Wild Hearts Ragetail Plum [Definitive Guide]

Upgrade your weapons & become furious fighter in Wild Hearts by getting the Ragetail plum!

In Wild Hearts, the players will be collecting different items and materials, like the Ragetail Plum, to help them in their battles. Ragetail Plum is one of the items that can be obtained by defeating specific types of Kemonos in the game. It can be used to upgrade armor and other equipment as well as your primary weapons. The players will be able to obtain the Ragetail Plum by defeating Ragetail and severing its tail area.

Key Takeaways
  • Ragetail Plum is one of the Forging Materials in Wild Hearts that can be used to upgrade pieces of equipment and weapons.
  • The Plum can be harvested from the tail of the Ragetail Kemono.
  • In order to get the Plum, the players will have to focus their attacks on the tail of the Kemono on defeating it.
  • A good strategy is to use Karakuri like crates and bulwarks to stun the Kemono while you attack its tail and harvest it for the Plum.
  • Using the Fresh Fern Armor Set against the enemy is also a good option.
  • The weakest spot of the Kemono is its head. Attacking it will allow you to make it more vulnerable to its attacks.
  • The players should utilize the Flying Vines as much as they can during the battle to focus their attacks on their tails.
  • Remember that the players will be able to utilize the Plum only when they reach Chapter Two and unlock the Weapon Crafting System.
Important: Ragetail Plum can only be obtained by severing the tail of the Ragetail Kemono and defeating it. However, the players will only be able to use it after unlocking the weapon upgrading system in Chapter 2.

How To Get Ragetail Plum

The Ragetail Plum is one of the essential forging materials in the game. There are very few resources for the item, and it is pretty rare. However, you will be able to get it early on in the game. The only way to get the Ragetail Plum is to sever the tail of a Ragetail Kemono.

Ragetail Plum and other drops from the Kemono
Ragetail Plum and other drops from the Kemono (Image Credits eXputer)

This Ragetail Kemono will have the Plum stored in its tail. You will see it when you are attacking and fighting the enemy. The best option is to slay the Ragetail or attack and focus your weapons on the enemy’s tail. You will get to fight a lot of Ragetails early on in the game, but getting the Plum is not as easy as you might think.

Before slaying, the kemono makes sure to hit his tail first and then defeat him. The head of the Kemono is the weakest point in his body. So if you’re trying to get the Ragetail Plum, we recommend that you severe the tail first and then his head. In Rage Mode, the tale of the Kemono will become bigger, and his attacks will be far stronger. During this phase severing its tail will be even harder.

  • Try to dodge his attacks at that moment and focus on hitting the tail as much as possible.
  • Ragetail Plum is an important resource to have, and it can also be sold for 30 gold in the game.
  • Below you will see how to farm Ragetail Plum in the best possible way in Wild Hearts.

Farming Ragetail Plum From The Kemono

First, you will have to find the Kemono in Harugasumi Way. The rat-like creature will attack anything and everything in its way, including any smaller Kemonos. The players will be able to defeat the Ragetail quite easily. However, there are some attacks that they should look out for and some strategies they should use in order to farm the Ragetail Plum correctly.

Wild Hearts Harvesting Ragetail Plum
Ragetail farming (Image Credits eXputer)
  • You should keep in mind that his attribute is wood, and its weakest part is the head.
  • It is weak to fire and ailments like ablaze, frozen, and entangled.
  • The Kemono is also resistant to earth, wind, water, and wood.
  • In elements, it is resistant to fatigue and poison.
  • Since the Kemono is especially weak in fire and ablaze, it is important to utilize weapons that are fire based to deal maximum damage to the enemy.

If you are using the hunter’s arm, then it is important to aim at the blue spots located on its hind legs as they will be most prone to damage during the battle. With the right strategies, you will be able to mount the Ragetail and take out the Karakuri thread in no time. We recommend using weapons like slash and pummel as they are the most effective against the Kemono.

Equipment To Use

You should be looking to equip any armor that will counter wood and provide you with the most defense against the Kemono. While it is not important but you can craft a wood-resistant armor early on in the game.

  • The Fresh Fern Armor Set is the best armor that you will be able to obtain early on and has wood resistance in the game.
  • The best thing about the armor is that it can be crafted pretty easily by farming small Kemonos and hunting for items scattered through the map.
Wild Hearts How To Use Ragetail Plum
Fighting Ragetail (Image Credits eXputer)
  • It is definitely the most optimal armor against the Ragetail, as it has good resistance and high defense stats.
  • For the weapon, we recommend using any weapon that you have mastered so far in the game.
  • Early on in the game, you will only have access to five major weapons, so you will have to make use of them as much as you can.
  • You won’t be able to upgrade them without fighting more enemies and bosses in the game.

If you are looking to farm the Ragetail Plum from the Kemono later in your exploration, we recommend finding weapons that have high fire damage, as the enemy is most immune to fire. Furthermore, when it comes to Karakuris then, your loadout should be of the Torch Karakuri as it is based on fire element and will work best against the Kemono.


When it comes to attacks, the monster is quite aggressive. However, you will be able to deal with counterattacks on the Kemono easily with the right strategies.

You need to look out for an opening window to deal damage to the enemy. Most of the attacks that the Ragetail will deal on you will be through its tail. However, every once in a while, he will also charge forward in your direction. These attacks can be quite devastating if not dealt with properly.

