Vermintide 2 Guide: All Character Classes

Vermintide 2 offers a total of five different classes to choose from and each one offers a different set of abilities.

If you’re just starting out in Vermintide 2 or are about to play it, it will be wise to first know about the character classes. This is because there are a total of five different character classes to choose from. And since all of them are different in every way, you might get confused about which one to go with. This is why it is first important to learn everything about the Vermintide 2 classes not to make the mistake of choosing the wrong one.

Key Takeaways
  • Vermintide 2 has 5 playable character classes, each with its own unique abilities and playstyles.
  • The Mercenary is a well-rounded class that is good at both close-quarters and ranged combat.
  • The Ranger Veteran is a ranged specialist who can deal with a lot of damage from a distance.
  • The Waystalker is a stealthy assassin who quickly takes down enemies from behind.
  • The Witch Hunter Captain is a powerful melee fighter who can also deal ranged damage with his pistols.
  • The Battle Wizard is a powerful mage who can deal great damage with her spells.
  • Each class has 3 to 4 careers, which are essentially subclasses that further specialize the class’s abilities.
  • Players can unlock new careers by leveling up their character.
  • The best class for you will depend on your playstyle and preferences.

Vermintide 2 All Character Classes

Here’s a brief look at all the character classes in Vermintide 2:

Class NameCharacter NameLevel 7 UpgradeLevel 12 UpgradePassive AbilitiesUltimate Abilities
The Mercenary ClassMarkus KruberHuntsmanFoot KnightBase:
- Paced Strikes

Level 7 (Huntsman):
- Waste Not, Want Not

Level 12 (Foot Knight):
- Protective Presence
- Morale Boost

Level 7 (Huntsman):
- Hunter’s Prowl

Level 12 (Foot Knight):
- Valiant Charge
The Ranger Veteran ClassBardin GorekssonIron BreakerSlayerBase:
- Survivalist

Level 7 (Iron Breaker):
- Gromril Armour

Level 12 (Slayer):
- Trophy Hunter
- Disengage

Level 7 (Iron Breaker):
- Impenetrablet

Level 12 (Slayer):
- Leap
The Waystalker ClassScottish Elf, KerillianHand MaidenShadeBase:
- Amaranthe

Level 7 (Hand Maiden):
- The Dance of Seasons

Level 12 (Shade):
- Murderous Prowess
- Trueshot Volley

Level 7 (Hand Maiden):
- Dash

Level 12 (Shade):
- Infiltrate
The Witch Hunter Captain ClassVictorBounty HunterZealotBase:
- Witch Hunt

Level 7 (Bounty Hunter):
- Blesses Shots

Level 12 (Zealot):
- Fiery Faith
- Animosity

Level 7 (Bounty Hunter):
- Locked and Loaded

Level 12 (Zealot):
- Holy Fervor
The Battle Wizard ClassSiennaPyromancerUnchainedBase:
- Tranquility

Level 7 (Pyromancer):
- Critical Mass

Level 12 (Unchained):
- Blood Magic
- Fire Walk

Level 7 (Pyromancer):
- Homing Firespear

Level 12 (Unchained):
- Living Bomb

1. The Mercenary Class

Here’s a quick look at some of the Best Abilities of the Mercenary Class:

Ability Name Type Unlocks At Level
Morale Boost Career Skill Level 0
Paced Strikes Passive Ability Level 0
Hunter’s Prowl Career Skill Level 7
Waste Not, Want Not Passive Ability Level 7
Valiant Charge Career Skill Level 12
Protective Presence Passive Ability Level 12

The Mercenary Class is the first choice of every player as it is the starting character class in Vermintide 2. Out of all the five character classes in the game, this one is the most basic and simple one. You get to play as Markus Kruber in this class, who is a strong warrior offering amazing abilities.

Vermintide 2 Classes

In his Mercenary Class, Kruber gets the following abilities:

  • Paced Strikes (Passive Ability): Tear through more enemies; hitting three or more grants 10% attack speed for six seconds.
  • Morale Boost (Ultimate Ability or Career Skill): Send shockwave to stagger nearby enemies and provide temporary health to party members, useful in enemy swarms.

Huntsman – Unlocks At Level 7

At level 7, you will reach Huntsman. This is Kruber’s ranged class. Although he can use the same weapons as before in this class, ranged weapons have certain advantages.

vermintide 2 classes
  • Waste Not, Want Not (Passive Ability): A ranged headshot grants one ammo and doubles the effective range. Provides a 5% critical strike chance aura to nearby players.
  • Hunter’s Prowl (Ultimate Ability or Career Skill): Grants temporary stealth, allowing you to sneak past enemies. Enemies charging big attacks can still track you.

