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Victoria 3 is a strategy game that was released as a follow-up to Victoria 2 (2010), in which you can create the perfect 19th-century civilization. With more than 100 different nations to pick from, you may take charge of and cater to your civilizations while engaging in all kinds of politics and demography and trying to appease all kinds of population groupings across your whole society.

Key Takeaways
  • Victoria 3 is a grand strategy game developed by Paradox Interactive and published by Paradox Interactive.
  • The game is set in the 19th century and allows players to control and guide a country through the Industrial Revolution.
  • Players must manage their country’s economy, military, and diplomacy in order to achieve victory.
  • The game features a complex system of pops, which are individual citizens that make up a country’s population.

You will have direct control over the future of your empire thanks to a complex economic system that takes into account factors like imports, taxation, and labor. You can strengthen your military, start reforming the political and constitutional system or even threaten neighboring countries. Our Victoria 3 Walkthrough has guides on things like wars, nations, authority, cheats, gold mines, and more.

  • Developer: Paradox Development Studio
  • Release Date: October 25, 2022
  • Available On: Windows PC
  • Genre: Grand Strategy
  • Game Length: 30-33 Hours


Review (Image By: eXputer)

If you’re considering purchasing Victoria 3 but aren’t sure if you should, check out our review. It goes into detail on all the aspects of the game, including gameplay, plot, combat, visuals, and more, to assist new players in better comprehending what the game has to offer. You’ll have a greater understanding of the game after reading the review, enabling you to make the best choice.

Best Ways To Increase And Maintain Authority

Victoria 3 Determining Authority
Best Ways To Increase And Maintain Authority (Image By: eXputer)

The ability to focus on the state’s power and bring about change inside a nation is known as authority. The ability to create and enforce laws, control interest groups, and set consumer taxes are the three major functions of the authority.

A nation’s laws can establish institutions that are advantageous to incorporated states and regulate the authority. Depending on their views, interest groups may support or oppose the legislation. Authorities are determined by laws such as racial segregation, total separation, census suffrage, national militia, presidential republic interventions, and protectionism in the economy.

Outlawing dissent, censorship, and the freedom to assemble are the three primary laws that Victoria 3 uses to expand its level of control. Certain technologies, like nationalism, pan-nationalism, mass communication, political agitation, mass propaganda, and church interest groups, can also expand authority.

8 BEST Starting Nations

The nation of Belgium.
8 BEST Starting Nations (Image By: eXputer)

There is a ton of countries huge pick from in Victoria 3. A new country will appear when you click anywhere on the globe, ready for you to select. With so many choices, deciding which one to start with becomes more difficult. We’ll help you pick the best nations in our Victoria 3 Walkthrough.

Trade Center: How To Unlock And Use

Victoria 3: The Trade Center
Trade Center: How To Unlock And Use (Image By: eXputer)

In Victoria 3, trade centers can be used to track global markets and trade routes. They resemble metropolitan areas. A trade center displays employment, the cost of tariffs, and the import and export of products. A country requires strong trade routes, tariff policies, good output, and convoys if employing maritime commerce to establish a trading hub.

A successful trade route and compatible global trade laws are necessary for the construction of a trade hub. International trade is affected by bureaucracy as well since a bad bureaucracy can result in excessive taxes and diminished profitability. The latter requires convoys, but trade routes can also be found on land. The market and trading routes portion of the game provides in-depth information on the items that are now imported and exported, the goods that could be imported or exported in the future, and how trade affects workers.


Victoria 3: How to start a war through diplomatic actions
Wars (Image By: eXputer)

In Victoria 3, diplomatic moves may be either a conciliatory or combative strategy to achieve your goals with the least amount of resources used. Despite not always indicating antagonism, diplomatic acts depend on relationships, power, projection, ideological differences, and base reluctance. Diplomatic games focus on using force to achieve your goals and gain notoriety.

The conditions of your country, its strategic location, and also its interests in other countries all affect your options for diplomatic moves. Significant obstacles stand in the way of lower-ranked nations’ diplomatic play possibilities.

The three phases of war are hostilities, opening maneuvers, and preparedness. You can see the number of troops each side will be bringing along, as well as how many political ploys each side has, in the initial movements. You can attempt numerous war objectives, but doing so will make peacemaking more difficult and your country appear more aggressive.

The target’s attitude toward the conflict might reveal if they will cave in before hostilities start. Our Victoria 3 Walkthrough will give you a detailed guide on wars so you can start wars whenever you want.

All Console Commands & Cheats

Victoria 3 Properties
All Console Commands & Cheats (Image By: eXputer)

Players may customize Victoria 3 to their taste and speedrun to victory using the game’s extensive cheat system. Players in Victoria 3 must switch on debug mode to use the command console. We’ll help you know all about the command console and use all the cheats in this Victoria 3 Walkthrough.

