Wanted Dead: All Trophies & Achievements

Wanna Know Every Single Trophy In Wanted: Dead before its release? We got you!

In Wanted: Dead, you will be put into this elite squad of police forces that is a “Zombie Unit.” There will be a lot of action packed into this series while you try to uncover the truth about the corporation in the game. Like always, there is a whole list of all Trophies and all Achievements to unlock in Wanted: Dead. It will definitely not be an “Easy Task” to complete these missions to earn the trophies. 

Key Highlights
  • You will find about 55 Trophies in Wanted: Dead, including the Platinum Trophy for PlayStation players.
  • The Trophy system is divided into Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. 
  • The Platinum Trophy will give you 115 points, Gold will give you 35 points, Silver will give you points for each, and Bronze will give you 15 points for each. 
  • There is also a list of Secret Trophies, which contains some spoilers for the game.

List Of All Trophies & Achievements

Wanted: DeadPlatinum115 pointsObtain every trophy/achievement in Wanted: Dead
Emma LauthnerGold35 pointsClear the game on all difficulties and watch the ending
OtakuSilver20 pointsObtain all figures from the crane game
Ramen WorldSilver20 pointsObtain a full combo in any ramen song
Art Of The BladeSilver20 pointsPerform 100 successful parries
Art of the DrawSilver20 pointsPerform 100 successful handgun counters
Quarter EaterSilver20 pointsPlay Clear Space Runaway on Hard Mode
ChanbaraSilver20 pointsDefeat 1,000 enemies with melee attacks only
Gun MasterSilver20 pointsDefeat 1,000 enemies with guns only
No more to learnSilver20 pointsUnlock all the skills in a skill tree
True CollectorSilver20 pointsObtain all collectibles
Movie BuffSilver20 pointsGet all memories of movies
True ShotBronze15 pointsDefeat 100 enemies with guns only
So much to learnBronze15 pointsUnlock a skill for the first time
Got it memorized?Bronze15 pointsUnlock 10 skills
Collectors StartBronze15 pointsObtain a collectible item
Just a HobbyBronze15 pointsObtain 10 collectibles
Mood ChangeBronze15 pointsChange the jukebox track for the first time
Skillful BladeBronze15 pointsPerform 10 successful parries
Skillful DrawBronze15 pointsPerform 10 successful handgun counters
Sore LoserBronze15 points13,000 or more score in the Shooting Range
I Got RoomBronze15 pointsEat more than 5 servings of ramen
On FireBronze15 pointsMax Out the adrenaline gauge in karaoke
Get Some HeadBronze15 pointsSee a finishing strike
DismissedBronze15 pointsSee 20 different finishing strikes
A Satisfying SoundBronze15 pointsKill an enemy by headshot
HeadhunterBronze15 pointsKill 10 enemies by headshot
Uncle OwenBronze15 pointsKill 3 or more enemies with an Incendiary Grenade
With One StoneBronze15 pointsDefeat 2 or more enemies with a Frag Grenade
SlicedBronze15 pointsCut off an enemy limb
New BladeBronze15 pointsKill 10 enemies with melee attacks only
Bloodied BladeBronze15 pointsKill 100 enemies with melee attacks only
Test ShotBronze15 pointsKill 10 enemies with guns only
GamerBronze15 pointsPlay clear space runaway on normal mode
QuickshotBronze15 points10,000 or more score in the Shooting Range Time Attack
DeadeyeBronze15 points10,000 or more score in the Shooting Range Score Attack
BeginnerBronze15 pointsClear training level 1
IntermediateBronze15 pointsClear training level 2
AdvancedBronze15 pointsClear training level 3
ProfessionalBronze15 pointsClear training level 4
Quickdraw GunnerBronze15 pointsIn Bullet time hit 3 or more targets
HooliganBronze15 pointsKick the crane game until an Error pops up
What a messBronze15 pointsDefeat 10 enemies using the chainsaw
The Last StandSecret TrophyN/AClear the police HQ stage
WantedSecret TrophyN/AClear the Kowloons Streets Stage
Sliced & DicedSecret TrophyN/ACut off 100 enemy limbs
Slide BySecret TrophyN/AKill 10 enemies with sliding fire
Your Gat ain’t CheapSecret TrophyN/AKill 10 enemies with handgun only
Unexpected ForecastSecret TrophyN/AActivate sprinklers
No NeedlesSecret TrophyN/AClear a stage without any healing items
Teach Me How To BlitzSecret TrophyN/AClear the tutorial
Dauer SyntheticsSecret TrophyN/AClear the Dauer HQ Stage
Kowloon ParkSecret TrophyN/AClear the park stage
Smuggler’s HideoutSecret TrophyN/AClear the club deaf panther stage
Severance PaysSecret TrophyN/ASee all finishing strikes

