MultiVersus Velma: Attacks, Perks, Unlocks & Strategy

Velma is one of the iconic characters that almost everyone will instantly recognize in MultiVersus. We have prepared this guide to inform you of everything related to the character

Firstly introduced in the famous TV show Scooby-Doo. Velma is a Support character in MultiVersus, meaning she can power up her allies during fights. If used correctly, then this ability can give players an extra edge and change the tide of the battle.

Key Highlights
  • Velma is classified as a supporting character, meaning she can provide support to her allies during fights.
  • Players can unlock Velma in the game by either purchasing her with in-game currency (gold) or by purchasing Gleamium, which can be obtained by spending real money.
  • Velma has a range of attacks and special attacks that she can use in the game, such as Supportive Words, Quip Master, and Motivational Speaker. Some of these attacks have additional effects, such as healing allies or applying debuffs to enemies.
  • Velma also has a range of passive abilities that can provide her with benefits during fights, such as Evidence Spawn and Educated.
MultiVersus Character Velma

Velma can be unlocked as a playable character by two methods. The first method will be to purchase her with 2000 gold which can be earned by completing challenges in MultiVersus.

The second method is to purchase her with 700 Gleamium. Gleamium is purchased by using real money. This method is available for players who don’t wish to spend extra time grinding for gold. 

Velma Moves And Attacks

MultiVersus Velma attacks
Snoopin’ attack in MultiVersus

In this section, we will explain in detail all the moves and attacks Velma can use in MultiVersus. Let’s start off with her attacks.


Here is a list of all the attacks Velma can use in MultiVersus.

  • Supportive Words
  • Quip Master
  • Bright Idea
  • Calculated Victory
  • Light ‘em Up
  • Bright Air-Idea
  • My Glasses!

Supportive Words

Supportive Words ability is a healing ability. Velma shouts a word bubble projectile that seeks out her ally. If the bubble hits any character on the ring, then they become targetted, and additional bubbles will lock onto their location. Targetted Ally’s will briefly gain Hastened.

If the player was already targetted before then, it will fire an additional bubble and will slightly heal Velma. She can use this ability until her ammo runs out.

Quip Master

The Quip Master attack performs a combo of Quips.

Bright Idea

With the Bright Idea attack, Velma charges with an idea light bulb. It has a chance to spawn Evidence on hit.

Calculated Victory

Velma charges a calculation projectile in the Calculated Victory attack. The projectile hits enemies forward and spawns Evidence.

Light ‘em Up

In the Light ‘em Up attack, Velma charges a flashlight flash. It has a chance to spawn Evidence upon hit.

Bright Air-Idea

The Bright Air-Idea attack is similar to the Bright Idea attack, except without the Charge. 

My Glasses!

The My Glasses! attack pays homage to the original TV series. Velma briefly drops her glasses, which knocks enemies downwards.

Special Attacks

Special Attacks hit harder compared to normal attacks. Here is the list of all the Special Attacks Velma can use in MultiVersus.

  • Motivational Speaker
  • Fast Thinker
  • Toxic Concoction
  • Spread the Knowledge
  • Hit the Books
  • Shutterbug

Motivational Speaker

Velma delivers a motivational speech beam projectile that hits enemies and heals allies. The final hit of the beam will apply targetted, so choose your final target wisely. If it hits an ally, then it will fire an additional beam. If the final beam hits an enemy, then they will receive a stack of Weakened.

It has a chance to spawn Evidence at a hit, and Velma can aim this beam up or down.

Fast Thinker

With this ability, Velma charges a sprint forward. Players can increase the speed of the sprint by charging. Allies can hop into Velma’s arms for the sprint, giving Velma and her allies armor, gray health, and increasing attack power. At the end of the sprint, enemies can be grabbed and thrown upwards.

Toxic Concoction

Velma jumps upwards and drops a toxic goop on the ground. Enemies standing on the goop will receive stacks of ice before eventually freezing.

Spread the Knowledge 

Velma throws the book at her ally. If the book hits the ally, then both Velma and the ally receive “Educated”. It reduces and refreshes the duration of their cooldown

Hit the Books 

Velma opens a book that propels her forward and knocks the enemy backward.


