Wild Hearts Final Boss Fights [Complete Guide]

It's time to make your trip to the Sacred Mountain and bring down the mighty Kemonos!

Wild Hearts features tons of different bosses that players get to face during their playthrough. These bosses vary in size, abilities, and difficulty. Some may feel like a breeze while others will push you to the limit.

Although, the final bosses in the game belong to the latter category. The Final Kemonos in Wild Hearts will test all the skills that you accumulated during your entire gameplay. Hence, it is important to know all the strategies and moves of the final bosses in Wild Hearts before you head out to face them.

Key Takeaways
  • Wild Hearts holds two final bosses which players need to fight in succession after reaching Sacred Mountain.
  • The first Final Boss is the Celestial Dragon Kemono, who is capable of changing the season atop the mountain at its own will. 
  • Players need to be wary of its attacks such as Body Slam, Tail Whip, and Sliding Attack since they cover a major chunk of the arena.
  • Keeping a safe distance and aiming for the weak spots with a Claw Blade will help players defeat the Celestial Dragon.
  • After defeating the Dragon Kemono, players will face another Kemono in the Depths of the Sacred Mountain.
  • For the Final Kemono, make sure to be ready against some of his moves such as Triple Sword Slash, Heavy Sword Attack, and Spin Attack. 
  • Attacking the Final Kemono from the sides and the back is a good strategy.
  • Players can make use of weapons like the Karakuri Katana or the Staff for the final boss fight.

Final Bosses In Wild Hearts

Kemonos are mutated creatures that are found throughout the lands of medieval Japan in Wild Hearts. Right from the start players will get familiarized with these majestic creatures. Some of them may be friendly but most will hunt you down on sight.

Important: The final boss fight in Wild Hearts contains two different Kemono. Players will get to face them one by one. At first, players will face the Celestial Dragon Kemono atop the Sacred Mountain. The Dragon fight will then be followed by another fight against a Human-shaped Kemono found inside the Sacred Mountain.

How To Defeat The Celestial Dragon Kemono?

dragon boss wild hearts
Celestial Dragon Kemono [Screenshot by eXputer]
After playing through most of the main storyline, players will end up facing the Dragon Kemono on top of the Sacred Mountain in Wild Hearts. Although, be aware because this Kemono won’t be like the ones you faced prior to this point. The Celestial Dragon Kemono is unforgiving and makes use of its deadly plethora of attacks during the battle.

However, defeating the dragon Kemono won’t be the last fight your character takes part in. After the Dragon Kemono players will get descended into the Sacred Mountain where there will face yet another Kemono in a human shape. Since these two boss fights are linked together, therefore, they’re both considered the Final Boss in the game.

Regardless of which boss gives you a tougher time. It’s best to know the best-planned strategy on how to beat the final boss in Wild Hearts.

Battle & Strategy

final dragon kemono in wild hearts
Battle against the Dragon Kemono [Screenshot by eXputer]
Before making your way to the Dragon Kemono, it’s worth knowing that the celestial creature puts up a lengthy battle. His fight alone will consist of four stages which feature various sets of moves. So before you rush to battle make sure you have ample healing supplies. Because trust us, you’ll need them badly!

Other than healing supplies make sure you have a steady hand on most of the Karakuri, especially the Glider because you’ll need it a lot to avoid receiving fall damage.

Additionally, it goes without saying that your armor and weapons should be in top shape in Wild Hearts before taking on these bosses. Make sure all the gear is upgraded to the max and is suited to your play style. If you’re confused about what weapon to use then you can use Void Karakuri Staff. High-tier bows work well against the final Kemono boss as well.

Although, the best weapon to use against the Final dragon Kemono has to be the Claw Blades. These blades will allow you to reel yourself toward the Kemono and deal damage while pulling out lethal combos. The Kemono will constantly fly around so it will be hard to reach it most of the time.

Nonetheless, when players reach the summit of Sacred Mountain the battle commences. The Dragon Kemono is a huge creature and it’s capable of affecting a large area with its moves. Hence, players will need to constantly move around the field and keep a close eye on the Dragon.

