Warzone 2 Season 3: All Weapon Changes

The new Meta with Season 3 of Warzone 2 changes everything.

The release of Season 3 in Warzone 2 has brought with it some great changes to the game and its weapons. The developers have brought two new weapons and a shift in the Meta. Each of the Weapons that have got changed will now perform better or worse depending on the changes. So there is a lot to look out for in the new season.

Key Takeaways
  • The Warzone 2 Season 3 weapon changes have brought tweaks to guns, nerfing some meta and buffing new ones.
  • With the changes, the new Meta has been updated.
  • Buff to a few weapons made them a lot stronger, whereas some weapon’s Nerf made them weaker than before.

  • In the Assault Rifles, ISO Hemlock, M13B, and TAQ-56 got Nerfs. Whereas the STB 556 got Buff to its stats.
  • All Battle Rifles that got changes to their stats got Buffs. These include FTAC Recon, Lachmann 762, SO-14, and TAQ-V.
  • Only one Handgun, the Basilisk, got a Nerf on its Damage.
  • Light Machine Guns in Warzone 2, the RAAL MG, and RPK got Nerf to their stats.
  • The Marksman Rifle Tempus Torrent got a Nerf on its performance.
  • The Submachine Guns had a mix of Buffs and Nerfs. BAS-P and MX9 got a Buff. Whereas the Lachmann Sub, Vaznev-9K, and VEL 46 got Nerf.

All Weapon Changes In Warzone 2 Season 3

Changes to the Weapons in Season 2 of Warzone 2 brought a new shift in the Meta. The Weapons that were great were Nerfed, whereas weapons that were performing average got Buffs. Thanks to the constant updates, the players have kept their interest.

Season 3 of Warzone 2.0 has not brought as many changes as the previous season did. But whatever we see is more than enough to shift everything up. Let’s look at all of the changes that we got in the new season.

ISO HemlockAll Damage Ranges reduced
Lower Torso Damage reduced
M13BHeadshot Damage slightly reduced
Lower Torso Damage increased
Mid-range Damage distance increased
Upper Torso Damage slightly reduced
STB 556Headshot Damage increased
Leg Damage increased
Lower Torso Damage increased
Mid-range Damage distance increased
Mid-range Damage reduced
TAQ-56Headshot Damage decreased
Ftac ReconMovement Speed increased
Semi-Auto Leg Damage increased
Semi-Auto Minimum Armor Damage increased
Semi-Auto Upper Torso Damage increased
Lachmann-762Movement Speed increased
SO-14Movement Speed increased
Semi-Auto Minimum Armor Damage increased
TAQ-VMinimum Armor Damage increased
Movement Speed increased
Semi-Auto Lower Leg Damage increased
BasiliskMinimum Armor Damage reduced
RAAL MGHeadshot Damage reduced
Minimum Armor Damage added to Semi-Auto Firing Mode
Semi-Auto Headshot Damage increased
Semi-Auto Upper Torso Damage increased
Semi-Auto Lower Torso Damage increased
RPKClose-mid Damage slightly reduced
Tempus TorrentAll Damage Ranges reduced slightly
Close-mid Damage reduced slightly
Headshot Damage reduced
BAS-PADS Move Speed increased
All Damage Ranges increased
Minimum Armor Damage added to Semi-Auto Firing Mode
Lachmann SubHeadshot Damage decreased
Burst-Fire Leg Damage increased
Burst-Fire time between shots decreased
Burt-Fire Torso Damage increased
MX9Sprint to Fire Speed increased
Vaznev-9KHeadshot Damage decreased
VEL 46Headshot Damage decreased

Changes Explained

The Patch Notes don’t explain a lot. They only list the changes that happened in the Season. So, if players want to understand how the game will now be, they are often lost. Some players might believe that the changes have brought some of the best guns to Meta, but its performance is only a slight Buff.

For that reason, we will go through every single change that happened to the Weapons. These changes will help players understand how the weapon performs in the new Meta. You can then make their Loadouts according to the changes.

Assault Rifles

Assault Rifles are the go-to option for most players. They are great for new players, too, as they perform exactly like they should. Everything is balanced, and nothing is out of the ordinary. Now these Assault Rifles have been in the spotlight thanks to their excellent performance. Although a few of them got Nerfs in the past, some got Buffs too. Season 2 of Warzone 2 brought some changes to the AR Meta. And Season 3 takes it a bit further with a series of Buffs and Nerfs.

