Way Of The Hunter Mountain Goat Locations 

This Way of The Hunter Mountain Goat Locations guide will showcase locations for goats in-game for players!

Way of The Hunter allows players also to equip weapons that allow them to stay at a safe distance from animals while being able to hunt them from a faraway distance, which they can then exchange for materials to upgrade their equipment. Way of The Hunter offers a single-player and a Co-Op experience for those who would rather play and hunt with friends. Make sure to read up on our Way of The Hunter Beginner’s Guide.

Key Takeaways
  • We provides a guide for hunting mountain goats in the Sheepeater Ridge Region, near a small lake in the midwest of the map
  • Allows players to equip weapons for safe distance hunting and exchange materials for upgrades
  • Offers both single-player and co-op experience
  • Mountain goats are fast and players must be stealthy to hunt them successfully
  • The best time to hunt mountain goats is at 9:41 am from the campsite location
  • Players can rest before hunting and will be notified when they are ready to hunt.

Mountain Goats 

Way of The Hunter Mountain Goats
Mountain Goats

One of the most habitual places where you can find these creatures is in Sheepeater Ridge Region in a small lake midwest of the map. From time to time, these mountain goats stroll near these lakes in order to hydrate. 

 You can use the campsite near Sheepeater Ridge to rest up and gather your resources. This will make your hunt way much easier. Hence, making it less complicated for you to hunt these mountain goats.

Right on the map itself, players can locate a few mountain goats, and while the mountain goats are not that difficult to hunt, there are a few precautionary steps that players will need to take. 

Precautionary Steps 

One of the first things players need to remember is that mountain goats are exceptionally fast. They are extremely quick on their feet, and the second they are sighted, they will run for their life and be out of your sight within a few seconds. 

The main thing to note is that players need to be extremely stealthy when trying to hunt down mountain goats, and it is the only way to ensure a safe hunting experience without getting caught by the goats. 

Starting The Hunt 

Way of The Hunter Starting The Hunt
Starting The Hunt
  • Spawn at the nearest travel point and observe the surroundings with trees, snowy patches, and mountainsides.
  • Take the hunting rifle and move towards the 100m marker, prioritizing stealth.
  • Switch to rifle lens view at 50m or 60m to spot mountain goats running in snowy patches.
  • Aim at approaching goats, shoot, and achieve a successful hunt.
  • Note that goats may head up the mountain, making hunting more challenging

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Campsite Location 

Way of The Hunter Campsite Location
Campsite Location

Moving on, if you feel like you cannot hunt from the previous location, fast traveling to the Campsite will land you in a more suitable spot to take down the mountain goats and find a more suitable Goat Locations. 

After you first spawn in, you want to turn right back around and set the time at 9:41 am, which is the supposed drinking time of the goats and the time which they will be out and about, and you will be able to hunt them down with more ease. 


  • From the campsite, head left towards the marker at 214m distance.
  • Move swiftly through the grassy patch covered by trees.
  • Cross the road going up the hill and crouch down halfway through.
  • Enter stealth mode to avoid alarming the nearby mountain goats.
  • Inch towards the trees, taking cover in tall grass for a quieter approach.
  • As you approach, be mindful of the decreasing marker numbers.
  • Maintain consistent, slow movement to avoid alarming the mountain goats.

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Sound Analysis 

Once you read the 100-meter mark, you will now be able to see the snowy patch in front of you, and if you look to your direct right, there will be a box that appears called “Sound Analysis”. 

The sound analysis is exactly what it sounds like, and it will mark out the sounds nearby and if you are making too much sound to the point of alerting the mountain goats. It is simply an indication to silence your steps to get ready and get into the hunting position. 

100 Meter Distance 

Once you are close to being 100 meters or less away from the goats, it is time to start looking through your lens. Every few seconds, use the lens of your rifle to get a closer look at the area where the goats are located, and if you can’t locate them, then keep moving across the grass and check the lens for a closer look. 

Once you get closer and there are less than 40 or so meters of distance, position your lens towards a few rocks, and there will be one or two mountain goats that you can shoot instantly. 

A few more white mountain goats will show up, and they can also be hunted down for meat. Try to aim for as many goats as possible, and eventually, one or more will be hunted and yours to take the loot from. With that, we will wrap up our Way of The Hunter Mountain Goat Locations guide! 

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