Some of his common moves like the Body Slam and Tail Whip can inflict massive amounts of damage on the player. However,  try getting close to the dragon and make sure to land a bunch of blows on the weak spots (highlighted by a light blue color).

how to beat the celestial dragon kemono wild hearts
Defeating the Celestial Dragon Kemono [Image Credit: eXputer]
Whenever the Dragon Kemono uses the body slam move it will remain in cooldown mode for a while. Take full advantage during this and inflict as much damage as you can. As the battle progresses the Dragon Kemono will eventually rise to the air and point his hands up.

This is a major queue to get off the ground ASAP. Use your Glider because the Dragon will slam the ground creating a damaging shockwave that will also change the season in the arena.

The Celestial Dragon Kemono will change between multiple seasons including Spring, Autumn, and Winter. However, throughout these, the move set will remain almost the same although the elemental damage it inflicts on you might change. Nevertheless, the strategy should remain the same, which is to constantly move around the field and focus on the weak points of the Dragon.

After going through all the seasons, the Dragon will do its seasonal slam once again during which it will also unleash its true form. Be aware because the damage during the final phase can take you out instantly. Hence, keep your distance and have the health supplies at the ready, Follow the same attacking strategy, and with patience, you’ll eventually take down the Dragon Kemono.


Before we move on to the other Final Kemono fight in Wild Hearts, it is worth knowing all the moves the Dragon Kemono uses. The Gigantic snake-like dragon has loads of different moves that are capable of blindsiding you. Hence, it’s best to know everything about the Kemono beforehand. Here is a quick look at the moves the Dragon Kemono uses in Wild Hearts.

  • Body Slam: A highly damaging move, during which the Dragon Kemono will rise in the air and come crashing down flattening its body on the floor. The attack covers a large area of effect, however, it also stuns the Kemono for a few seconds.
  • Tail Whip: Another slam attack where the Dragon flips around the smashes its tail on the floor. Players can easily dodge the attack if they follow the movement of the Kemono.
  • Sliding Attack: Similar to Body Slam but in this attack the Dragon Kemono hits its body on the ground and slides forward to a certain length. If not dodged timely it can take down around half of your health.
  • Electric Fields: An AoE attack occasionally used by the Dragon Kemono. During the move, the Kemono will conjure up multiple electric fields in the battle arena. If players get caught in these they will become paralyzed and will also receive damage.
  • Seasonal Smash: One of the deadliest and also the coolest looking attacks amongst all the fights in Wild Hearts let alone the final boss fight. The Dragon Kemono will rise in the air and raise its arms for a few seconds before crashing down on the ground. When the dragon makes contact on the floor the season inside the arena will change. Dragon Kemono will only perform the Seasonal Smash 4 times during the battle.
  • Fire Bombs: After you clear off the first season, the Kemono will then begin using another move where it blows the fire bomb from its mouth which briefly follows the player. The Fire bombs move is quite easy to dodge and is rarely used by the Dragon. Therefore, you do not need to worry about it too much.
  • Fire Field: Similar to Electric fields but with fire in them. This variation of the move will mostly be used in the final season of the battle.
  • Dragon Breath: Only occurs during the final phase of the battle when the Dragon Kemono reaches its final form. It will breathe blue fire which will create multiple floating orbs that will follow and detonate near the player. These projectiles can be quick. So it is important to dodge them timely.
  • Ice Shards: Another slam attack that only occurs during the final few seasons in the Dragon Kemono boss fight. The dragon will slam the ground which will create a wave of ice shards in a straight line. Players only need to move away from the dragon’s line of sight to avoid the attack.

How To Defeat The Final Kemono In Wild Hearts?

final boss fight wild hearts
Final Kemono in Wild Hearts [Image Credit: eXputer]
After successfully defeating the Dragon Kemono you may begin to celebrate, unfortunately, the cutscene that follows the fight will hold you back. During the cutscene the player will get surrounded by some neon butterflies again which will cause the ground to break, making the player fall into the depth of the Sacred Mountain.

After the cutscene concludes, players will be able to see a black mist in the heart of Sacred Mountain. Make your way towards the Mist to initiate the battle against the Final Kemono in Wild Hearts. After reaching the mist, another cutscene will begin which will show the final Kemono who looks like a big human-shaped creature wielding a giant sword.