Wild Hearts Ragetail Plum
Attacking from behind (Image Credits eXputer)

He will also deal a Double Bite Attack in which he will move forward while dealing damage to the players. The enemy will try its best to knock you down and deal damage; therefore, it is important to dodge any attacks when he lunges forward.

After dodging the attack, you will be able to deal damage to him by hitting on its side or on its tail. In one of its forward attacks, he will leap forward toward the players dealing great damage to them. In this case, as well the players will be able to deal significant damage by attacking their sides and back.

Sometimes the enemy will also use its tail to attack the players and deal damage to the area around the attack. It is important to use the dodging mechanism in the game as much as you can during the battle. While dodging, make sure to deal with some attacks of your own, as the Kemono will be most vulnerable in these situations. You can also use a Spring Karakuri to avoid his attacks.

Wild Hearts How To Get Ragetail Plum
Weak spots of the monster (Image Credits eXputer)

However, keep in mind it is important to stay as close to him as possible in order to deal damage to it. After some time, it will enter its Rage state. Whenever it is in its enraged form, the tail and mouth of the Kemono will start glowing red. His attacks will be much faster, and he will also use new combinations to deal damage.

Ragetail summoning a tree
Ragetail summoning a tree (Image Credits eXputer)

Once in a while, it will make a Spinning Dance attack where it will summon a tree out of the earth that will deal damage to the players. It is important to move out of the way and stay clear of that vicinity to avoid damage. The Kemono will increase in size in the enraged form and jump high in the air before coming down and dealing damage with its tail. Using Springs and Crates is a good option during this situation.

Best Strategies To Farm The Plum

Fighting with Ragetail and defeating him is no big deal. The real challenge lies in farming the Ragetail Plum from its tail. Below you will see some of the best strategies that can be used to counter the Kemono and defeat him easily without losing the opportunity to get the Plum from its tail.

Using Bulwarks And Crates

The best way to counter the Kemono is by using crates and bulwarks during your battle. The most deadly attack of the Kemono is when it leaps forwards toward the players. However, before it is enraged, you can try to stun him by using the crate Karakuri. Furthermore, you will also be able to use the bulwark Karakuri to avoid incoming damage from the constant hits of the Kemono.

Wild Hearts How To Get Ragetail Plum
Using traps to stun the Kemono (Image Credits eXputer)
  • The bulwark will absorb most of the damage that comes your way, and it will last quite long in battles as well.
  • Anytime the Ragetail comes in contact with crates or bulwarks, it will be frozen for a certain period of time.

Therefore, you will get a window to deal with attacks on it without worrying about any incoming damage yourself. You will also be able to use weapons like Nodachi or Maul, and then you have successfully stunned the Kemono using the Karakuri in Wild Hearts.

Using Karakuris
Using Karakuris (Image Credits eXputer)

Therefore you will be able to safely deal a significant amount of damage that can take him down faster and will even allow you to farm the Ragetail Plum easily. Whenever it gets stunned, make sure to hit its tail to get as much Plum as possible.

Aiming For The Head

As we mentioned before, the head is the weakest part of the Kemono. So after you have successfully collected the Ragetail Plum, you can try hitting and aiming for its head. This will help you defeat him quite quickly. However, we do recommend farming the Plum from its tail before you go for its head.

Make sure to sever its tail whenever you get the chance. A good piece of advice is to attack its head whenever it comes leaping toward you. You can then avoid damage by dodging sideways and simultaneously attacking the Kemono from the side. Don’t forget to use the Karakuris to stun him during the battle.

Severing The Tail

Keep in mind that severing the tale is the hardest part of the whole battle. Your main focus should be attacking the tail as much as you can.

Attacking the tail of kemono
Attacking the tail of kemono (Image Credits eXputer)

After a significant amount of slashing, you will be able to obtain the Ragetail Plum. Make sure that you deal a significant amount of damage to harvest the item correctly. This valuable resource will help out a lot in crafting; however, you should look out for the Tailwhip Attack that the Kemono will use when you are striking its tail.

Deal Consistent Attacks To Get The Plum

Severing the tail is hard as it is. But the attacks that the Ragetail will deal with its tail can be quite devastating if not countered properly. Therefore, if you want to harvest a good amount of Plum, then make sure to deal with consistent attacks on the enemy.

Whenever the enemy lunges towards you, try to stay as close as possible while dealing attacks to the side and its tail. However, you will also be able to deal damage to its tail to harvest the Plum by using a ranged weapon like the crossbow. Whatever you do, make sure that you deal the highest amount of damage towards the tail in order to severe it quickly.

Making Use Of The Flying Vines

In case you are unable to find an opening towards its tail, then you can use the flying vines to get behind the enemy and attack it. However, make sure that you have unlocked the flying vines first in Wild Hearts.


  • After defeating the Kemono, you will be able to obtain a lot of different items.
  • Some of these items can be used in the crafting of the Young Samurai Armor Set.
  • Furthermore, they will also help you craft weapons with the wood element.

In combination with the Sapscourge materials, you will be able to form the young samurai armor set from the materials you have formed from the Kemono. Along with the Ragetail Plum, you will also get the Young Warrior Teardrops and the Ragetail Claw. Furthermore, the players will also get the Ragetail Belt, Small Plums And Crystal, Rage Tail Fang, and Young Warrior Kemono Blood.

Summing It Up

With this, we conclude our detailed guide on Ragetail Plum and how to farm it from the Ragetail Kemono in Wild Hearts. While you are at it, don’t forget to check out our detailed guide on all Kemono monsters in Wild Hearts and how to fight them.

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