Wild Hearts Farming Lizard Bloom [Definitive Ways]

Get the Lizard Bloom and prove your worth in Wild Heart!

Lizard Bloom is an upgrade material used to augment and craft different weapons and gear in Wild Hearts. It can be obtained from Nightwatch Monitors and Springwatch Monitors.

Important: While you can find Springwatch Monitors right at the start of the game, you need to be at Chapter 2 of the story to be able to farm Nightwatch Monitors in the Akikure Canyon.
Key Takeaways
  • Lizard Bloom is an upgrade material used to augment and craft different weapons and gear in Wild Hearts. 
  • It can be farmed from Nightwatch Monitors or Springwatch Monitors.
  • Springwatch Monitors can be found in the very first region called the Harugasumi Way.
  • In order to locate the Nightwatch Monitors in Akikure Canyon, players must first progress until Chapter 2.
  • pieces of Lizard Bloom can be used in crafting the All-Black Body Armor.
  • Make sure you toggle on Small Kemono on your map to easily locate both of these enemies.
  • Prioritize petting over killing these enemies as killing them decreases the drop rate of the Lizard Bloom.
  • Keep in mind that petting these enemies will gradually build up poison, so have adequate resistance to it.

Ways To Farm Lizard Bloom

There are enemies that allow you to farm Lizard Bloom in Wild Hearts.

Springwatch Monitors 

Lizard Bloom can be obtained by killing or petting Springwatch Monitors found in the first region of the game known as Harugasumi Way. Make sure you toggle on Small Kemeno on your map to be able to easily find these enemies. Here are the locations you should prioritize while looking for Springwatch Monitors.

  • Rustling Bamboo Grove
  • Central Shrine
  • Forgotten Burial Ground
  • Windswept Plain

Once you have found these enemies, pet them to get a guaranteed drop of Lizard Bloom. However, keep in mind that you need an adequate amount of resistance against poison if you wish to pet them, as petting them gradually applies poison to you. In addition, you must use stealth if you want to successfully pet these enemies.

Also, killing them is not recommended as it decreases the chance of the Lizard Bloom dropping.

Location Lizard Bloom
The First Lizard Bloom Location | Image By Us

Nightwatch Monitors

Nightwatch Monitors also provide an alternate way of obtaining the Lizard Bloom. These enemies can be encountered in Akikure Canyon, during Chapter 2 of the story. You should prioritize these locations while looking for Nightwatch Monitors in this area.

  • Buddha Cave
  • Kemono Lair
  • Winter Solstice Cavern
  • Six Paths Lagoon
  • Last Bastion Ruins

Also, you will need a high amount of Poison resistance as well if you wish to pet the Nightwatch Monitors.  In addition, you should prioritize stealth as killing these enemies will reduce the chance of the Lizard Bloom dropping in Wild Hearts. Here is a map of where you should be looking for Nightwatch Monitors. 

Second Location Lizard Bloom
Priority Location For Lizard Bloom | Image Credit: eXputer

Uses of Lizard Bloom In Wild Hearts

Lizard Bloom is used in crafting the base form of the All-Black Body Armor. 4 pieces of Lizard Bloom are required for this.


Wild Hearts was released on February 17, 2023, for new-generation consoles. Developed by Omega Force and published by EA, it aims to capture a sense of grandeur similar to that of Monster Hunter. Players embark on an adventure and tackle larger-than-life monsters in a Japanese setting. While the game itself is very good, it suffers from an abundance of performance issues on PC.

And there you have it, with our guide on how to find Lizard Bloom in Wild Hearts, you should be able to easily find and use it in your crafting endeavors.

Wild Hearts is a very lengthy game, so it could serve you to know what the game length is for Wild Hearts. In addition, knowing how to unlock weapons found throughout Wild Hearts is very important for progression. Lastly, here is Lightstone’s location, which is imperative for upgrading your gear.


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