Darktide: Best Veteran Sharpshooter Feats [Top 6]

Learn the Best Veteran Feats in Warhammer 40k Darktide & dominate ranged playstyle!

Having Warhammer 40k Darktide Best Veteran Feats will not only let you bring out the full potential of your class but also give your melee specialist’s teammates the much-needed ranged combat support. Veteran Sharpshooter specializes in ranged physical damage and can quickly take out enemies with ranged attacks to let your melee specialists barge into brawler-type enemies. 

Key Takeaways
  • There are a total of 18 unlockable feats for the Veteran Sharpshooter In Darktide. After every 5 levels, 3 feats are unlocked, with an option to select one of them for your kit.
  • Exhilarating Takedown, Sniper, Bio-Optic Targeting, Unwavering Focus, Deadshot, and Counter Fire are the best feats, in our opinion, for Veteran Sharpshooters in Warhammer 40k Darktide.
  • It’s also highly advised to experiment and try out other feats as well in order to determine synchs with the player’s playstyle.

Best Veteran Sharpshooter Feats

Here are the Best Veteran Sharpshooter Feats in Warhammer 40K Darktide:

No.Feats NameUnlocks At LevelBuffs/Effects
1Exhilarating TakedownLevel 5- Each Ranged Weakspot Kill Restores 20% Toughness
- 10% Reduction In Toughness Damage For 8 secs
- Stack Limit: 3 Times
2SniperLevel 10- Deals 25% Increased Damage
- Depends On The Distance
- The Closer You Are The More The Dmg Increase
3Bio Optic TargetingLevel 15- For All Allies In Coherency
- Volley Fire Highlights Non Ogryn Elites and Specialists
- Duration: 5 secs
4Unwavering FocusLevel 20- During Volley Fire +75% Increase In Toughness
5DeadshotLevel 25- Crit Chance: +25%
- Sway Reduction: 60%
- Lossage Of 8% Stamina Per Sec Plus An Extra
4% Loss Per Shot
6CounterfireLevel 30- +25% Damage Increase During Volley Fire
- Highlights All Shooters As Priority Targets
- If An Enemy Is Killed During Volley Fire The Cooldown Refreshes

3 new feats are unlocked every 5 levels, and the process continues until you reach level 30. After reaching a level that is a multiple of 5, you will be given a choice to select between 3 perks, which can be swapped at any given time. In short, you will have to select 6 perks from a total of 18 perks for your class.

For Veteran Sharpshooter, you should be focusing on skills that enhance your ranged attack and don’t have a weird case of activation. Feats that are valid all the time, make up for your shortcomings and further enhance your playstyle should be prioritized. Below we have listed the best of three feats that you unlock every 5 levels.

Exhilarating Takedown – Level 5

Level 5 Feat
Selecting the best Level 5 Feat – Exhilarating Takedown [Image Captured by us]
  • Toughness: 10% Increase (Weak-Spot based)

Exhilarating Takedown refills 10% of your character’s toughness after landing a weak spot kill via shooting. The benefits of this feat are valid almost all the time since its activation condition isn’t very specific. Every enemy in Darktide has a weakness, which is mainly their head. So you will see regeneration in your toughness every time you land a headshot (granted, it’s the enemy’s weak spot). 

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Compared to Confirmed Kill or At Arm’s Length, which also becomes available at Level 5, Exhilarating Takedown is much easier to activate since the spawn timing of elites is random, and the enemies will barge towards you as soon as they spawn in the area. This makes Exhilarating Takedown a much better option than the other two due to its much easier activation condition.

Sniper – Level 10

Level 10 Feat
Selecting the best Level 10 Feat – Sniper [Image Captured by eXputer]
  • Damage: Up to 25% Increase (distance based)

This feat grants you up to a 25% increase in damage depending upon the distance between you and your enemy. As a sharpshooter, you’d be shooting from a distance and let your melee combatant teammates hold the line for you. With the 25% damage increase, clearing hordes will become much easier.

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However, you won’t always find yourself in a scenario where you will be far away from the enemies; as mentioned above, the enemies in Darktide will try to close distance as much as they can. But even if you find yourself in such a scenario, the effects of this feat won’t be negated as the damage increase will still be there, albeit with a decrease in the percentage of damage.


Compared to Tactical Reload or Demolition Stockpile, which restore your grenade and increase your reload speed, respectively, Sniper seems to be a much better feat in the long term.

Bio-Optic Targeting – Level 15

Level 15 Feat
Selecting the best Level 15 Feat – Bio Optic Targeting [Image by eXputer]
This feat highlights all non-Oryan elites and Special enemies for all allies in coherency during Volley Fire for 5 seconds. While the Volley Fire itself is useful for your class to highlight and take out Elites, you won’t always find yourself in scenarios where you can take out every Elite in an encounter.

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However, if the target is highlighted, one of your allies in coherency might be able to do so. This pointing out of Elites amidst a horde of enemies can be very useful since they are the strongest of the bunch and quickly taking them out is usually the priority of any team, making this a very helpful skill for your allies.


While Demolition Team is a much stronger skill, its activation percentage is quite low to rely on all the time, and as far as Cover Fire is concerned, the effect of its 4% regeneration is only visible if the allies are locked in melee encounters for a longer than usual period.

