Warthunder Sea Vixen: Stats, Price, & Tips

Spend your precious Golden Eagles on Rank V British Jet Fighter "Sea Vixen" in Warthunder!

Sea Vixen is a premium-class British Jet fighter in Warthunder that excels in many areas compared to its peers and is one of the best jet fighters you could get your hands on with real money. Due to having an MMO framework, there comes a time in Warthunder when you are compelled to try the game’s premium class of vehicles.

Key Takeaways
  • Sea Vixen is a rank V British Jet Fighter with a combat rating of 8.0(AB), 8.7(RB), and 8.3(SB).
  • It can be purchased for a price of 8560 Golden Eagles.
  • It has a Top speed of 1109 km/h, a Max Altitude of 1300 meters, a Turn Time of 24 seconds, a Base mass of 12872 kg, and a Take-off weight of 21 tons.
  • Sea Vixen lacks basic armor to protect its many components and only comes with bulletproof glass and a flap on its rear section.
  • The costs of its repairs and crew training range from 3400 Silver Lions to 68000 Silver Lions.
  • The best way to utilize Sea Vixen is to wait for your mark and ambush an unaware enemy from the top or from the sides.
  • The lack of gunfire and cannons makes Sea Vixen a very bad choice for frontal assaults.

How To Unlock Sea Vixen

Sea Vixen is a premium-class jet fighter, which means that it can only be purchased using the game’s premium currency, “Golden Eagles.”

Important: Sea Vixen costs 8560 Golden Eagles, which equates to approximately 50 dollars. Alternatively, Golden Eagles can also be earned by winning in various contests or tournaments.

Sea Vixen was introduced in Warthunder’s Red Skies update.

General Info & Stats

Sea Vixen
Sea Vixen General Info (Image Credits eXputer)

Below is a list of all specs and characteristics of Sea Vixen, along with all the other features it comes with.


  • Arrestor Gear: Enhancing the braking mechanism of the aircraft carrier.
  • Air Brakes: Reduces the flight speed by releasing special flags.
  • Max Speed (100 m): 1109 km/h
  • Ratings: 8.0(AB) , 8.7(RB), 8.3 (SB)
  • Max Altitude: 13,000 meters
  • Wings (km/h): 1,195
  • Gear (km/h): 407Engine: 2 х Rolls-Royce Avon Mk.208
  • Engine Type: Axial-flow turbojet
  • Engine Weight: 2,361 kg
  • Cooling system: Air
  • Take-off weight: 21t
  • Take-off run (meters): 325
  • Turn Time (seconds): 24.5(AB), 25.5(RB)
  • Aircraft Basic mass: 12,872 kg
  • Rate of Climb (m/sec): 42.7 (AB), 39.4 (RB)

Survivability Factor

  • Crew: 2 people
  • Speed of Destruction (Structural): 0 km/h
  • Speed of Destruction (Gear): 407 km/h
  • Sea Vixen lakes any armor plate; however, it compensates for it with bulletproof glass, which guards the pilot against incoming fire.
  • Due to lack of protection, its tail can be easily destroyed, but its elevator part is fairly protected by a strategically placed flap on the rear section of the elevator.
  • After taking in a decent amount of damage, Sea Vixen becomes very hard to control, and its performance takes a massive nosedive after its wings are significantly damaged.

Repair Cost And Economy

  • Repair Cost (AB): 3400 Silver Lions
  • Repair Cost (RB): 3400 Silver Lions
  • Repair Cost (SB): 11000 Silver Lions
  • Crew Training: 10,000 Silver Lions
  • Crew Training (Experts): 680000 Silver Lions
  • Crew Training (Aces): 2000 Golden Lions
  • Crew Training (Research Aces): 1660000 Research Points
  • Rewards for Battle (AB): 2 × 100 Silver Lions & 2 × 208 Research Points
  • Rewards for Battle (RB): 260 Silver Lions and 208 Research Points
  • Rewards for Battle (SB): 320% Silver Lions & 208% Research Points

Armaments & Loadout Options

Every vehicle in Warthunder can be equipped with a set of missiles, bombs, and rockets, which can give you an edge during its many vehicular battles.

Sea Vixen, likewise, is no different in that regard, as there is a wide array of custom loadout options available for it. However, one thing to be cautious of during the loadout is its weight, as there is a limit to how many missiles and rockets you can equip Sea Vixen with without affecting its flight performance.

Important: The maximum permissible weight for Sea Vixen is 700 kg. Additionally, either Firestreak or Red Top missiles can be carried across hard points.

Below is a list of all the rockets, missiles, and bombs that can be loaded onto Sea Vixen:

  • 500 lb H.E. M.C. Mk.II bombs: x4
  • 540 lb Mk.M2 bombs: x4
  • 1,000 lb H.E. M.C. Mk.13 bomb: x2
  • AP Mk II rockets: x24
  • RP rockets: x144
  • RP-3 rockets: x16
  • AGM-12B Bullpup missiles: x2
  • Firestreak missiles: x4
  • Red Top missiles: x4

Tips & Usage

Sea Vixen
Tips and Usage (Image Credits eXputer)
  • It’s recommended to use Red Top missiles instead of Firestreak, as they have a comparatively much higher top speed and warhead.
  • It is best to attack enemies from the side instead of confronting them head-on, as Red Tops have a much higher chance of hitting the enemies from the side.
  • Only engage in dogfights against other jet fighters only if you have allies covering you from behind.
  • Otherwise, it is best to remain on the sidelines and target those jets that have lost their speed and are not expecting a sudden attack.
  • Be cautious of all MiG 15s and 17s and A-4E Early, as they have the ability to outmaneuver your jet and render your missiles useless, respectively.

Pros & Cons

Lastly, we would like to summarize why you should or shouldn’t consider purchasing Sea Vixen. 


  • High Speed & good acceleration
  • Good maneuverability 
  • It can fire missiles and rockets separately instead of in pairs.
  • Comparatively, they are better at climbing than opposing aircraft carriers.


  • The lack of gunfire and cannons makes you heavily dependent on the missiles, which are not a good option for a frontal assault.
  • Due to the lack of guns in Sea Vixen, you have to save your missiles for aerial combat and have to give up on taking out any ground units.
  • Both equipable missiles lack range.

Wrapping Up

The lack of gunfire in Sea Vixen is certainly a strategic choice as it curates to a certain audience of players, ones who may not like to go all out at the enemy combatants and instead may like to take their time and make their shots count. So, buying Sea Vixen is a choice you have to make based on your playstyle.

This concludes our guide on stats, prices, and tips for Sea Vixen in Warthunder.


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