Way Of The Hunter BigHorn Sheep: All Locations

Find the location Bighorn sheep in Way of The Hunter and hunt it down with smart strategy.

Way Of The Hunter is much more complex than Hunter: Call Of The Wild; the hunting simulation is very realistic. Players can use mesmerizing Way of The Hunter firearms to hunt down animals such as Mountain Goat, Bighorn sheep, and Deer is really fascinating. The world of the game is very vast, but you can you Way of The Hunter vehicles to reach your location.

Taking down animals is not only fun but rewarding, too; you can make good money by hunting down animals. Money can be used to upgrade weapons or buy new firearms. If you are new to the game, you must read our Way of The Hunter Beginners guide and tips and tricks to get started. 

Key Takeaways
  • Bighorn sheep are one of the animals that are difficult to find and hunt in the game.
  • The locations of Bighorn sheep can be found near a campsite in River Knox, a short distance from the Devil Mountains.
  • To hunt Bighorn sheep, players should stay at a distance of 200 meters and take a long shot, preferably aiming for the head.
  • Players can use binoculars and set markers to help locate and track the animal.
  • Killing Bighorn sheep is challenging as the animal is elusive and will run away if it senses danger.
  • Players can use the money earned from hunting to upgrade weapons or buy new firearms.
  • The AI behavior of animals in the game is genuine and realistic.

Locations Of Bighorn Sheep In The Way Of The Hunter

Locations Bighorn sheep are quite easy to find in Way of The Hunter. All you need to do is to travel a few hundred meters away from a campsite in River Knox. It is just a short distance from the Devil Mountains; afterward, you have to go to the location that we have marked in the picture. See the white circle in the picture; that is the place you to be to find BigHorn sheep. 

Bighorn sheep
Location of Bighorn sheep in Way of The Hunter

It is not hard to recognize the animal; it is larger than a sheep and is named after its two big horns. Bighorn can be spotted near the woods, but if you are unlucky, you might need to sleep a night and hunter on the next day. Then on the next day, you can visit the same spot again and try to find the animal. While you are at, we highly encourage you to read our Way of The Hunter Review.

Hunt Down Bighorn Sheep

Hunting down animals such as Big horn sheep might not be easy, as it is very elusive. If the animal senses any danger near to him, it immediately runs away. So the best thing players can do is shoot the animal from a long distance.

It is recommended to take your time and think of the next move the Bighorn sheep will make. Moreover, you can stay at a distance of 200 meters even and preferably take a long shot. Also, you can always set markers on Bighorn sheep to make things easy.

Bighron in Way of The Hunter
Bullet Camera view of Bighorn sheep

Go to the place where you can see animals clearly, and they can’t hide in the wood. Preferably get to the area which is high above the ground and use binoculars to see the Bighorn sheep.

Keep in mind, don’t rush it, or you will miss your chance of taking down the animal. If you take the shot and miss the animal, it will run away, and you won’t be able to kill him again. So don’t miss out on the opportunity and take the best shot you can. Always try to do the headshot so you kill the target quickly.

Claim the Bighorn sheep

After you take down the Big horn sheep in the Way of The Hunter, you can go and collect its corpse. Furthermore, your mission BBQ Welcome Party will also be completed. Remember, this game is much more complex than Call of The Wild. So it will require players to have a realistic approach when they are hunting down animals.

Final Words      

Hunting down animals in Way Of The Hunter is a really great experience. AI behavior of animals like Mountain Goat, Bighorn Sheep, and others is genuine in Way Of The Hunter. Moreover, taking down targets is fun, and you get money. However, finding some animals can be tough, and even hard to hunt them down. 

Similarly, killing Bighorn sheep is difficult as it is a very elusive creature. Luckily for you, in this guide, we have mentioned that it is easy for you to find the target and also mentioned a good strategy to take it down. Locations of Bighorn sheep can be found easily, but hunting them down will take a lot of patience in Way Of The Hunter.

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