In Wanted: Dead, there are about 55 trophies & achievements. You can unlock all of them with your PC or XBOX or PS4. The Trophies all together will earn you about 1000 points in total, so get ready to complete all of them and become a trophy hunter. The Trophies and Achievements are divided or ranked into four categories.

One is Platinum (PS4 Exclusive), the second is Gold, the third is Silver, and the fourth is Bronze. All of them together will earn you the 1000 points you were told about. You will find a list of Secret Trophies and Achievements of Wanted: Dead as well, but they will contain spoilers.

Platinum Trophy 

Platinum Trophy PS4
 The Platinum Trophy In Wanted: Dead

There is a trophy known as the Platinum Trophy, which Wanted: Dead offers only to PlayStation players. In Order to get this Platinum Trophy, you will have to unlock and obtain every single other Achievement available in the game. All of these Trophies and Achievements will be mentioned below. If we talk about the Platinum Trophy, for it you will get about 115 points. That will just be added to the 1000 points. 

Gold Trophy 

Gold Trophy Of Wanted: Dead
The Gold Trophy In Wanted: Dead

You will be able to get just one Gold Trophy for Wanted: Dead. In Order to get it you will have to Clear the game on all difficulties and also view the ending. It just sounds easy, but you have to understand it will take a lot of time for you to complete the game with all difficulties. You will have to put in a lot of time and effort in order to get it. If you are a trophy hunter, then you must already know that by now. After getting the Trophy, you will get about 35 game points.

Silver Trophies 

All Silver trophies and achievements in Wanted: Dead
Silver Trophies In Wanted: Dead

There are about 10 Silver Trophies and Achievements that you can unlock in the Wanted: Dead. You must have a lot of gaming experience in order to unlock these. Trust me, when you start those missions in Hong Kong, it gets difficult to keep track of these trophies. Each trophy will earn you about 20 points, so they will be worth the effort you put into them. There are multiple mercenaries to stop you from achieving these goals, so you must get ready to slice them down.

  • Otaku: It’s a mini-game in which you have to obtain all figures from the Crane Game.
  • Ramen World: It’s a Legend Mini-game in which you have to obtain a full combo in any Ramen song.
  • Art of the Blade:  You have to perform 100 parries Successfully.
  • Art of the Draw:  The player Successfully performs 100 handgun counters.
  • Quarter Eater:  It’s a mini-game where you have to play Clear Space Runaway on Hard Mode.
  • Chanbara:  You must defeat 1000 enemies only using melee attacks.
  • Gun Master: In order to get it you must defeat 1000 enemies only using guns
  • No more to learn: You have to unlock all skills in the Skill Tree.
  • True Collector: Obtain all collectibles in the game.
  • Movie Buff: One must obtain all Memories of movies in order to get it.

Bronze Trophies 

All Bronze Trophies and achievements in Wanted: Dead
Bronze Trophies In Wanted: Dead

In order to get the Bronze trophies, you have to perform the most simplistic forms of tasks. They won’t be particularly easy, but when compared to the Silver and Gold Trophies, they are less challenging. You have just to unlock a small number of items or defeat a number of mercenaries in order to get most of the Bronze Trophies.

These trophies do not require much effort and can be done whilst just playing the game. After counting all Bronze Achievements and trophies in Wanted: Dead, there are a total of 31 of them. Each possesses 15 points. 

