Wild Hearts Final Boss Fights [Step By Step]

It's time to make your trip to the Sacred Mountain and bring down the mighty Kemonos!

Wild Hearts features tons of different bosses that players get to face during their playthrough. The Final Kemonos in Wild Hearts will test all the skills that you accumulated during your entire gameplay. Hence, it is important to know all the strategies and moves of the final bosses in Wild Hearts before you head out to face them.

Key Takeaways
  • In Wild Hearts, you face two final bosses after reaching Sacred Mountain.
  • The first boss: Celestial Dragon Kemono, controls mountain seasons. Watch for attacks like Body Slam, Tail Whip, and Sliding Attack.
  • Defeat Celestial Dragon by keeping a safe distance, targeting weak spots with a Claw Blade.
  • Afterwards, you encounter another Kemono in Depths of Sacred Mountain.
  • Final Kemono’s moves: Triple Sword Slash, Heavy Sword Attack, Spin Attack.
  • Effective strategy: Attack from sides and back.
  • Recommended weapons: Karakuri Katana or Staff for the final boss fight.
Important: The final boss fight in Wild Hearts contains two different Kemono. Players will get to face them one by one. At first, players will face the Celestial Dragon Kemono atop the Sacred Mountain. Another fight against a Human-shaped Kemono will then follow soon after.

How To Defeat The Celestial Dragon Kemono?

dragon boss wild hearts
Celestial Dragon Kemono [Screenshot by eXputer]
  • After playing through most of the main storyline, players will end up facing the Dragon Kemono on top of the Sacred Mountain in Wild Hearts.
  • However, I recommend caution because this Kemono won’t be like the ones you faced prior to this point.
  • The Celestial Dragon Kemono is unforgiving and makes use of its deadly plethora of attacks during the battle.
  • After the Dragon Kemono, players will descend into the Sacred Mountain, where they will face yet another Kemono in a human shape.
  • Since these two boss fights are linked together, therefore, they’re both considered the Final Boss in the game.

Battle & Strategy

final dragon kemono in wild hearts
Battle against the Dragon Kemono [Screenshot by eXputer]
The Dragon Kemono battle engages in a four-stage fight with various moves, so be well-prepared. Ensure a steady hand on the Karakuri, especially the Glider, to avoid fall damage. Consider using the Void Karakuri Staff or high-tier bows.

For the ultimate weapon against the Final Dragon Kemono, opt for the Claw Blades. These blades allow you to approach and deal damage with lethal combos. Since the Kemono is airborne, reaching it can be challenging.

  • The Dragon Kemono, a massive creature with wide-reaching moves, requires constant movement and vigilant observation.
  • Watch out for damaging moves like Body Slam and Tail Whip.
  • Get close to the dragon, targeting the highlighted weak spots with a light blue color to deal significant damage.
how to beat the celestial dragon kemono wild hearts
Defeating the Celestial Dragon Kemono [Image Credit: eXputer]
  • When the Dragon Kemono body slams, exploit the cooldown for maximum damage. When it rises, use the Glider to avoid a ground slam, causing a damaging shockwave and changing the arena’s season.
  • It cycles through seasons (Spring, Autumn, Winter), altering elemental damage.
  • Maintain a constant mobile strategy, targeting weak points.
  • After all seasons, the Dragon’s seasonal slam reveals its true form.
  • Beware of the high damage in the final phase; keep your distance, and be prepared with health supplies.

How To Defeat The Final Kemono?

final boss fight wild hearts
Final Kemono in Wild Hearts [Image Credit: eXputer]
After the cutscene concludes, players will be able to see a black mist in the heart of Sacred Mountain. Make your way towards the Mist to initiate the battle against the Final Kemono in Wild Hearts. After reaching the mist, another cutscene will begin, which will show the final Kemono, who looks like a big human-shaped creature wielding a giant sword.

Battle & Strategy

final boss in sacred mountain
Battle against the Final Kemono [Image Credit: eXputer]
  • Prepare for the fight with the Final Kemono without much time for rest after the Dragon encounter.
  • The Human-shaped Warrior Kemono is easier than the Dragon version.
  • Use the Karakuri Katana or Staff instead of Claw Blades.
  • The battle arena is more restricted, but the Final Kemono’s moves are predictable, though some attacks are fast. Watch out for teleportation, always followed by a quick attack.
  • Roll and dodge timely, or use Basic Karakuri to navigate.
  • Understanding the attack pattern makes it easier to defeat.
  • Land calculated blows on weak points, similar to the Dragon Kemono fights.
how to beat the final boss in wild hearts
Defeating the Final Kemono boss [Screenshot by eXputer]
  • Avoid excessive greed and aggression, as moves like the Triple Sword Slash can be fatal if caught.
  • The optimal strategy against the Final Kemono involves circling and attacking from sides or behind.
  • Stay out of direct frontal engagement for safety.
  • Adjust strategy when Kemono starts teleporting.
  • During teleportation, spam dodge upon Kemono’s disappearance, side-roll upon reappearance, and then counter with a quick flurry of attacks.
  • Repeat this sequence for victory against the Final Boss in Wild Hearts.

If you have just started off your journey in Wild Hearts, then make sure to check out all the Achievements that you can unlock during your playthrough. Taking about playthroughs, here is a quick look at how long Wild Hearts is. For more information about Wild Hearts, feel free to drop by eXputer at any time!

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