Economy: How to Make Money Faster

Building In Victoria 3
Economy: How to Make Money Faster (Image By: eXputer)

In Victoria 3, the money mechanism is considerably more realistic and in a flow condition. Your money is never constant and does not represent the whole amount you own. Although it could be a bit difficult to get used to, it is far more difficult and enjoyable. You must always be making more money and investing it since it is in a flow condition. The red figures show that you are falling behind on your debt payments even if you pay them off each month.

Beginner’s Guide: BEST Tips And Tricks

Victoria 3 Beginner's Guide
Beginner’s Guide: BEST Tips And Tricks (Image By: eXputer)

The mechanics in Victoria 3 are extensive and varied. These mechanics are intricately entangled with one another. We have put together a detailed guide in our Victoria 3 Walkthrough to help you comprehend these mechanics and become more used to the game.

Unification Candidate

victoria 3 unification candidate
Unification Candidate (Image By: eXputer)

Regular unification, which includes alternative-history nations and those that previously existed in 1836, refers to a particular nation that can be founded by other nations. A basic culture that is similar to the nation establishing the unification must exist, and the nation forming the unification needs to be the sovereign nation over most of the integral state territories.

To unify, a nation’s tier level must be lower than the country being united, and in some situations, certain technologies must be unlocked. Major unification is the term used to describe countries that were founded by major nationalist movements.

How To Manage Gold Mines

Victoria 3 gold mines
How To Manage Gold Mines (Image By: eXputer)

In Victoria 3, gold mines have a significant function. They assist you in processing the gold you find on your country’s territory and increase the value of your gold reserves. A country’s wealth at any one moment is represented by its gold reserves.

Depending on a nation’s revenue and spending, the amount of gold might go up or down. Gold mines are one approach to boosting gold reserves. In the game, gold reserves have a maximum amount and, after passing a certain point, their value diminishes.

Cape Colony: Best Tips And Strategies

Cape Colony Overview
Cape Colony: Best Tips And Strategies (Image By: eXputer)

You may select Cape Colony as your starting nation because it is a rather excellent and average land. Your primary focus in Cape Colony must be maintaining economic stability and raising the GDP. Pay attention to creating a solid infrastructure and increasing resource output. Either you submit to British authority or you seek independence by severing ties with Britain and forming alliances with its adversaries.

Panama Canal

All details of Panama Canal in Victoria 3
Panama Canal (Image By: eXputer)

Given its distinct inputs and outputs, the Panama Canal may be regarded as a distinct structure. The Panama Canal uses resources as other structures do, but instead of producing anything, it improves the route for maritime convoys.

When the Panama Canal was constructed, it not only made commercial convoys less expensive but also made supplying soldiers considerably simpler. Additionally, it protects your fleets from the risk of enemy attack and prevents supply lines from being disrupted. Additionally, it offers jobs if your nation has an excessive number of jobless peasants. You can easily build the Panama Canal and excel at the game with the help of this Victoria 3 wiki.

Texas: Early, Mid & Late Game Strategy

Early, Mid, And Late Game Strategy For Texas (Image By eXputer)

Texas is an excellent state to play in, although not everyone can appreciate it. It will be challenging to play and is best left to seasoned players. But if you understand what you’re doing and know how to play, you will be fine and you may even succeed against Mexico and the USA. We’ll teach you how to play the best with texas by giving you the best strategy in our Victoria 3 Walkthrough.

Meiji Restoration Event

Meiji Restoration Event in Victoria 3
Meiji Restoration Event (Image By: eXputer)

When you play Japan in Victoria 3 and desire to industrialize it, one of the key events is the Meiji Restoration. You must first complete three distinct restoration events as well as the Honourable Restoration Event to finish it. These occasions include Japan’s urbanization, the end of Sakoku, and the transformation of the samurai to members of the armed forces. You can start the “A Renewed Japan” event and unlock rights in Korea after finishing the Meiji Restoration event.

How To Increase Influence

Victoria 3 Determining Influence
How To Increase Influence (Image By: eXputer)

Victoria 3 has three key capacities: influence, authority, and bureaucracy, which work together to manage the country smoothly. Influence is a measurement of your nation’s diplomatic prowess or the number of ongoing international agreements your nation can support at once.

How To Declare War

Victoria 3 Diplomatic Play layout
How To Declare War (Image By: eXputer)

You shouldn’t prioritize starting a war if you want to rule the globe, but you also can’t ignore it. One way or another, political or diplomatic objectives will lead to a conflict between you and some other nation. To further diplomatic, political, or social objectives, players can start a war on other nations. After choosing a Diplomatic Play game mode in War, the player must go through two more stages, the Escalation and Maneuvers Phase.