Foot Knight Unlocks At Level 12

At level 12, you will unlock the Foot Knight Class. In it, your character is given a powerful armor and a defensive aura.

vermintide 2 classes
Foot Knight
  • Protective Presence (Passive): Offers 15% damage resistance aura, but you need to stay close to teammates due to limited range. Provides increased stamina and unique damage reduction for the character.
  • Valiant Charge (Ultimate): Charge to knock down enemies, regardless of their strength. Low cooldown for frequent crowd control or assisting surrounded teammates.

2. The Ranger Veteran Class

Here’s a quick look at some of the Best Abilities of the Ranger Veteran Class:

Ability Name Type Unlocks At Level
Disengage Career Skill Level 0
Survivalist Passive Ability Level 0
Impenetrable Career Skill Level 7
Gromril Armor Passive Ability Level 7
Leap Career Skill Level 12
Trophy Hunter Passive Ability Level 12

Next up, we have Bardin Goreksson. This Ranger Veteran is capable of using both ranged weapons as well as melee weapons. In the Ranger Veteran Class, Bardin has the following abilities:

vermintide 2 classes
Ranger Veteran
  • Survivalist (Passive): Special enemies drop limited ammo, along with 50% more capacity and faster reload.
  • Disengage (Ultimate): Deploy a smoke bomb to hide from and stun nearby enemies. Gain bonus damage inside the smoke for offense or defense, like reviving an ally amidst enemies.

Ironbreaker – Unlocks At Level 7

At level 7, Bardin enters the Ironbreaker class. This transforms Bardin into an even more powerful warrior.

vermintide 2 classes

Gromril Armour (Passive):

  • Absorbs hits without damage every 20 seconds.
  • 30% less damage is taken, plus two stamina.
  • 50% shorter stun duration in Ironbreaker Class.

Impenetrable (Ultimate Ability):

  • Reduces all damage by 50%.
  • There is no block cost, allowing you to use unlimited blocking.
  • Taunts nearby enemies for 10 seconds (except bosses).

Slayer – Unlocks At Level 12

At level 12, you’ll unlock the Slayer Class for Bardin. It is regarded as the most high-risk, high-reward career in the entire game.  The Slayer Class takes all the ranged weapons away from Bardin and provides him melee weapons, something through which he can deliver pain even to the strongest of enemies. The Jewel Axes and the One-Handed Hammer are considered the ideal melee weapons for the Slayer Class.

vermintide 2 classes
  • Trophy Hunter (Passive Ability): You get a stacking damage buff that will stack every time you hit an enemy, and it can go up to three stacks in total. In addition, you get increased attack speed.
  • Leap (Ultimate Ability or Career Skill): This ability allows Bardin to jump in the air and then stun a target upon landing. This is something that grants him an even higher attack speed.

3. The Waystalker Class

Here’s a quick look at some of the Best Abilities of the Waystalker Class:

Ability Name Type Unlocks At Level
Trueshot Volley Career Skill Level 0
Amaranthe Passive Ability Level 0
Dash Career Skill Level 7
The Dance Of Seasons Passive Ability Level 7
Infiltrate Career Skill Level 12
Murderous Prowess Passive Ability Level 12

The Waystalker Class will let you play with the Scottish Elf, Kerillian.

vermintide 2 classes

In the Waystalker Class, Kerillian has the following abilities:

  • Amaranthe (Passive Ability): Continuously regenerates health, granting 2.5% of max health every 10 seconds at half health. Kerillian gains 50% more ammo capacity and doubled effective range.
  • Trueshot Volley (Ultimate Ability or Character Skill): Fires three seeking arrows, useful for detecting and hitting unseen enemies. Best saved for high-priority targets like Blight Stormers.

Handmaiden – Unlocks At Level 7

At level 7, you will enter the Handmaiden Class with Kerillian. The default weapon of this class is a Spear. This means that, unlike the Waystalker Class, which happens to focus more on ranged combat, this one is melee-focused.

vermintide 2 classes
  • The Dance of Seasons (Passive Ability): Increases dodge distance, provides stamina regeneration aura to nearby teammates, and prevents interruption during revives.
  • Dash (Ultimate Ability or Career Skill): Dashes through enemies, inflicting a bleeding effect – great for clearing groups of enemies.

Shade – Unlocks At Level 12

Shade is unlocked at level 12 for Kerillian, transforming her into a deadly assassin.

vermintide 2 classes

Murderous Prowess (Passive Ability):

  • Instantly kills human-sized enemies with critical hits.
  • Deals 50% more damage when attacking from behind.

Infiltrate (Ultimate Ability):

  • Grants 10 seconds of freedom to move through enemies.
  • Invisibility ends after 10 seconds or when attacking.
  • Useful for escaping tough situations or ambushing powerful bosses.
  • Provides a significant power boost during stealth.