Unwavering Focus – Level 20

Leve; 20 Feat
Selecting the best Level 20 Feat – Unwavering Focus [Screenshot Grab: eXputer]
  •  Toughness: 75% increase (during Volley Fire)

Unwavering Focus increases the toughness by 75% from ranged attacks while Volley fire is activated. The time you have when Volley Fire is activated is typically very limited and most players would want to utilize that time to focus on the elites rather than anyone else, which is basically the whole point of this ability.

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This skill enhances your Volley Fire ability and lets you focus on Elite enemies rather than enemies with ranged attacks by decreasing your damage intake from ranged attacks.


Camo Expert is another great ability that is unlocked at this tier, but that is also case-specific, in our opinion, since it can depend on arena-by-arena bases. Not in every encounter, you will find yourself in a spot where you can see everything and unleash your bullets from there but if you do, it can end up being a much better skill, so it’s a skill just as good if not more, but here we will go with Unwavering Focus as a much better general skill.

Duck & Dive is a very playstyle-dependent skill involving moving a lot and engaging the ranged enemies in melee combat.

Deadshot – Level 25

Level 25 Feat
Selecting the best Level 25 Feat – Deadshot [Screenshot Captured by eXputer]
  • Critical Chance: 25% increase (Alt Fire)
  • Weapon Sway: 60% decrease (Alt Fire)
  • Stamina: 10% decrease every second

Deadshot increases your critical chance by 25% while also reducing the sway of your weapon’s alt-fire by 60%. The catch here is that you will also lose 10% Stamina every second while using the alt-fire mode.

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The utility of this feat needs no further explanation as it speaks for itself. The only thing we would like to add here is how this feat is better than the other two you unlock at that level. 


Frag Storm works great against spongy enemies or Elites, as inflicting them with a bleed stat is a great way of finishing them off quickly. However, every other enemy you encounter isn’t an Elite, and the normal enemies just die the instant they get hit with the frag’s explosion, making the bleed stat kind of useless here.

One After Another basically enhances your reload speed on an elite kill, which is great if you have more than a few elites in a given encounter with a weapon that packs a punch but requires reloading very frequently, but then again, the chances of this scenario happening is not very high.

Counterfire – Level 30

Level 30 Feat
Selecting the best Level 30 Feat – Counterfire [Image Credit Copyright: eXputer]
  • Damage: 25% increase (against Scab Shooters)

Highlights the Scab Shooters as priority targets and increases the damage by 25% during Volley Fire. Killing a designated enemy will result in an increase in the duration of the Volley Fire.

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Volley Fire is a great ability, one that lets Sharpshooter deal increased damage to Elites and Special monsters. Still, the ability’s shortcoming is its duration and the damage increase designated to only one enemy type.


While every feat you unlock at this stage increases the Volley Fire duration after meeting specific conditions, our experience convinced us that “Counterfire” is the best for general encounters. Furthermore, as a Sharpshooter, you would want to make up for your team’s shortcomings, assuming it consists of melee combatants.

By highlighting the Scab shooters, you will be able to instantly take out a ranged enemy type and increase your Volley Fire duration in the process. “The Bigger They Are…” while also having a similar feat advantage, is mostly great against boss fights, but you don’t fight bosses for most of the game’s playtime, making it a case-specific feat.

Other Sharpshooter Veteran Feats

As mentioned above, you unlock a total of 18 feats, and each feat can prove to be highly useful, depending on the build you are rocking. So it’s always nice to try out other feats of the levels you unlock, too, in case the one from our recommendation isn’t working for you. Below are the rest of the feats you unlock for Veteran Sharpshooter in Warhammer 40k Darktide:

  • Confirmed Kill – Level 5: 50% toughness is replenished every time you take down an elite, with 25% refilled instantly and 25% slowly over time.
  • At Arm’s Length –  Level 5: 5% toughness is refilled per second if you maintain a distance of 8 meters from enemies.
  • Demolition Stockpile – Level 10: 1 grenade is replenished every 45 seconds.
  • Tactical Reload – Level 10: Reload speed is increased by 20% if the gun is reloaded while ammo is in the magazine.
  • Demolition Team – Level 15: There is an 8% chance that you, along with allies in coherency, gain a grenade on landing a kill.
  • Covering Fire – Level 15: Killing an enemy with a ranged attack grants your allies a 4% replenishment in toughness.
  • Camo Expert Level 20: Standing still makes you a less likely target by the enemies.
  • Duck & Dive – Level 20: Avoiding ranged attacks by either Dodging, Sliding, or Sprinting grants you an additional 20% stamina.
  • Frag Storm – Level 25: 2 stacks of the bleed are inflicted upon the enemies after successfully hitting them with a frag grenade.
  • One After Another – Level 25: Reload speed is increased by 30% after successfully taking down an elite enemy.
  • The Bigger They Are… – Level 30: This feat highlights Ogryns and Monstrosities and allows you to deal a 50% increased damage to this enemy type. Successfully killing them will extend your Volley Fire duration.
  • Sustained Fire – Level 30: This feat replenishes 60% of your toughness and automatically reloads your weapon in Volley fire. Landing a designated enemy kill will further extend the Volley Fire duration.


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