Wild Hearts: All Chapters [Complete List]

How many chapters do you have to play through before becoming a Legendary Kemono Hunter?

Wild Hearts is out on all major platforms; however, before starting the game it is essential to know how many chapters it holds. Understanding the different chapters will help players plan their character’s development as they travel to new lands to take down tougher Kemono. The main game can take an average player about 30 hours to complete all 5 Chapters

Key Takeaways
  • At its launch, Wild Hearts has 5 Chapters in total that players should be aware of.
  • Here are all the titles of the chapters in the game.
    1. Azuma, Land of the East.
    2. Ancient Technology.
    3. Crimson Doom.
    4. Nature Stagnant.
    5. Hunter of Kemono.
  • The first 4 Chapters contain the main storyline of the game, other than Side Quests and Trail Hunts.
  • During Chapter 5 players will be able to take part in the “Volatile Kemono Hunt” and can even complete any remaining side quests.

Important: The game features 5 chapters in total. However, only the first four hold the main quests and storyline of the game. The final chapter allows the player to complete side quests and take on some additional Kemono.

How Many Chapters Does Wild Hearts Have?

chapers Wild hearts
First Chapter [Image Credit: eXputer]
ChaptersNameQuests/ Summary
Chapter 1Azuma, Land of the EastMeeting Mujina and Fighting Kemono, the White Wolf
Hunt the Ragetail
Hunt the Sapscourge
Hunt the Kingtusk
Hunt the Spineglider
Hunt the Lavaback
Hunt the Gritdog
Hunt the Earthbreaker
Chapter 2Ancient TechnologyHunt the Sporetail
Hunt the Angry Deadclaw
Hunt the Deathstalker
Hunt the Fumebreaker
Chapter 3Crimson DoomHunt the Mighty Kingtusk
Hunt the Amaterasu
Chapter 4Nature StagnantThe Restoration of Minato (Hunt the Mighty Lavaback & Goldshard)
Hunt the Golden Tempest
Hunt the Emberplume
Hunt the Celestial Being and Celestial Dragon
Chapter 5Hunter of KemonoUnlock the Volatile Kemono Hunt
Defeating Kemono grants you more Keystones

With a huge world and so many Kemono to face, players might think that Wild Hearts must have a bunch of sections. However, the game only features 5 Chapters which are generously packed with loads of content. Hence, it can take anywhere from 7-10 Hours to complete a single section in Wild Hearts. As we mentioned earlier, the first four chapters feature main quests, including Trail Hunts in each region. 

The final chapter does not extend the storyline; by the end of Chapter 4, players will be done with the actual story of the game. In the final chapter, you can roam around Azuma to take down the new Kemono that appear in the world. You can even link up with your friends to face older Kemono as well. Apart from that, players can even go back to previous areas to complete any side quests that they left earlier. 

With that said, here are the 5 Chapters included in Wild Hearts:

  • Chapter 1: Azuma, Land of the East.
  • Chapter 2: Ancient Technology.
  • Chapter 3: Crimson Doom.
  • Chapter 4: Nature Stagnant.
  • Chapter 5: Hunter of Kemono.

So there you have it! The complete list of chapters the player will play through while exploring Azuma. It is to be noted that the side quests unlocked in each chapter will not be locked for that section of the game. Therefore, you can safely leave out any side quests and complete them after you end Chapter 4. By that point, your character will be strong enough to finish up these quests with ease.

Each chapter, except the 5th, holds multiple main missions which also include a fight against a boss Kemono. At the end of Chapter 4, players will get to face the Final Bosses in the game.

After completing Chapter 4, players will unlock the Volatile Kemono Hunt. These hunts can be activated through the Quest list menu. Taking down Volatile Kemono will earn you more Keystones. These Kemono can be fought solo or with other online players.

NOTE: After completing the main quests of a Chapter you will move on to the next chapter. Although, if you want to access any remaining side quests or hunts from a previous chapter, you will be required to ‘Change the Chapter‘ via the Map in order to view the quest. This means that the map will only show the quests and hunts of the chosen chapter.

how to switch chapters in Wild Hearts
Switching Chapters in the game [Screenshot by Us]
As of right now, these are all the chapters that are filled with all sorts of content. In the near future, Omega Force might release a few DLCs, which may further increase the brief list of chapters. However, for now, this is all you need to know before heading straight into the world of Kemonos!

Game Length

Before we call it a day, let us briefly talk about Wild Hearts’ game length. If you’re focusing on the first Four Chapters in order to complete the main storyline, then the game might take about 30 hours (more or less) to complete. However, if you’re a completionist aiming to finish all side quests and take down every single Kemono in the game, then you’ll be in for a 40-50 hour long playthrough.

Regardless of your playstyle, the game will take you 30 Hours at the minimum. Also, if in the future DLCs come out, then the total playtime will get extended even more. For now, this is all there is to know about Wild Hearts!


We hope you found our guide about Wild Hearts Chapters helpful. The game has a lot of content to offer, which can keep players occupied for a good amount of hours. In total, there are 5 Chapters to playthrough. The first 4 focus on the main storyline of Wild Hearts. While the 5th Chapter is considered a free-roaming/exploration chapter for players who feel like they have unfinished business in Azuma.

Wild Hearts has caught the attention of many people since its release. Before buying the game, make sure to go through the System Requirements of Wild Hearts. Players who are already putting in hours in the game should know about all the Wild Hearts Weapons and where they can unlock them. It is also important to know all the Lightstone Locations if you’re planning to upgrade the gear.

Thank you for reading through our quick and brief informative guide. For more takes on Wild Hearts, make sure to stick around at eXputer!

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