Battle & Strategy

final boss in sacred mountain
Battle against the Final Kemono [Image Credit: eXputer]
The unfortunate thing is that you won’t be able to prepare yourself for the fight. You’ll only get a few seconds of rest before taking on the final Kemono. However, on the brighter side, the Human-shaped Warrior Kemono is far easier than the Dragon Kemono. So chances are that you’ll easily overcome it in battle.

You can use the same gear as you did against the Dragon Kemono, although you could switch out the Claw Blades for this fight. The Karakuri Katana or the Staff will be good enough to pull the job on this battle.

The battle arena will be quite restricted as compared to the Dragon fight. Nevertheless, the Final Kemono moves are quite predictable and can be easily avoided. Although, some of its attacks are pretty fast which can bamboozle the player. On top of that, as the battle rages on there will come a point where the Kemono will start teleporting.

The Final Kemono teleportations will always get followed by a quick attack. Therefore, always be on the lookout and make sure to roll and dodge at the perfect time. Players could also use different Basic Karakuri to jump around the arena. Nevertheless, understanding the attack pattern of the final Kemono won’t be tough. Once you get the hang of his moves, it will become a lot easier to take him down. Similar to the fights against Dragon Kemono, land calculated blows and aim for the weak points in his body.

how to beat the final boss in wild hearts
Defeating the Final Kemono boss [Screenshot by eXputer]
Do not get too greedy while being aggressive because moves like the Triple Sword Slash could take you out if you get caught in them. The best strategy to defeat the Final Kemono is to circle him and attack from the sides or the back. As long as you’re not directly in front of him, you’ll be good! Although, players will need to revise their strategy a little when the Kemono starts teleporting. 

During that sequence feel free to spam dodge every time you see the Kemono vanish in thin air. When he reappears let him dish out his attacks while you side-roll. Follow the dodges with a quick flurry of attacks until he teleports again. Rinse and repeat this strategy and you’ll eventually defeat the Final Boss in Wild Hearts.


If you’re similar to games like Wild Hearts then you’d find the moveset of the Final Kemono quite generic. It doesn’t have anything special up its sleeve. Most of the attacks are quite easy to predict. On top of that if your reactions are fast enough then you’ll also dodge them quite easily. Despite all that, it is still crucial to know all kinds of moves that the Final Boss uses.

  • Triple Sword Slash: One of the most used attacks by the Kemono, during which he slashes the sword twice and on the final swing he stabs the sword onto the ground. A blast will be released from the ground where the player is standing after Kemono’s last stab into the ground. The move is easy to dodge. However, if you do get caught in the strikes then your health will drop down to a critical level. 
  • Aerial Slash: In the Aerial Slash attack, the Kemono will jump up in the air and bring his sword slashing down on the ground. The move can confuse the best of players since it’s hard to track the Kemono once he jumps up.
  • Sword Swipe: A simple move where the Kemono swipes his giant sword in front of him once. The swipe covers a good area, therefore, try to keep your distance.
  • Ground Wave: The final Kemono will also use a Ground Wave attack from time to time. During the move, he will slide his sword across the floor which will emit a wave toward the player. Simply dodge to either side before the wave reaches you.
  • Heavy Sword Attack: Another single swing of the giant sword. Although this one does a lot more damage and the Kemono will also take a while to charge up the attack.
  • AoE Stun: A magical move performed by the Kemono where he conjures up a glass box inside the arena. After a few seconds, the box collapses causing damage to anything that’s inside it. Whenever you see the Kemono conjuring the box, stop attacking him and maintain a good distance until the move is over.
  • Spin Attack: The Kemono will also spin around with his giant sword in hand. The 360 attack is unavoidable if you’re standing close to the Kemono. Hence, make sure to get away as soon as you see that the Boss is readying up to spin around.


So there you have it, our complete guide on the Wild Hearts Final Boss. The bosses, or Kemono, are quite common throughout the game. When it comes to the final battle players are put up against two separate Kemono one by one. The back-to-back boss fights to create a huge challenge for the player, however, with the right strategy you can take down both Kemono residing on the Sacred Mountain.

If you have just started off your journey in Wild Hearts then make sure to check out all the Achievements that you can unlock during your playthrough. Taking about playthroughs, here is a quick look at how long Wild Hearts is. Thank you for reading through our detailed guide. For more information about Wild Hearts feel free to drop by eXputer at any time!

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