These are two quick pistols that can deal a considerable amount of damage. These Pistols are perfect for killing enemies from any range and can be used in combination with other weapons.

Similar to SMGs and other guns, these pistols don’t have any recoil. It means that you can shoot consecutive rounds and target the enemies. You can also upgrade these pistols to improve their reload time, magazine capacity, and range.


pistol 2

There are different Revolvers available in the game, but all of them have the same stats. Revolvers have amazing damage and can be effective from any range.

The accuracy offered by these weapons makes them perfect for long-range kills and headshots. These factors allow you to use the Revolver in combination with other weapons. The only drawback of the Revolver is that it only has six bullets, so you have to reload it constantly.

Best Assault Rifles

Next in our Best Weapons list, we will talk about assault rifles. These are arguably the best and most versatile weapons in the game. Assault rifles work great at any distance and have a big magazine.

This means that you can target enemies from afar without worrying about your bullets running out. These weapons also have amazing fire rates and damage, which makes them perfect for killing a group of enemies.

Simple Assault Rifle

rifle 1
Assault Rifle

It is the basic variation of the assault rifle. It has been modeled after the traditional AK-47 and performs similarly. These are extremely versatile weapons that work well with all Classes.

They can be used up close and from afar, which means that you are not bound to a particular distance. These rifles also have great damage and fire rate and beat out almost every gun in terms of effectiveness.

Burst Assault Rifle

rifle 2
Burst Assault Rifle

This is an advanced form of the traditional Assault Rifle. As the name suggests, the burst assault rifle is perfect for dealing burst damage. It has been designed to shoot three rounds at a time. It is the only gun in the game with the burst fire capability.

It works well at all ranges and can be paired with any weapon and class. You can use the burst assault rifle if you are going for the stealth build, as you can sneak up behind enemies and take them out.

It also works well with the run and gun approach as you outshoot any enemy with the AR.

Best Sub Machine Guns

Sub Machine guns are a staple in every great shooting game. These guns are well-renowned for their damage and amazing fire rate. It is why they get in a place in our Vampire the Masquerade Weapons list. These guns are also light and do not negatively impact your character’s movement speed.

Silenced SMG

smg 1
The Silenced SMG

The first Sub Machine gun on our list is the Silenced SMG. It is a compact weapon that has an impressive rate of fire, damage, and utility. Another benefit of using SMG is that it is silenced, and it can take out enemies in an area without alerting other people.

It pairs well with stealth classes like Prowler and Saboteur. The only drawback of Silenced SMG initially is that it has a limited range and magazine.

However, you can later upgrade the gun to improve its range with a scope. You can also upgrade the gun’s magazine size so that it can hold more bullets.

Tommy Gun

smg 2
Tommy Gun

The next Sub Machine gun on our list is the cult classic Tommy Gun. The gun has been featured in countless movies and games before Vampire the Masquerade. It is essentially a bulkier version of the traditional sub-machine gun. It solves the ammo capacity issue of the silenced range, but it causes problems in the range department.

The weapon is perfect for close-range and mid-range combat, but it is mostly used if you are trying to take out enemies from a distance. At higher rarities, you can get Tommy Guns that have a better reload time and range.

Best Light Machine Guns

Light Machine Guns can best be described as monstrous killing machines. These guns have a large ammo capacity and deal a considerable amount of damage.

They can be used to kill a large group of enemies without breaking a sweat. Light Machine Guns are great when you are playing with friends as you can use them to provide covering fire. 

Light Machine Gun (LMG)

lmg 1
Light Machine Gun

The default Light Machine Gun in the game is a “water-cooled” machine gun. The design of the gun is taken from a traditional WW1 machine gun. It is a fully automatic gun with a fast fire rate. The fire rate for the LMG also increases while you are holding the trigger, along with its accuracy.

This machine gun also has great ammo capacity, which can be further improved by using the Bandolier perk. It is perfect for mid-range combat and will take out enemies no matter how much armor or HP they have.

Toggleable Machine Gun

lmg 2
Toggleable Machine Gun

The Toggleable Machine Gun comes packed with features that make it one of the unique guns in the game. As the name suggests, you can toggle the fire rate of the gun. The machine gun allows you to toggle between high and low fire rates depending on the situation. The low fire rate setting is perfect for long-distance shooting. It allows you to target enemies with precision.

Conversely, the high fire rate setting can be used to fire from a medium range. It switches your machine gun to the default made and can be used to target multiple enemies. You can also find Machine Guns with faster reloads, more ammo capacity, and a longer range at higher rarities.

Best Shotguns

The Shotguns are the best weapons in the game for dealing pure damage. These guns have a slow fire rate and limited ammo capacity, but they make up for it with damage. You can use these weapons to get the enemies down from 100% HP to 0 with a single shot.

These weapons are the best at close range, so they work well with tank classes. You pair up the shotgun with Brute and Vandal. 

Double-Barreled Shotgun

shotgun 1
Doubled-Barrelled Shotgun

The double-barreled shotguns are risky to use, but they reward you for your accuracy. As the name suggests, the double-barreled has two bullets in the chamber. It means that you only have two shots per reload. Because of the low ammo, you need to be careful about where and when to use these bullets.

To combat the shortcoming, the double-barreled shotgun deals a crazy amount of damage. If you use the bullets properly, you can kill an enemy with full HP with two shots.

The Double-barrel shotgun is ideally paired with a strong melee weapon. The combination helps ensure that you can still target and kill the enemies if you end up missing the shot.

