Way Of The Hunter Elk: Locations & Hunt Strategy

Finding and Hunting Elk in Way of The Hunter could be difficult but with correct strategies you can do it!

There are tons of animals available in Way of The Hunter to hunt, and one of them is the Elk. However, finding locations of Elk can be a little tricky in Way of The Hunter. Also, there is a mission named Elk Stew Bourguignon, in which you are tasked with hunting an Elk.

Fortunately for you, in this guide, we will show you how you track down the Elk and how to hunt it down easily. While you are at it, you must read our Way Of The Hunter beginner’s guide to getting started.

Key Takeaways
  • Way of the Hunter has a variety of animals to hunt, including Elk
  • Finding Elk locations can be tricky, but they can be found at Yi’s Cabin in the northern part of the map and near the old railway tracks by the river banks
  • Hunting Elk requires strategy and patience, as rushing toward them will spook them and make them run away
  • To hunt Elk successfully, players should grind for money to buy weapons with a good scope and use the wind and distance to their advantage
  • Elk Stew Bourguignon mission tasks players with hunting an Elk

Locations Of Elk

Finding locations of Elk is pretty easy; all you need to do is go to Yi’s Cabin. It can be found in the northern part of the map, which is very close to the Devil Mountains.

You can take Way of The Hunter Vehicles, too, to reach the locations of Elk. Furthermore, we have added the image below, which shows the exact location of the area.

Elk Location
Location Elk In way of the Hunter

There is another location too where you can find Elk and it is also near the river banks. You need to go to the old railway tracks near big meadows. There you will spot some group of Elk too that you can hunt down.

Moreover, it’s not always guaranteed that you will find the animals at the locations we mentioned. That is because this game takes a realistic approach so that the animals could be wandering someplace else. Below is the image. You can see the location.

Elk Location
2nd Location of Elk

When you reach the locations, look around the area, and you will find some Elks. More accurately, you can find the herd of Elks near the river banks, and these animals like to stay around the river. Get the help of your Rifle’s scope, or even better, you could use the binoculars.

As soon as you spot the herd of Elks, it would help if you did not make any noise; they might get spooked. It is recommended to look for the biggest Elk in the group. Now it’s time to plan the hunting strategy and take down the beast.  

Hunting Down Elk

Tracking down the locations of Elk is not a hard task, as it is to claim its head. You would need to keep a lot of things in mind, as Elk can be a very elusive animal sometimes.

Winds also play a key role in these situations, and if winds are too fast, they might create problems for you. Then you would have to take shots accordingly.

Hunting Elk in-game

More importantly, two things matter the most in hunting an animal the two would be the right firearm and the distance. Getting too close to the animal will scare them away, and these wild animals are way too fast. Your whole time will be wasted if they anyhow sense you coming towards them.

Also, having a suitable firearm is a must too. With the right rifle, you will be able to take down the target not only quickly but easily too. We will explain both of these in detail below to make things easy for you!  

Get A Suitable Rifle

Without a good rifle, you won’t be able to shoot down the animal from long range, and it would diminish your chances of killing the target. One such great Rifle is SM 12; with this lethal weapon, you can shoot it from a far distance. Moreover, the weapons have great accuracy, durability, and functionality. A single shot to either heart or head will kill the target. Furthermore, a good scope also helps a lot, and you can watch the target from a long range.

Keep Your Distance

These animals are very elusive, so if they see you coming near to them, they will immediately run away. Moreover, always use binoculars to keep track of your target; these animals are mostly found in the woods. You should be at a distance of at least 100 meters or more. Once you reach the locations where you see a herd of Elk, you must be very stealthy in Way Of The Hunter. 

Elk Body
Elk Corpse is ready to be claimed.

Try to hit the animal either in the head or heart. After you shoot the animals, they would die immediately and try to run away. But since it’s severely injured, it will die soon, and you will need to track it down by looking at the animal’s blood. 

Final Words

The Ambiance and atmosphere of the Way of The Hunter are really realistic and difficult at times. In this article, we discussed the locations of Elk and how you can take it down easily. Finding the location is not difficult a task as it is to kill it. If the animal gets spooked, it will immediately run away to the safe area, and that will leave you with nothing.

You need to track down the animal from a long distance and have a stealthy approach. Equip yourself with a suitable firearm that has good scope too. Moreover, keep your distance from the animal and take a long-range shot, and aim for the heart or head. We hope this article helps you find the Elk and claim its body too!

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