Way Of The Hunter: All Wild Duck Locations

This Way of The Hunter Wild Duck Locations guide will showcase the best location and approach to get close to wild ducks in-game!

Way of The Hunter’s main objective focuses on hunting and improving your hunting skills. With a collection of wildlife animals such as badgers and ducks, our Way of The Hunter Wild Duck Locations guide will showcase the best way to farm wild ducks and the best method to go about it! 

Key Takeaways
  • Players can follow quests and tutorials to learn the best ways to farm animals, including wild ducks
  • Wild ducks can be found near the Bear Den Ranch, a popular ranch and fast-travel point in the game
  • The River Knox territory is a solid starting point for hunting wild ducks and other animals
  • To be successful in hunting wild ducks, players should focus on stealth and staying low
  • An active quest, the 3 duck quest, is available to help players track down and hunt wild ducks easily.

Importance Of Wild Ducks In Way Of The Hunter 

Way of The Hunter Location of Wild Ducks
Location of Wild Ducks

Wild ducks are animals in-game that players will be able to encounter right near the Bear den Ranch, which is essentially a popular ranch that also happens to serve as a resting spot and allows players to find out the locations of many animals. 

It is also a fast-travel point; therefore, if there is a specific animal such as the wild duck, players do not need to go through the trouble of having to travel by foot first to reach the Bear Den Ranch, and instead, they can simply teleport there. 

Moving up on the open-world map from the Bear Den Ranch, we will enter the River Knox territory, near which the player will begin their main hunt for wild ducks.

Preparing For Hunting Wild Ducks

Way of The Hunter Preparing For The Hunt
Preparing For The Hunt

Once you have figured out the best location to start the hunting process, there are a few things that players in Way of The Hunter should keep in mind if they want to be successful in gaining wild ducks. 

One of the most important things to note is that stealth is the way to go, not just while farming wild ducks but while farming any animal in Way of The Hunter. The more stealthy you are, the easier the entire process will be, and the faster you’ll be in and out of there. 

If you rustle around too much and make a lot of noise, there’s a high chance that the wild ducks will figure out that another person is tracking them, and without a hitch, they will be swift on their feet to make a fast escape from you.

The best way to approach any animal is to stay low, keep your guard up, and keep your gun always ready so that the second the animal runs by, you can get into position, aim the gun at them, shoot them down, and hunt them easily. 

3 Duck Quest

Way of The Hunter 3 duck quest
3 Duck Quest

Now, let’s start hunting! From your starting point (the marker placed on the map), players will notice that they are surrounded by tons of trees and patches of tall grass, which is from where they want to start their hunt. 

Right from the get-go, players will notice that four different markers will be placed on their screen. One marker will showcase a distance of 595m away, one is 1,8km away, one is 2.4 km, and the other is 2.3 km away. 

These markers are present there because they are part of an active quest that will further help players track down wild ducks and then help them take down easily by allowing them to know the exact locations of the ducks. 

Players might find it more suitable to follow the 595m meter marker, considering it is the closest to their starting point. Simply start making your way through the grassy patches, and cross the purple flowers you can encounter in front of you. For players that are complete beginners to the game, they might find our Way of The Hunter Tips and Tricks for Beginners Guide helpful!

Once you continue moving through the grass, the marker on the map will start to go down in number, indicating that you are not that far away from potential ducks. While slowly moving in the grass, keep panning your camera to ensure you do not get attacked by any vicious animal. 

Once again, stealth will be your best friend, even though you are far from the Way of The Hunter Wild Duck Locations. Players will encounter a tree branch that can be used as a resting point if they have been going on for too long, but once you are ready, make sure to keep moving forward slowly. 

Moving on from the tree branch, there won’t be many hindrances, considering there will be small plants here and there. Keep slowly moving across the patches of grass, trying your best to take cover in the long grass that is kept there in case you want to protect yourself from wild animals or duck even further to become even stealthier. 

Photo Mode 

Way of The Hunter Photo Mode
Photo Mode

Now, most players in Way of The Hunter might not know that there is even a photo mode and that they can use the photo mode for a lot more reasons other than simply taking photos in aesthetic locations. 

One main reason players might want to use the photo mode is to pan their camera around and get a good surrounding shot, which might help them figure out how far the animal they have targetted. 

It also helps to prepare them in case the animal is too far away, and if they should move a bit faster, or if the animal is too close, they should slow their pace even more to not scare away the targeted animal. Read up on our Way of The Hunter Shooting Guide to figure out the different firearms that are offered for players!

To enter photo mode, players will need to go into their main menu, and from there, they want to click on “photo mode,” which will rid them of their abilities to move around, but they will be entering a camera view. 

Once you are in it, you will be able to move the camera in a way whereby you can take a panned view of the environment while staying in your safe position. 

One interesting thing to note is that while the player is in the photo mode, time will stop, and you will be able to examine nearby surroundings and the animal that you are planning on hunting up close. 

With that, start moving your camera along the grass, and move it towards the sky and back down, after which you can start aiming it towards the lake that is connected at the point where the hill starts to slope down and eventually comes to a flat end. 

The ducks will be present on the deeper end of the lake, and the camera will be able to pick up on quite a bit of detail regarding the ducks, including tier face details, as well as their colors, so that it makes it even easier to hunt then down when you get closer. 

Closeup of Duck 

Way of The Hunter Closeup of Duck
Closeup of Duck

After you take the camera closer to the duck, you will get an even more detailed image of the duck, showcasing its yellow beak and green-colored head. They will also be surrounded by several other ducks as they often travel in packs and are never alone. 

Once you have gotten a good look at the duck, you are able to get out of photo mode and go back to going to the ducks. How about reading our Way of The Hunter Mountain Goat Locations guide?

Getting Close To The Duck 

Once you are back in hunting mode, you can slowly start making your way down the hull. Once again, you need to ensure that you are fully stealthy, as the closer that you get to the duck, the less you will be able to make any kind of sounds lest you render the duck and your hunt absolutely useless. 

Try your best only to inch your way closer to the and go down the hill as silently as you can. From there, switch out your weapon for a pair of binoculars to get a closer look in the direction in which the ducks are going so you can get your rifle ready. 

Once you know the general location, which will be in the middle of the lake, try to look through the lens of your rifle, aim the gun at one of the ducks, and shoot. If you are lucky and don’t manage to miss the shot, then you can consider yourself a hunter as you just got yourself your first wild duck! 

With that, we will wrap up our Way of The Hunter Wild Duck Locations guide! You might find out Way of The Hunter Beginner’s Guide helpful!

Guide and Photo Credits: LunarGamingGuides on Youtube

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