BEST Mods [Top 10]

victoria 3 mods
BEST Mods [Top 10] (Image By: eXputer)
Players in Victoria 3 are free to add mods and customize the game however they like. Give the option of modifying the game a try if you’re not happy with particular parts of the way it appears or functions. The player can pick from a wide variety of modifications depending on their needs. You can choose the best mods and maximize the fun with this Victoria 3 Walkthrough.

Trade Routes: How To Earn Profits Faster

Trade Routes: How To Earn Profits Faster (Image By: eXputer)

Players must understand commerce to manage a nation. You must create trade routes to start trading in Victoria 3. If the trade route is profitable, it makes you money. However, if your trade routes are inefficient, you will simply lose money since each trade route incurs administrative fees.

Players must meet several standards to create trade routes, and several variables influence how effective a trade route is. The gamers may make money through trading by selling their stuff. Additionally, it aids players in supplying their nation with the things it needs. Trading information is also essential for faster game advancement. You can make the most money and learn all about the trade routes with the help of this Victoria 3 Walkthrough.

War System [Explained]

Diplomatic Play to make a Vassal State
War System [Explained] (Image By: eXputer)
The War System is approached in a novel way in Victoria 3 that differs greatly from its predecessor. War can be launched via diplomatic maneuvers. After then, three phases of escalation between the countries occur, and finally, the war begins.

War Objectives outline what each nation expects the conflict to accomplish. The two sorts of warfare that are accessible in the game are land and naval. War can be put to an end by either offering peace agreements or capitulating.

Migration And Emigration

Victoria 3 Migration Laws
Migration And Emigration (Image By: eXputer)

People move from one country to another for a variety of reasons, which is referred to as emigration and migration. Building relationships with other countries and arranging for people to go there are the greatest ways to encourage migration. The key benefit of maintaining a high migration attractiveness is that migrants tend to find your country appealing! Your nation cannot advance or conquer other nations if you do not get familiar with migration.


Colonization (Image By: eXputer)

You can perform the strong act of colonizing. The mechanisms of colonization are a reflection of historical colonization. Only after discovering the colonization technology, a tier 1 technology, is colonization possible. Players have the option to establish colonies in key areas in which they have expressed interest. Our Victoria 3 Walkthrough will help you learn all about colonization and help you colonize different areas.

Quinine Not Working Bug

Fix for Quinine Bug (Image By: eXputer)

Quinine study from Victoria 3 aids in preventing malaria and its harmful consequences, which in turn aids in state colonization. Players cannot colonize certain states even after finishing the quinine research because of bugs and other problems.

As of the right moment, there isn’t an official fix for the issue because this defect is inconsistent. Some players deal with this problem, while others have never dealt with it at all. Our wiki will help you fix the quinine bug and play the game as usual.

How To Increase Standard Of Living

welfare laws screen
How To Increase Standard Of Living (Image By eXputer)

Several different subsystems govern Victoria 3’s extremely complex economic structure. Among these subsystems is the standard of life, and if you would like your country to function effectively, you must maintain this number under control. You can learn all about the standard of living in our Walkthrough.

Annex Puppet: Process & Prerequisites

Victoria 3 Diplomatic Lens
Annex Puppet: Process & Prerequisites (Image By: eXputer)

To annex a country that is now your puppet is to declare war on it! Use the annex topic tab and diplomatic lens to successfully annex a puppet as effectively as possible! Gaining influence over other countries is the major advantage of annexing puppets! Our Victoria 3 Walkthrough will assist you in successfully annexing a puppet.

Technology Trees

Technology Trees In Victoria 3
The Technology Tree System (Image By: eXputer)

How successfully your country evolves will depend on how well you can use the technologies you learn. The Victoria 3. Three domains are represented by the technology trees. Agriculture and the creation of new tools and equipment are both connected to the production technology tree.

The army and navy are linked to the military technology tree, which will strengthen national security. Additionally, the living standards and general well-being of your country’s inhabitants are tied to the society technology tree.

How To Switch Country

Victoria 3 allows users to play as any country or nation by simply changing their current one utilizing the menu screen. The catch is that you can only play as a country or nation if it is independent of another. You can easily switch countries whenever you want with the help of this Walkthrough.


Explosives (Image By: eXputer)

You have the option of producing explosives domestically or importing them. All of the known ways to obtain explosives are mentioned here. Explosives are mostly utilized for mining raw materials and minerals, as a type of ammunition for military equipment, and for building.

Crashing On PC [FIXED]

updating windows on pc
Crashing On PC [FIXED] (Image By: eXputer)
Players trying to launch the game on PC are encountering crashing problems. After the game loads, it gets stuck on a blank screen before crashing. Even though Victoria 3 is a smaller game than other PC games. Although many gamers who downloaded Victoria 3 through Steam continue to experience crashes upon starting.

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