Way of The Hunter Shooting Guide: All Firearms & Levels

Our guide explains the shooting in Way of The Hunter and Types of Firearms along with the Hunting Levels.

Way of The Hunter has set a new bar for the hunting simulation genre in video games. The animals in the game tend to mimic behavior extremely similar to the behavior of animals in real life. Our guide on Way of The Hunter Shooting will dive into the depth of shooting these animals with accuracy and everything that you need to know about shooting.

The game involves exploring an open world where you will hunt animals using firearms and equipment. Way of The Hunter Shooting features animal species with realistic behavior, so you can truly immerse in the hunting experience. The guide below will be the ultimate help for you if you want to know about shooting in the game. 

Key Takeaways
  • Players explore an open world and hunt animals using firearms and equipment
  • A guide on Way of The Hunter Shooting is available to help players learn about shooting and accuracy in the game
  • Hunting requires a lot of planning and precision in the game, with different types of firearms needed for different animal tiers
  • Lower-tier animals, such as birds, require close-range weapons like pistols or shotguns, while higher-tier animals like deer or sheep need larger caliber rifles with telescopic sights
  • To hit the shots in the game, players must aim for the kill and hover over the target to ensure precision and accuracy in the shot.

Mastering Shooting Mechanics In Way Of The Hunter 

Way of the Hunter Shooting
Way Of The Hunter Shooting

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You need to ensure that you have the right tool for the hunting job, as you need a lot of planning to hunt down an animal. Hunting is a job that requires a lot of precision if you want to hit the target accurately. Similarly, Way of The Hunter features hunting in very realistic terms, with animals showing real behavior.

The game not only focuses on killing the animals, but the quality of killing is an important factor. Suppose you killed an animal using various shots; although the animal is dead, the quality of the kill is severely impacted. On the contrary, the animal that you hunted using one shot is high on the kill quality bar.

Types of Firearms In The Way Of The Hunter

While hunting in the Way of The Hunter, you need to notice which kill will be worthwhile. Hunting some animals is part of the quests, while you can kill others to decorate the animal trophies. Such kills are merely for fun and decorating, but there is no doubt that such activities are extremely engaging. 

types of firearms
Types of Firearms in The Way Of The Hunter

It is also to be noted that most of the in-game tasks will reward you with something that is just in the game for cosmetic appeal. Before we move into the depth of How To Hit these shots, we will have a look at the types of firearms that are in the game to hunt different types of animals.

Lower Tier

Note: In Way of the Hunter, small animals like Birds are Tier 1. Furthermore, Badgers and Fox are Tier 3 and hunting them will not give you much profit. On the other hand higher their animals like Deer, Wolves, Goats and Rams that belong to Tier 5 pretty valuable in the Way of the Hunter. Tier 6 animals like Bears, Moose and Elk are the hardest to hunt and will require precision shooting. You will need powerful caliber rifles scoped higher in order to hunt them down. 

If you are planning to take down the birds and animals that are small, meaning the ones on a lower tier, you are required to use close-range weapons. The close-range weapons involve a pistol or a shotgun. You will not be making a lot of profit on these small animals, so it is not recommended to waste a lot of money while taking them down. 

Higher Tier

For the large animals, such as deer or sheep, you need the higher tier weapons and the ones that are on a higher level on the scale. You should take these animals down using large-scaled weapons, including large caliber rifles that have telescopic sights.

How To Hit The Shots In Way Of The Hunter

Hunting down the animals requires a lot of planning and precision. You have to follow the following steps to take down an animal with precision.

Aim For The Kill

way of hunter target hovering
Aim For The Kill

In other hunting simulation games, you usually hit the shot without precision, and it hits the target. However, Way of The Hunter requires precision to give you a more realistic experience of hunting.

You need to aim your rifle before you trigger it so you can make sure that the bullet travels at a distance. There is a lot of risk in shooting from a distance of 200m, so it is better to take the shot from a safe distance of 150m. 

Hover Over The Target

The key to a perfect shot is keeping your aim steady. It is advisable to hover over your target and make sure that it is not moving anymore. Your target should stop moving before you shoot it. Another factor that you need to consider while shooting is wind resistance.

While you hover over the target, a bar will appear on the top right corner, which will state the sound analysis, animal analysis, and shot analysis one after another. This analysis will give you a better idea of everything before you shoot the target.

Take Notes Of The Details

It is extremely important to take care of the smallest details of your target. You can either instantly kill the target by piercing its heart or slowly claim the kill by hitting some organ, such as the lungs, which do not cause the instant death of the target. If you are not focused on your rifle, there is a higher chance of missing the target. Before making the small adjustments, take care of the following two points.

  • If you want to make your bullet fly higher, try zeroing at a distance greater than the target’s range.
  • To make the bullet fly lower, try zeroing it a lower calibration.

Best Shooting Points Of The Target

way of the hunter shooting
Best Shooting Points Of The Target

We have discussed a few organs of animals that will make them die on the spot to make shooting easier for you.

  • You can directly hit the target in the head, heart, or spinal cord. Hitting any of this will cause the instant death of the animal.
  • Head and heart are the best shots in any animal, so try aiming at them first.
  • The heart is the most practical option, and it is always better to shoot the heart before prioritizing any other option.
  • While targeting the heart, you can miss it, but it will go directly to the lungs, causing them extreme damage. 
  • Even if the target’s lungs are damaged, they will be able to run around. The chance to take down the animal now will be higher, as hitting it at any random spot such as the stomach will cause them to die.

Claim The Animal

Once you are able to take the animal down, you will be required to locate it next. You can walk around looking for hints that you can analyze by clicking E. Following these hints will lead you to the animal that you can claim by clicking E again. In the end, you can enable photo mode to take a photograph of the animal lying on the ground. 


Way of The Hunter makes players immerse in the hunting experience, but you need to be aware of the shooting tricks. We have discussed the type of firearms in the game that you can consider while shooting, depending on the nature of your target. The guide also discusses the best tips to take down the animal by shooting at the sensitive organs, including the heart, head, and spinal cord. If you carefully read the guide and follow the tips, you will be good to take down your first target in the game.

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