  • True Shot: You must defeat 100 enemies only using guns.
  • So much to learn: In order to get it, you must unlock a skill for the first time.
  • Got it memorized?: Unlock 10 skills
  • Collectors Start: The player must obtain a collectible.
  • Just a Hobby: You must obtain 10 collectibles.
  • Mood Change: In the game, change the jukebox track for the first time.
  • Skillful Blade: In order to get this trophy, you have to successfully perform 10 parries.
  • Skillful Draw: For the trophy, just successfully perform 10 handgun counters.
  • Sore Loser: It is a mini-game where you have to get a score of 13,000 or more in the Shooting Range.
  • I Got Room: It is a mini-game where you must eat more than 5 servings of ramen in a row.
  • On Fire: It’s a mini-game where you have to max out the Adrenaline Gauge in Karaoke.
  • Get Some Head: Just see a Finishing Strike.
  • Dismissed: See 20 different Finishing Strikes in the game
  • A Satisfying Sound: You must kill an enemy by headshot.
  • Headhunter: For the trophy, you must defeat 10 enemies by headshot.
  • Uncle Owen: If you want the trophy, you must defeat 3 or more enemies with an Incendiary Grenade.
  • With One Stone: You must defeat 2 or more enemies with a Frag Grenade.
  • Sliced: Cut off an enemy limb for the first time.
  • New Blade: Just kill 10 enemies only using melee attacks.
  • Bloodied Blade: The player must kill 100 enemies only using melee attacks.
  • Test Shot: Kill 10 enemies only using guns in the game. 
  • Gamer: Just play the mini-game Clear Space Runaway on Normal Mode.
  • Quickshot: Get a score of 10,000 or more in the mini-game Shooting Range Time Attack.
  • Deadeye: Get a score of 10,000 or more in the mini-game Shooting Range Score Attack.
  • Beginner: Just clear Training Level 1.
  • Intermediate: You must clear Training Level 2.
  • Advanced: You have to clear Training Level 3.
  • Professional: Just Clear Training Level 4.
  • Quickdraw Gunner: Hit 3 or more targets when in Bullet Time.
  • Hooligan: Just Kick the Crane Game until it displays ERROR.
  • What a mess: You must Defeat 10 enemies using the chainsaw.

Secret Trophies 

The Secret Trophies
Secret Trophies In Wanted: Dead

You must certainly be warned that there will be spoilers right ahead, so tread carefully. You have now been WARNED! Although these spoilers aren’t that heavy, they can certainly make you guess some parts of the story. Plus, there is the surprise element of these trophies, so there s that.  You will find all of the secrets, Trophies, and Achievements in Wanted: Dead just ahead. There are a total of 12 trophies it comprises just one Silver Trophy, and the rest will be the Bronze Trophies. 

  • The Last Stand: You must clear the Police HQ stage.
  • Wanted: One must have to clear the Kowloon Streets stage.
  • Sliced & Diced: Cut off 100 enemy limbs.
  • Slide By: Kill about ten enemies but with sliding fire.
  • Your Gat ain’t Cheap: Kill off 10 enemies, but you must only use your handgun.
  • Unexpected Forecast: Activate sprinklers for the first time.
  • No Needles: You have to clear a stage without using healing items
  • Teach Me How To Blitz: Simply clear the tutorial.
  • Dauer Synthetics: The player has to clear the Dauer HQ stage.
  • Kowloon Park: Just clear the Park stage.
  • Smuggler’s Hideout: One must clear the Club Deaf Panther stage.
  • Severance Pays (Silver Trophy): You have to see all Finishing Strikes.

Final Words

Yup, so these are all the Trophies and Achievements that could unlock in Wanted: Dead. Each one of them is a bit simple to understand, so you won’t have trouble completing them. Make sure to check out our guide over Every Voice Actor In Wanted: Dead. Also, make sure to check out Everything We Know So Far About Wanted: Dead. You must know about the System Requirements of Wanted: Dead in order to play it. 

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