Way Of The Hunter Vehicles: Animals, Colors, Respawn

Vehicles in Way of the Hunter come in quite handy when you're hunting game.

Way of The Hunter is a game developed by the Nine Rocks Games. The game puts you in the shoes of a hunter that hunts in a vast area. To cover this area and explore it, the hunter uses his Vehicle to travel from one spot to another. So, we’ll discuss everything there is to the Vehicles in the Way of The Hunter.

Key Takeaways
  • Players use vehicles, specifically cars, to travel and explore the map
  • Cars can also be used for storage and accessing weapons and gear
  • There are three different color options for the vehicles: Mile (green), Thunder (blue), and Clockwork (yellow)
  • Animals in the game behave realistically and will run away from vehicles
  • Killing an animal with a vehicle results in a wasted hunt and trophy rating, and does not allow for taxidermy or bullet camera.

Vehicles Basics

You can explore the vast world using a car, which is especially useful due to the large map size. However, when it comes to hunting animals, you can’t bring the car with you as it scares them away. Nevertheless, having a car is beneficial for traveling from one location to another.

Cars can also serve as storage units, making it convenient to transport weapons and gear. This is advantageous when you encounter game that requires a specific rifle, allowing you to access your armory stored in the car.

As you become more familiar with the map and explore various outposts and campsites, your reliance on the car may decrease, aligning with the developers’ intention for the game. The cars in Way of the Hunter offer excellent grip and a smooth driving experience, capable of traversing water and small rocks without slipping or sliding.

Vehicle Storage
You can use vehicles to access your weapons and gear.


Anyways, you get a total of 3 paint jobs for the Vehicles. They are named Mile, Thunder, and Clockwork. The ‘Miles’ car has green color, ‘Thunder’ is of blue color, and the ‘Clockwork’ car is of yellow color. All of these are similar, and they have no difference except for the color. So whichever color suits you, take it and get hunting.

differnet vehicles color in Way of the Hunter.
The game has three vehicle paint jobs to choose from.

Animals’ Behavior to the Vehicle

In Way of the Hunter, animals’ behavior towards vehicles mimics real-life reactions. While exploring the game world in a car, we encountered herds of deer and observed their natural behavior. The deer and other animals ran away upon seeing the car. When a deer stood in front of the vehicle, it watched without attempting to flee. Note that brakes don’t function normally on dirt or grasslands, which may have led to some accidental collisions with animals.

It’s important to highlight that if you kill an animal with a vehicle, it’s considered a wasted opportunity. Both the Hunt Rating and Trophy Rating will be labeled as ‘Wasted,’ with the cause being ‘Road Kill.’ In such cases, you can’t perform Taxidermy, and there won’t be a Bullet Camera replay since there was no bullet involved.

Killing an animal with a vehicle blocks both the Hunt and Trophy Tabs. This is a significant setback if you’re aiming for animals with maximum gene potential or fitness, as it wastes the trophy and the entire opportunity. To improve your game, it’s advisable to leave your vehicle behind and hunt animals on foot to avoid these consequences.

Vehicle Controls

Controlling vehicles is similar to most games. Here are the basic vehicle controls:

  • W: Accelerate.
  • A: Steer left.
  • S: Brake or reverse.
  • D: Steer right.
  • Space: Apply handbrake.

Additionally, there are specific functions assigned to other buttons:

  • R: Use the vehicle’s horn.
  • C: Change the vehicle’s camera perspective.
  • F: Activate the vehicle’s lights.
  • H: Toggle the headlamp on or off.

It’s worth noting that the game uses different buttons for vehicle lights and headlamps, which may seem a bit unusual.

How To Respawn Vehicle

While driving the car, you need to keep one thing in mind. And that is that it’s better if you don’t go near deep water bodies. That is because while we were testing the vehicle in the Way of The Hunter and miscalculated how deep the river is. This resulted in the car getting stuck in it. When the car gets stuck, you can’t even get out of it.

If that happens, whatever the situation is, all you have to do is exit to the main menu and then enter the game again. Then, when you respawn, you’ll respawn outside of the car. When you come back, you’ll find that your vehicle is still stuck in the water. To get it out, you’ll have to respawn the vehicle.

Here are two methods to respawn vehicles:

Using Computer

  1. Travel to the Lodge by foot or use Fast Travel.
  2. Go upstairs in the Lodge to find a computer.
  3. Interact with the computer by pressing E.
  4. Look for the “Cars” tab on the computer.
  5. Select one of the three car options available.
  6. This will cause your chosen car to respawn outside the Lodge at the parking spot.
Computer in Way of The Hunter.
Use the Computer to spawn the vehicle.

Using Parking Signs

  1. While exploring the game world, keep an eye out for Parking Signs located on the roads.
  2. Approach one of these Parking Signs.
  3. When prompted, interact with the sign.
  4. A list of available cars will appear.
  5. Choose a car from the list, and it will respawn near the sign.

Parking Spots in the game.

Parking Signs are another spot to access the vehicles.


The Vehicle in Way of The Hunter gives you the best feeling when you’re driving around the map. The control and the smooth ride, everything in it makes you want to drive it more. We had a great experience just driving around on the map of Way of The Hunter.

The vehicles act as storage units out in the wild. You can use them to change your equipment. Not only that, vehicles come in handy when you have to travel great distances.

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