Warhammer 40k Darktide: Scripture Locations

A complete guide on Warhammer 40k Darktide scripture locations

The “Tomes” in Vermintide are back as “Scriptures” in Darktide. Unlike the predecessor Vermintide, the locations to find Scriptures in Warhammer 40k Darktide are more complex and confusing. 

Key Highlights

  • Tomes in Vermintide are replaced and are known as Scriptures in Darktide.
  • You can either have scriptures or grimoires or none of them in a Darktide map.
  • Scriptures have total random spawn patterns. Which means they do not have a specific location to search.
  • You can only pick one scripture/grimoire at a time.
  • Scripture can be dropped, but grimoire vanishes if dropped.
  • Carry the full set of scriptures/grimoires till the end of the mission to gain rewards.

We had grimoires and tomes in Vermintide, the grimoires are back in Darktide, but the tomes are replaced with scriptures. There are some other changes made as well. In Vermintide, you had the chance to find both on the same map, whereas in Darktide, the map could only contain either grimoire or scripture or none of them. 

Where To Find Scriptures In Darktide

Not every map contains scriptures and grimoires. This makes it a bit challenging to find these items. When you go to the mission selection menu, you will see some of the maps have a Diamond icon on them. This means that this map either contains grimoires or scriptures. 

The icon for both of the items is the same. So, you need to click on the mission to find out whether it is a grimoire or a scripture. Moreover, you will find scriptures or grimoires in a mission that has a secondary mission of finding those.

For instance, there may be a mission with a secondary mission, stating that “find 3x scriptures for bonus rewards” or something like that. So, you know that there are going to be 3 scriptures on a map marked with a Diamond icon. 

You can find a maximum of 3 scriptures on a map. Since you will find either scriptures or grimoires, so you can find a maximum of 2 grimoires on a map. 

One thing to note is that grimoires and scriptures look like a ‘book’. Grimoires are green glowing books, while scriptures are normal-looking books. 

Darktide: green glowing grimoire
Darktide: glowing green grimoire [Image by eXputer]

Scripture Locations

Tomes used to be spawned at certain locations in Vermintide. But the case is the opposite here. Scriptures have a total random spawning. This means mentioning the exact location to find scripture in Warhammer 40k Darktide would be insane. However, the tip here is that search every dark corner of the map. These items are not found in the way, and you need to grind for them.

It is recommended to look for scriptures/grimoires in the following spots:

  • In the left/right areas of doorways.
  • In the large open containers.
  • Next to boxes.
  • In corners especially.
  • In corners of elevators.
  • On tables.
  • Any spot that looks miserable.
Scripture/Grimoire lying in a corner in Darktide
Scripture/Grimoire lying in a corner in Darktide [Screenshot Captured by eXputer]
Every spot on a map that is sort of hidden or dark might have the scripture. The maps in Darktide are now divided into several sections. Each section contains only one scripture or grimoire. So, it is advisable to narrow down the search to the sections. 

Search each section and then move to the other. If you have found a scripture in one section, there is no point in going further in the same section. You and your teammates always need to be scouting very carefully because if you miss a scripture once, you may not be able to find it again.

But the chances of missing them are rare. When you get near the scripture/grimoire, you get a notification that you have a scripture/grimoire somewhere nearby. The notification has a ‘hand’ sign, from which you must know that you have the item you’re searching for in close vicinity. 

Darktide: notification about nearbt scripture/grimoire
Darktide: notification about nearby scripture/grimoire [Image Captured by us]
In our case, we found scripture/grimoire in different locations each time we tried to find them. So, don’t expect them to be in the same place every time. However, the game is still in the launching process, and there must be some pattern of scripture/grimoire spawn. There will be several areas where the scriptures will be circulating each time you play on a certain map.

But for now, the locations are vague. You just need to keep your eyes open to search every possible corner and portion of the map’s section.

We have talked a lot about the methods and locations of finding the scriptures, but you also need to be aware of what they are and what they do in Darktide.

What Are Scriptures In Warhammer 40K Darktide?

The scriptures and grimoires are additional items to find in Darktide. Just like many other games where you pick items for the sake of money or XP, these do the same function. You need to pick scriptures/grimoires (book-looking items) and carry them till the end of a mission to get an extra reward.

They will increase the experience and will get you extra coins. 

How Is Scripture Different Than Grimoire?

The scripture and grimoire look the same except for the green glow on the grimoire. You can guess the location of the grimoire from a distance as it is always glowing and easy to spot.

Both of these items take up the third place in inventory, and a player can only pick one of them. And they are required to be carried up till the end point of the mission. The third place in inventory is also designated for medi kit and ammo.

The major difference between both them is that grimoire causes corruption. Essentially, it means that the grimoire causes a decrease in the health of the player that is carrying it and his/her teammates as well. If you pick one grimoire up, it will cause a 25% decrease in all teammates’ health. If you pick two, there will be a 50% decrease in health.

So, you will need to play with 50% or less health for the rest of the game. However, you can heal up at medicae station. Since the third place of inventory is also designated for medikit and ammunition, you cannot pick either of them as well because you will have a grimoire/scripture in place of them.  

If you drop the grimoire it will disappear. So, you cannot let it go easily as well unless you are too low on health, while scripture is different. It does take the inventory space, but it does not cause a decrease in health, nor does it disappear if you drop it. So, you can always drop it off to pick the essential items up and then come back to pick it up later. 

Wrap Up

It has only been a few days since the game has released, and it is in the testing stage yet. As for the scripture locations, not just us but all of the players experienced the random spawning of the subject item. This means, for now, it is just you on your own.

The tip here is that in case you have found a scripture and you need to pick ammo or a health kit as well, just mark the location of the scripture so that your teammates can pick it up for you. Or, you can come back for it later. You need good teamwork to find these since a player can only pick one book at a time. So, to find 3 scriptures, three players will be serving.

If you die, the scripture will be lost. That is the only condition to lose a scripture. In contrast, a grimoire can be lost as soon as you drop it. Also, grimoires have negative as well. So, they are a little hard to carry than scriptures.

So, this is all about scriptures, grimoires, and their locations in Warhammer 40k Darktide. 

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