Pump-Action Shotgun

shotgun 2
Pump-Action Shotgun

The Pump-Action is a more modern take on the shotgun. The weapon is deadly at close-range and is better than the Double-Barreled in almost every way. The Pump-Action has a bigger magazine which means that it can hold more bullets. This makes it a perfect gun for prolonged fights where you need to shoot at the enemy without reloading again and again.

The Pump-Action is semi-automatic and has a higher fire rate than the Double-Barreled shotgun. It also sprays the bullets in a small AOE, which makes it perfect for killing multiple enemies at once.

Best Sniper and Marksmen Rifles

Snipers and Marksmen Rifles are by far the penultimate entries in the game’s arsenal, and that is why we include them in Vampire the Masquerade Best DPS Weapons categories. These rifles are a camper’s dream, and they allow you to kill enemies from afar.

These weapons come with scopes that allow you to scout and target enemies. These weapons are perfect for both solo and party players.

You can find a good vantage spot and use the weapon to pick off enemies one-by-one if you are playing solo. You can also use it as a scouting tool to locate enemies for your teammates and help them from a safe distance.

Marksman Rifle

sniper 1
The Marksman Rifle

The Marksman Rifle comes with an excellent range and a decent ammo capacity. It is an amazing weapon for targeting enemies at medium and long ranges. The rifle also deals a considerable amount of damage, meaning that you can potentially one-shot enemies.

It is also a perfect rifle for sniper enthusiasts who are looking to headshot every enemy. The Marksman rifle works well with classes like Saboteur, where you can get into a good vantage point and take out enemies.

The Rifle is semi-automatic and also has an amazing fire rate. You can also find Marksman Rifles with increased magazine capacities, extended range, and faster reload rate at higher rarities.

Sniper Rifle

sniper 2
Sniper Rifle

The Sniper Rifle is an improved and upgraded version of the Marksman Rifle. The Rifle has an extremely powerful scope that allows you to target enemies from extremely long distances.

These guns also deal considerably more damage than the traditional rifle, so one shot is enough in most cases. This weapon pairs tremendously well with the Prowler Class. You can use the Unseen Passage to conceal your location as you are targeting the enemies.

The only drawback of the Sniper Rifle is that it has a limited ammo capacity. It means that you need to be careful while using the bullets, as it can take a while to reload the rifle.

However, you can find Sniper Rifles with a faster reload rate, better recoil recovery, and increased ammo capacity at higher rarities.

Best Special Weapons

Lastly, we will talk about special weapons in our Best Weapons list. The special weapons include some of the most fun and unique weapons in the game. All these weapons are unique in their design and function but are extremely effective in killing enemies. These weapons can be used in combination with all classes and weapons because of their versatility. Some of these weapons are non-traditional, but they add a layer of fun to the game, and that is why we think they’re an excellent addition to the best weapons in Vampire the Masquerade Bloodhunt best weapons list.

The 9-Barrelled Rifle

special 1
9-Barrelled Rifle

The 9-Barrelled is, without a doubt, the most powerful rifle in the game. It has 9 barrels that shoot nine bullets at once when you press the trigger. All these bullets come out with increasing speed and recoil and can deal a ridiculous amount of damage.

These factors make it an effective gun at mid-range that can be used to target multiple enemies. The 9-Barrelled Rifle is completely automatic and is extremely accurate. Your enemies will not get a chance to escape once the gun is fired because of its brisk fire rate.

However, it is difficult and, at times, impossible to control the weapon because of the recoil. You also need to be sure about where you want to fire before shooting, as all nine bullets will go in that direction.

The Minigun

special 2

The Minigun has especially been designed to shred every single enemy that comes in your path. This is an extremely large and powerful weapon that has a crazy fire rate and can deal a lot of damage.

A Minigun is difficult to locate in a match as their spawn chance is extremely low. However, if you are lucky enough to find one in a game, you can use it to kill everyone in sight without breaking a sweat.

The gun works extremely well with tank classes like Vandal, Brute, and Enforcer, as you can use it in combination with your defensive skills. The only drawback of the Minigun is that it is large and hard to manage. It will also slow down your movement speed, so you need to find a proper setup spot before you can use it.

The Crossbow

special 3

The Crossbow is one of the most unconventional weapons in the game. It may look wonky and weird, but it is an extremely powerful weapon. This Crossbow is a mid-range weapon that shoots bolts that create toxic clouds upon impact. These clouds deal damage over time as long as the enemies stay inside them.

The weapon is perfect for Prowlers as they can use it to create a damage zone around them. They can also pair it up with the Sewer Bomb skill to deal compound damage to all enemies in the AOE.

You can also use a well-placed show to trigger these Sewer Bombs in the air. So, you can use the Crossbow to explode these bombs in the air to deal compound damage in a bigger AOE.

The Dual Crossbows

special 4
Dual Crossbows

The Dual Crossbows are a more explosive variation of the traditional Crossbow. You can fire dual explosive bolts using these Crossbows. These bolts deal a significant amount of damage to all the enemies in the area. You can use these bolts in multiple ways to take out the enemies.

For instance, you can use the Dual Crossbows to shoot at an enemy to deal solo damage directly. You can also shoot your bolts near or around the enemies to deal AOE damage.

However, these Crossbows are difficult to use and require a lot of practice. The Dual Crossbows have arching projectiles which means that you need to fire your weapons at an angle. There are other variations of the Dual Crossbows with faster reloads and extended magazines at higher rarities.

This concludes our Vampire Masquerade Bloodhunt Best Weapons guide. Let us know what you think about the step-by-step guide in the comments below! 

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