4. The Witch Hunter Captain Class

Here’s a quick look at some of the Best Abilities of the Witch Hunter Captain Class:

Ability Name Type Unlocks At Level
Animosity Career Skill Level 0
Witch Hunt Passive Ability Level 0
Locked And Loaded Career Skill Level 7
Blessed Shots Passive Ability Level 7
Holy Fervour Career Skill Level 12
Fiery Faith Passive Ability Level 12

Victor is the central character of the Witch Hunter Captain Class.  The only thing most players dislike about Victor is that he’s not that good in the Witch Hunter Captain Class. However, as he reaches levels 7 and 12, he becomes unstoppable.

vermintide 2 classes
Witch Hunter Captain

In the Witch Hunter Captain Class, Victor possesses the following abilities:

  • Witch Hunt (Passive): Tagged enemies take 20% more damage, no block cost for light frontal attacks, and instant kill with critical headshots against man-sized foes.
  • Animosity (Ultimate): Victor’s Ultimate pushes back nearby enemies and boosts critical hit chance for six seconds, less impactful than other class Ultimates.

Bounty Hunter – Unlocks At Level 7

Bounty Hunter is unlocked at level 7, and this is where Victor becomes more interesting. This class gives the character much more powerful armor and takes his abilities to the next level.

vermintide 2 classes
Bounty Hunter

Blessed Shots (Passive):

  • Get a critical hit every 10 seconds.
  • Reduce cooldown by performing melee kills.
  • Gain 50% more ammo capacity and faster reload speed.

Locked and Loaded (Ultimate Ability):

  • Fire a deadly, opponent-eliminating bullet.
  • Gets enhanced by Victor’s 10-second critical hit chance.

Zealot – Unlocks At Level 12

Unlocking at level 12, Zealot takes Victor to the highest level. He becomes a monster in this Class, as not even the strongest enemies can stand against him.

vermintide 2 classes
  • Fiery Faith (Passive Ability): Boosts power by 5% for every 25 missing health. Uninterruptible heavy attacks, and he fights on even after lethal damage.
  • Holy Fervor (Ultimate Ability/Career Skill): Victor’s attack speed increases by 50% for 5 seconds. Ideal for defeating bosses or large groups swiftly or as a quick escape when low on health.

5. The Battle Wizard Class

Here’s a quick look at some of the Best Abilities of the Battle Wizard Class:

Ability Name Type Unlocks At Level
Fire Walk Career Skill Level 0
Tranquility Passive Ability Level 0
The Burning Head Career Skill Level 7
Critical Mass Passive Ability Level 7
Living Bomb Career Skill Level 12
Blood Magic Passive Ability Level 12

Finally, we have the Battle Wizard Class. You play as Sienna, who is a powerful Wizard. While the Battle Wizard Class is not better than the above-mentioned Classes, it still has perks.

vermintide 2 classes
Battle Wizard

In the Battle Wizard Class, Sienna gets the following abilities:

  • Tranquility (Passive): Sienna vents Overcharge automatically when damage is avoided, and no spells are cast for 8 seconds while boosting ranged damage and spell charge speed.
  • Fire Walk (Ultimate): Teleport forward, leaving a fire trail behind. Often considered less useful and unexciting.

Pyromancer – Unlocks At Level 7

Pyromancer unlocks at Level 7; while the Battle Wizard Class seems like the weakest Class in the entire game, Pyromancer is one of the best.

vermintide 2 classes
  • Critical Mass (Passive): Increases critical hit chance as your weapon overheats, granting 5% crit chance and boosting ranged damage.
  • Homing Firespear (Ultimate or Career Skill): Sienna launches a fireball that autonomously seeks enemies, with a health pool that depletes with each attack. Ideal for taking down groups or strong foes and is usable every five seconds for multitasking hordes.

Unchained –  Unlocks At Level 12

The Unchained Class for Sienna unlocks at level 12, and it is one of the best ones in the entire game. It provides Sienna with a flaming sword and gives her a flaming head as well, something that is enough to pour fear into the hearts of your enemies.

vermintide 2 classes
  • Blood Magic (Passive): 50% of damage received goes to Overcharge, with no slowdown and increased melee power at high Overcharge.
  • Living Bomb (Ultimate): Sienna turns into a walking bomb, damaging nearby enemies. Teammates in range may also be affected, but it’s versatile in various situations.

These were all Vermintide 2 Classes that you can choose from. As you judge from above, every Class offers a different set of abilities. All of them are amazing in their own way, and you should go with the one that suits your playstyle the most. For instance, if you’re a fan of assassins, you should go with Kerillian.

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