Dave The Diver: How To Find & Catch White Trevally Fish

Dive into Dave the Diver, find the elusive White Trevally, and unlock new features while enhancing your underwater management adventure.

One sub-mission in Dave the Diver during the play is known as ‘The Reticent Girl’ where the player must collect the following three items: Kelp, Soy Sauce, and most importantly a White-Trevally fish. The sub-mission will help unlock bug nets. This guide focuses on how to catch the White Trevally fish during the quest. Initially, the guide describes a way to locate the White Trevally before explaining the best way to catch the fish. 

Key Takeaways

White Trevally in Dave the Diver is an important fish found 50m to 120m deep in the Blue Hole during the daytime.

  • It has yellow accents and a gray body, making it easy to spot.
  • This fish is a major part of the “Reticent Girl” sub-mission.
  • In this mission, players collect White Trevally, Kelp, and Soy Sauce.
  • Catching White Trevally helps you move forward in Dave the Diver and unlock the bug net feature.

What Is White Trevally In Dave The Diver?

White Trevally Kombu Ochazuke dish [Image Captured by eXputer]
White Trevally is a key fish in the indie game, Dave the Diver. Found between 50m to 120m deep in the Blue Hole, this fish is easily identifiable by its yellow accents and gray body. Catching it doesn’t require special equipment, but it plays a pivotal role in gameplay.

Primarily, it is used to progress through the “Reticent Girl” quest which helps unlock the bug net feature. The White Trevally also serves as a core ingredient in certain dishes, enhancing the management of your virtual restaurant in Dave the Diver. Its presence makes exploring the underwater world more engaging for players.

Where To Find White Trevally In Dave The Diver

Catching White Trevally [Image Captured by eXputer]
You will find the White Trevally fish at a depth of about 50m to 130m while night diving in the sea. White Trevally can be found during the daytime only. It is a rank 2 fish in Dave the Diver. Lucky for you, they are not a rare breed of fish and can be easily located.

They are often spotted at the center of Blue Hole and that is exactly where we recommend you to look for them. It’s not a hard and fast rule though, as the fish can also appear randomly anywhere on the map. The yellow accent on their side and the gray color of their skin makes them easy to find.

Another advantage the player has is that the spawn rate for White Trevally is much higher while completing the Reticent Girl sub-mission. Keep an observant eye and you won’t miss them! That’s half the job done, as the next step is to reel them in. 

Reticent Girl Sub-Mission

Reticent Girl Sub mission in Dave the Diver [Image Captured by eXputer]
The Reticent Girl sub-mission is a pivotal part of the Dave the Diver game that enhances gameplay and adds depth to the storyline. This mission is introduced by a puppet-wielding girl who walks into the player’s establishment in the early hours of Dave the Diver. The core objective of this quest revolves around the elusive White Trevally, a fish native to the game’s Blue Hole.

White Trevally Kombu Ochazuke dish research [Image Captured by eXputer]
Players must collect White Trevally, along with Kelp and Soy Sauce, to prepare a special dish. This task may prove challenging due to the fish’s unpredictable presence within the Blue Hole’s expansive environment. However, once players successfully acquire the necessary ingredients and serve the dish to the character, Maki, they are rewarded with her services as a staff member, along with the unlocking of a new feature – the Bug Net.

The increased spawn rate of the White Trevally during the active mission, and its unique non-hostile behavior, offer an engaging dynamic to this quest. The Reticent Girl sub-mission thus serves as a key factor in enriching Dave the Diver’s immersive experience.

How To Catch The White Trevally?

Acquired White Trevally [Image Captured by eXputer]
Catching the White Trevally fish is an easy job once you’ve located them. White Trevally does not attack its prey, unlike other fishes. Thus, expect no resistance while catching them. They can be caught using a harpoon, which is the main weapon in Dave the Diver.

A harpoon gun fires unlimited shots causing base level damage of 4 points and is the most reliable tool to shoot and reel in the White Trevally. Other tools can be Sensor Nets and Steel Net Bombs. This would comfortably do the job for you. A fish like White Trevally can be used to cook and serve a multitude of dishes at the restaurant.

However, your mission is yet to be completed if you haven’t collected Kelp and Soy Sauce. After collecting all three ingredients you’ll prepare a White Trevally Kombu Ochazuke dish and serve it to your guest Maki. Upon this, Maki will join your restaurant and you’ll be able to unlock bug nets. Congratulations, the sub-mission is now complete!

Why Catch The White Trevally?

Acquired Bug Net [Image Captured by eXputer]
Catching the White Trevally in Dave the Diver is crucial for several reasons. It’s an integral part of the “Reticent Girl” sub-mission, where it, along with Kelp and Soy Sauce, is used to prepare a special dish. Completion of this mission rewards you with a new staff member, Maki, and unlocks the Bug Net feature.

Maki in Dave the Diver [Image Captured by eXputer]
Furthermore, the White Trevally enhances your restaurant’s offerings, contributing to game progression. Moreover, the fish’s increased spawn rate during the mission adds an engaging dynamic to your underwater exploration experience.

In conclusion, the White Trevally fish holds a big role. It’s not just another fish in the sea but a key part of your journey, especially in the Reticent Girl sub-mission. Finding and catching this fish can unlock a useful feature the Bug Net. This not only brings excitement to your diving adventure but also helps in running your virtual restaurant.

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