ISO Hemlock [Nerfed ↓]

Since its release in Season 2, the ISO Hemlock has been regarded as one of the best weapons in Warzone 2. That’s because of the superior stats that place it above every other weapon. You could further enhance its stats by adding a few attachments to the gun, making it much more deadly.

The ISO Hemlock in Warzone 2.
ISO Hemlock got a Nerf on its Damage Ranges. [Screenshot by eXputer]
  • The ISO Hemlock received a huge Nerf in Season 3.
  • All of its Damage Ranges got Nerfed down. Now the damage drop will happen at a closer range.
  • Moreover, the ISO Hemlock’s Lower Torso damage got nerfed too.
  • With these Warzone 2 Season 3 weapon changes, it isn’t as powerful as it was before.

M13B [Nerfed ↓]

Even though the M13B received a few Buffs last Season. These Buffs on damage were not enough to take the M13B into the Meta. Yes, the Buffs improved its overall performance, but when compared to other Meta weapons, we have better options available.

Warzone 2 M13B
M13B’s damage got nerfs. [Screenshot by eXputer]
  • M13B received a series of Buffs and Nerfs in the new Season.
  • Its Lower Torso Damage got an increase.
  • The gun’s Mid-Range Damage Distance saw an increase too.
  • But its Headshot Damage got a Nerf.
  • Lastly, the Upper Torso Damage got decreased.
  • The M13B got a slight Nerf on its overall performance.

STB 556 [Buff ↑]

The STB 556 has remained a balanced weapon for a long time. It has, over time, received a few changes. But we haven’t seen any significant changes to the STB 556. That all changes with the Weapon changes of Season 3 that we see in Warzone 2. Now, the often considered ‘Good’ STB 556 has got a much better stance when compared with other weapons.

STB 556 Warzone 2 Season 3 weapon changes.
STB 556 is now a better option to go for. [Screenshot by eXputer]
  • Like the M13B, the STB 556 got both, Nerfs and Buffs.
  • Its Headshot Damage got buffed.
  • In addition to that, the Leg Damage and Lower Torso Damage got increased.
  • The last of the Buffs were on its Mid-Range Damage distance that got increased.
  • Now, it saw a nerf to its Mid-Range damage.
  • With all the changes, the STB 556 saw an overall buff to its Stats in the new Season.

TAQ-56 [Nerf ↓]

TAQ-56 is one of the best Assault Rifles in Warzone 2.0. That is thanks to its absolute stats that allow it to be a Meta weapon. Anyone using the TAQ-56 will easily kill their opponents. It is one hell of a beast. That changes a bit with the recent patch update.

Warzone 2 TAQ-56
Even after the Nerf, the TAQ-56 is a solid choice for most players. [Screenshot by eXputer]
  • TAQ-56 received only one Nerf to its stats.
  • Its Headshot Damage got decreased.

Battle Rifles

The range of the Battle Rifles is why most of the players love to use them. They have the range of a Marksman Rifle with its damage. But they have mobility and handling close to that of the AR. And if you have been using the Battle Rifles in Warzone 2 then we have good news for you because a few of the Battle Rifles got Buff in the recent season.

FTAC Recon [Buff ↑]

Now in Battle Rifles, we get to see the FTAC Recon. FTAC Recon has had an average overall performance. Yes, it had its time to shine, but overall, we believe it isn’t something that you should always opt for. But then again, everyone has a different playstyle and preferences.

Warzone 2 Weapon changes ftac recon season 3.
The small buff on FTAC Recon has made it a viable option. [Screenshot by eXputer]
  • The new Season brought Buff to the FTAC Recon.
  • Its Movement Speed got increased.
  • The Semi-Auto Leg Damage saw an increase in the changes.
  • Semi-Auto’s Minimum Armor Damage got increased.
  • Lastly, Semi-Auto Upper Torso Damage got buffed.
  • The Buff isn’t significant as most of it is directed towards Semi-Auto which is rarely used by players.

Lachmann-762 [Buff ↑]

The Lachmann-762 has always been a good choice of weapon. Its damage and other aspects have been quite good. Although the overall performance isn’t that great, when you get a few attachments on the Lachmann-762 loadout, you get to see a superb Battle Rifle ready to drop some bodies.

Lachmann 762 in warzone 2.
The Lachmann-762 got a small buff. [Screenshot by eXputer]
  • The Lachmann-762 saw a minor change to its Stats.
  • Its Movement Speed got increased.
  • The Buff isn’t significant, so expect a similar performance as before.