Velma uses her camera to take a picture downward, which sends her opponent upwards. It breaks the armor and applies Weakened on hit. It causes the victims to receive more damage and knockbacks. This attack has a chance to spawn Evidence on hit.

Passive Abilities

Velma only has one passive ability named Snoopin’. Some of Velma’s moves spawn evidence, and aside from that, evidence will appear throughout the match. As you pick up evidence, your Evidence meter will fill up. When it is full, players can call a police car which will pick up an enemy, disable them and attempt to drive off the map.

Enemies need to struggle if they want to escape the police car. The teammates of your enemy can attack the police car to try and release their teammate.

Velma Perks In MultiVersus

MultiVersus character Velma
Velma Perks

Perks are unlocked as you gain XP after completing challenges. These perks can unlock new advantages for the character. If players unlock a Train Perk on another character, then that would make it cheaper to buy. However, the Signature Perks are exclusive to the character they are unlocked for. 

We have divided perks into different sections, such as offense and defense, in this guide. Let’s start off with offense perks. 

Offense Perks

Here is a list of all of the offense perks currently available for Velma in MultiVersus.

  • Deadshot
  • Painted Target
  • Shirt Cannon Sniper
  • Ice To Beat You

The Deadshot perk increases your team’s damage with projectiles by 5%. This perk is unlocked at Mastery Level 2.

The Painted Target perks will increase your team’s damage by 5% if the enemies you are hitting are in hit stun. The perk is unlocked at Mastery Level 4.

The Shirt Cannon Sniper perk will increase your team’s projectile damage by 7% if the enemy is far away from your location. The Shirt Cannon Sniper perk is unlocked at Mastery Level 11. 

The Ice To Beat You perk is unlocked at Mastery Level 12. With this perk, your team’s projectile will deal one stack of ice debuff if they knock enemies back. 

Defense Perks

There is only one defense perk for Velma in MultiVersus named the Slippery Customer. The perk is unlocked at Mastery Rank 7, and it increases the duration of your team’s invulnerability window by 10%.

Utility Perks

Similar to the Defense Perk, there is only one utility perk for Velma in MultiVersus. It is named the Hit Me If You’re Able. This perk will increase your team’s dodge speed by 5%. It is unlocked at Mastery Level 13.

Signature Perks

There are two Signature Perks available for Velma in MultiVersus.

  • Studied
  • Knowledge Is Power

With the Studied Perk, Velma will spawn with one piece of Evidence already collected. It is unlocked at Mastery Level 8.

With the Knowledge Is Power perk, Velma allies will receive 7 gray healths after picking up Evidence. This perk is unlocked at Mastery Level 10.

We have a guide prepared for Best Perks In MultiVersus in case you are interested.

Velma Unlockables And Costumes 

Enough about abilities and perks; let’s get into all the cosmetics you can unlock for Velma in MultiVersus. There are currently only three unlockables available for Velma.

  • Luau Velma
  • Announcer Pack Velma
  • Dance

The Luau Velma unlockable is basically a new skin for Velma in MultiVersus. This variant can be purchased for 1500 Gleamium.

MultiVersus Luau Velma Skin
Luau Velma

As the name suggests, the Announcer Pack Velma is an announcer pack. It can be purchased for 100 Gleamium.

The Dance unlockable is a taunt emote for Velma in MultiVersus. This emote can be bought for 500 Gleamium.

PlayStyle Strategy For Velma

Seeing how Velma is a Support character. Your number one priority should be to keep your distance from your enemies and use your tools to provide buffs to your teams. Velma can also heal her allies, so keep an eye out for their health and heal them when it seems too low.

Velma’s move set is a bit sluggish compared to other characters who specialize in close-range combat, so players need to look out for this. Collecting Evidence selfishly is also not recommended because it can lead to her teammates taking too much damage as they are more focused on collecting Evidence.

Therefore, the main strategy should always be to keep your distance and provide support to your team by using your skills and tools.


That wraps up our guide for Velma Attacks, Perks, Unlockables, and Strategy in MultiVersus. Velma is mainly a Support character; thus, it is not recommended to use her in close-range combat. She should be used to provide support to her allies from a safe distance. In this guide, we have informed you of everything related to Velma in MultiVersus.

The game is available now on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, and PC. We hope our guide helped you fully understand the character. Do let us know what you think about the game in the comment section below.  

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