Wild Hearts: How To Activate & Use Hunters Arm

One of the vital weapon that can prove to be fatal in final stages against monsters

In Wild Hearts, Hunters Arm is a vital tool for you to defeat Kemono and these are highly effective against the giant Kemono once you get to find their weak spots. Many players equip this item early in this game but using it might be tough as you need to activate it first in order to use it.

Key Takeaways
  • Use the Hunters Arm to attack the weak spots of the Kemono to give as much damage as possible
  • You must take an adequate amount of food to gain energy for fighting the monster
  • Prior to using this item, you should unlock it by placing a camp at anywhere in Wild Hearts
  • You can also complete the quest in Guild of Fishermen’s Job by using the Hunters Arm
  • The quest will only be completed if you use the Hunters Arm twice
  • You can fill your Celestial Thread by using this item. This way you will get a chance to obtain Kemono threads.

How To Activate Hunters Arm 

Before You Start: The simple way to activate the Hunters Arm in Wild Hearts is to just set up a camp anywhere in the game. Players usually don’t know this but this is all you have to do.

The simple way to activate the Hunters Arm in Wild Hearts is to just set up a camp anywhere in the game. Players usually don’t know this but this is all you have to do.

It is quite simple and you might wonder that this is bar far the easiest way but do note that you must have the knowledge about how to use it effectively. This tool is quite helpful if you use it through the right method.

Wild Hearts Hunters Arm
Using Hunters Arm on weak spots of Kemono

How To Use Hunters Arm 

Important: It is recommended to use this tool on Giant Kemono but don’t just go blazing in with Hunters Arm right away. You should use other weapons in the earlier stages when you take on a fight against any Kemono that you choose.

The basic strategy to use this weapon effectively is by climbing onto the back of the Kemono. Use the R1 button (for PS) and the RB button (for Xbox) after jumping in the air. This will take you right behind it. Once you are on its back, use other weapons to attack at random points. You can choose any weapon at this point. Do note that it will be hard staying on its back for a while. You must hurry up and focus on giving as many blows as possible.

After giving quite some blows, you need to look for the weak spots. These spots are usually blue in color and they may appear randomly on the back of the Kemono. You must move near these spots so if you are a little distant from the spot, you should move near them while grabbing its back.

You might require a lot of energy for doing this task. It may seem simple but in reality, it is quite tiring. Do remember that if you get tired while on the back of the monster, you might fall due to lack of energy. There are a few options that you can adopt to make this task relatively easy for you.

  • You must consume a good amount of food to compensate for your stamina. This will provide you with the energy required for moving on the Kemono’s back while you are running away from it
  • When you jump on Kemono’s back, you must try to hand on those spots that look a bit brighter than the others. This is just a guess but it will aid you in staying close to the weak points

How To Operate Hunters Arm 

 When you see the blue spots, you should use the Hunters Arm on the exact position of these blue spots. If you have a thread capacity for karakuri of around 15 then you will have ultimate damage of more than 20 by using the Hunters Arm.  It is highly recommended to use this weapon while you are up against Kemono which gives you a tough time.

Completing The Guild Of Fishermen’s Job 

There is a quest that requires the usage of Hunter’s Arm to complete the mission. The quest goes by the name of Hunter’s Mighty Arm. The procedure for defeating the monster is the same as first climbing the back of the Kemono. Then attack the weak spots colored in blue to give them immense damage.

The quest requires you to do this procedure twice and upon doing so the mission will be marked as completed.

Advantages Of Hunters Arm 

This weapon gives you an immense advantage in terms of power and it may be deemed as the best item to use when the Kemono is vulnerable.

Once you equip the Hunters Arm in Wild Hearts, you will gain additional power as the weapon will suck all the energy from the blue, weak spots and it will be transferred to your own Celestial Thread. Along with this, the Kemono that you will be fighting will get stunned in the process. Eventually, it will release some of the Kemono Orbs which can be collected.

You will be able to unlock many more skills for your weapons that can only be used after you have unlocked the Hunter’s Arm. Using the arm is much more preferred rather than other weapons for the final blow. It can give you a clinical edge over the opponent.

You can use the Hunters Arm on any Kemono and it will be equally effective. If you get stuck at defeating an enemy, just try this and you might be able to succeed with this.


Most players don’t utilize the Hunters Arm but this equipment is important. It can give you a real advantage on the opponent. Usually don’t know how to unlock it or use it but it can be classified as the best weapon that can give a final blow to the opponent.

You should try to finish the quest that is related to Hunter’s Arm. It will aid you to get another mission accomplished. Do remember to eat while you are on the hunt for the monster because before you go for a fight, you will need the energy to run. Just try to follow all the steps to get your hands over Hunter’s Arm.


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