SO-14 [Buff ↑]

The SO-14 has been a solid choice for many pro players. They pick it up when they want a weapon that’s not crazy but also has some great range and damage. It helps them pick off enemies at a Medium-to-Long range. SO-14 has remained a solid choice for a long time.

SO-14 Warzone 2 weapon changes season 3
SO-14 is a good choice for players in Warzone 2. [Screenshot by eXputer]
  • Unlike the Lachmann-762, the SO-14 saw two Buffs to its stats.
  • Its Movement Speed got increased.
  • The Semi-Auto Minimum Armor Damage saw an increase too.
  • All in all, the Buff is a tad better as its Damage got buffed.

TAQ-V [Buff ↑]

The TAQ-V is another Battle Rifle that is favored by most players. That is mainly because it is a good weapon when players want to use it against enemies. The damage output and the range keep it in the pro scenes. Most players favor it when they have to shoot down enemies at a distance.

TAQ-V in Warzone 2
The TAQ-V is back on the list of ‘good’ weapons. [Screenshot by eXputer]
  • With the new update, we get to see a few Buffs to the TAQ-V.
  • The Movement Speed of TAQ-V got increased.
  • In addition to that, its Minimum Armor Damage Increased.
  • Lastly, the Semi-Auto Mode’s Lower Leg Damage got buffed.
  • Although these buffs are great, there are better options that you should consider instead of TAQ-V.


The Handguns are great for when you’re using them as Sniper Support. They have great mobility and can help in tight corners. Now the recent Patch brought a Nerf to only one Pistol, the Basilisk. Let’s check it out.

Basilisk [Nerf ↓]

Basilisk had been dominating in the Handgun series. Its superb damage allows it to be a solid option when players want to go for a secondary weapon which is a Handgun. Its great damage and longer range made it suitable for close-to-mid-range clashes. That is why it received a Nerf to Balance it.

Basilisk in Warzone 2 weapon changes in season 3.
The Basilisk isn’t an overpowered handgun anymore. [Screenshot by eXputer]
  • The handgun Basilisk saw Nerf to its stats and Ammo.
  • The Minimum Armor Damage got decreased.
  • The .500 Snakeshot ammo of Basilik got Maximum Armor Damage added to them.
  • With the new Nerf to the Ammunition and the Gun itself, it will now deal less damage than before.

Light Machine Guns

The Light Machine Guns are a perfect choice for killing a bunch of enemies without having to reload for a long time. They allow you to deal a ton of damage, thanks to their damage and high Fire Rate, but at the cost of mobility. Even then, the Light Machine Guns had been dominating the pro scenes for a long time now. New season is here with a few Warzone 2 Season 3 weapon changes that might take them out of the Meta once and for all.

RAAL MG [Nerf ↓]

In Season 2 of Warzone 2, RAAL MG got a slight Buff. It was dominating the Meta like the RPK thanks to its superb rate of fire, range, and damage, and it was considered deadly. But now the developers want to shift the Meta a little bit, so they brought in Nerf to the RAAL MG with the RPK.

the RAAL MG in Warzone 2.
RAAL MG got its first big nerf in Season 3. [Screenshot by eXputer]
  • RAAL MG got both Nerf and Buffs to it in the latest update.
  • The Headshot Damage of the LMG got reduced.
  • And in its Buff, the Minimum Armor Damage was added to the Semi-Auto Firing Mode of the gun.
  • The Semi-Auto Headshot Damage got increased.
  • Furthermore, Semi-Auto Upper Torso Damage got an increase.
  • And the Semi-Auto Lower Torso Damage was buffed.
  • All in all, the RAAL MG got a Nerf, as very few players use its Semi-Auto Firing Mode.

RPK [Nerf ↓]

RPK, like RAAL MG, had dominated the Meta of Warzone 2 prior to Season 2’s Weapon changes. Season 2 brought Nerfs to its ADS movement, ADS time, Damage Ranges, and Mid and Long range damages. That all was a significant Nerf to the RPK and dropped it out of the Meta into the Very Good category, or the A-Tier.

The RPK. warzone 2 weapon changes season 3.
RPK got its second consecutive Nerf. [Screenshot by eXputer]
  • The RPK got a Nerf to its Stats.
  • Its Close-mid Damage got slightly reduced.
  • RPK isn’t as powerful as it was before, so we suggest players look for its alternates.

Marksman Rifles

The long-range of the Marksman Rifles allows them to take down enemies without any problem. They aren’t as heavy as the Snipers, but their bullets can go a long way before the damage begins to drop.  Now the Marksman Rifles had been performing well without any significant changes. But even then, we got to see Nerf on one of the average-performing Marksman Rifles.

Tempus Torrent [Nerf ↓]

The Tempus Torrent has been performing okay for the most part. It didn’t get any significant changes for a long time that allowed players to learn its ways and make it into a useful Marksman Rifle for those that wanted to use it.

Tempus torrent warzone 2.
The Nerfs on Tempus Torrent is quite harsh. [Screenshot by eXputer]
  • Even though the Tempus Torrent isn’t extraordinary in its performance, it got a series of Nerfs.
  • All of its Damage Ranges got reduced.
  • We get to see a slight reduction in its Close-mid Damage.
  • The Headshot Damage got nerfed too.
  • The Nerfs are sure to drop the Tempus Torrent down in the Meta.

Submachine Guns

Whether it’s Sniper Support or Close Range combat, Submachine Guns have always been the go-to for players that wanted excellent mobility. There is no better option for short-range combat as the SMGs can help you fight around the corners. We get to see a few Warzone 2 Season 3 weapon changes in the Submachine Guns, among other Weapons of Warzone 2. A few of the great SMGs got slight Nerfs, whereas a few got Buffs of their own.

BAS-P [Buff ↑]

The first SMG that we get to see is the BAS-P. Most players use the BAS-P as a Sniper support SMG. That is because of its mobility, high rate of fire, and it is SMG. If you were planning to use the BAS-P or were using it, then you’re in luck.

BAS-P warzone 2 season 3 weapon changes.
Now the only thing missing on the BAS-P is close-range damage increase. [Screenshot by eXputer]
  • BAS-P got Buffed by the developers in Season 3 of Warzone 2.
  • Its ADS Move Speed got a Buff.
  • All of the Damage Ranges got increased.
  • Semi-Auto Firing Mode now has Minimum Armor Damage.
  • The BAS-P got Buffs, but it still misses out on a few key buffs before it becomes the new meta.

Lachmann Sub [Nerf ↓]

The Lachmann Sub has been a powerful SMG for a long time. The MP-5 has reigned over SMGs thanks to its greater damage and mobility, among many other factors. And when you add a few attachments to it, the SMG becomes a lot more deadly than it was before. All that is thanks to the already superb performance.

Lachmann Sub warzone 2 season 3 weapon changes.
Even after the Nerf, the Lachmann Sub is still a viable option. [Screenshot by eXputer]
  • Lachmann Sub got Nerf and a few Buffs to its performance.
  • The Headshot Damage got a Nerf.
  • Its Burst-Fire Leg Damage saw an increase.
  • The Burst-Fire Torso Damage got increased too.
  • Lastly, the Burst-Fire’s time between shots was reduced.

MX9 [Buff ↑]

The MX9 is a solid choice for most players thanks to its overall good performance. Its high rate of fire, good damage, and great mobility allow it to be one of the Good weapons in Warzone 2.

MX9 in Warzone 2.
The MX9 got Buff in its Spriting to Fire speed. [Screenshot by eXputer]
  • MX9 saw one minor Buff to its performance.
  • The Spirint to Fire Speed was increased.

Vaznev-9K [Nerf ↓]

Vaznev-9K is one of the best SMGs out there. Its superb performance allows it to be viable at Close-Mid Range, allowing it to land accurate shots. The mobility and Fire Rate allow players to hunt down and kill enemies without any problem.

Vaznev-9k in Season 3 Warzone 2.
Vaznev-9K got a small Nerf. [Screenshot by eXputer]
  • The recent Patch brought Nerf to the Vaznev-9K.
  • Its Headshot Damage was reduced.

VEL 46 [Nerf ↓]

VEL 46 is considered to be one of the consistent weapons. Its performance has always been as expected. As a Sniper Support, it performs quite well and players can use it to fight in close combat.

Warzone 2 VEL 46
VEL 46 is still a good option to go for. [Screenshot by eXputer]
  • The VEL 46 saw a Nerf to its stats.
  • Its Headshot Damage got decreased.

Final Words

The Warzone 2 Season 3 weapon changes have made the switch a bit difficult for players. We’ll get to see less of the LMGs and ARs for the most part. The Battle Rifles will rise now. There are a ton of Classes for you to try in Warzone 2. Check out the Dual Kodachis that got released in Season 2. With that, you can learn about the Perk Packages that will surely help you during fights.

With all that, make sure that you have the Best Settings for Warzone 2 Season 3. Because according to this Subreddit Post, Warzone 2.0 has a low FPS issue due to the new update. Remember, getting to the best Loot Locations can determine how you can get victory too.

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