Wild Hearts: Human Path Vs. Kemono Path [Explained In Detail]

However you decide to play the game is up to you.

The equipment in Wild Hearts has a unique mechanism that makes it quite interesting for the players. The game introduces the Human Path and Kemono Path to the players. They are acquired by wearing special armor pieces. Each of these has its own benefits. Often, players get confused about the argument ‘Human Path Vs Kemono Path’ in Wild Hearts.

IMPORTANT: Whatever Path you choose, it won’t affect the game other than unlocking unique Path-related skills.
Key Takeaways
  • Human Path or Kemono Path don’t only have visual differences in Wild Hearts.
  • They ultimately determine which armor skills you can unlock in the game.
  • The Human Path will have skills focused on defensive warfare or utilizing Technology.
  • Whereas the Kemono-Path has skills that are more offensive or like Kemonos.
  • The Path you choose is determined by the Armor pieces you choose, as each has Human or Kemono-Path Alignment.
  • You can switch between Human or Kemono-Path as you switch from one armor to another.

Human Path Vs. Kemono Path

Both of these paths are part of the game’s system. They both determine your playstyle or how you should play the game to utilize your armor set fully. There is a debate among players on which one is better than both.

Although there is visual change on what Path armor you choose, the Human Path will have a more humane design, whereas the Kemono Path will have a beast-inspired design. But there is more to it than that. So, we will briefly explain what exactly Human Path or Kemono Path is.

Whatever path you choose, it won’t directly affect the Hunter. If you choose the Kemono path, it won’t give you extra brute power; with the Human path, you won’t have access to better technology. The Paths are sort of passive upgrades for the Hunter. They affect the skills that you get with your Armor piece. You must understand how it all works to utilize them and help yourself get a better Hunter.

Summarized differences between the Human and Kemono Path: 

AspectHuman PathKemono Path
DefinitionFocused on defense and technologyMore offensive and nature-inspired
Effect on PlaystyleEmphasizes defensive tacticsLeans towards offensive abilities
AcquisitionObtain armor pieces with Human-Path alignmentObtain armor pieces with Kemono-Path alignment
Alignment States- Pure Human-Path, - Human-Path, - Centered- Centered, - Kemono-Path, - Pure Kemono-Path
Increasing Path AlignmentEquip armor pieces with Human-Path alignment to increase alignment in that directionEquip armor pieces with Kemono-Path alignment to increase alignment in that direction
Path Modification TabsUse Human-Path Modification tab to enhance Human alignmentUse Kemono-Path Modification tab to enhance Kemono alignment
Unlocking SkillsWear armor aligned with a specific Path to unlock skills associated with that PathWear armor aligned with a specific Path to unlock skills associated with that Path
Base SkillsBase skills on armor remain active regardless of Path alignmentBase skills on armor remain active regardless of Path alignment
Changing PathsSwitch between Human and Kemono Paths by changing your armor setSwitch between Human and Kemono Paths by changing your armor set

Human And Kemono Path

When you reach the Minato Village, the Human or Kemono armor paths are unlocked in Wild Hearts. Natsume finally begins upgrading armor and weapons. You can get specific Armor pieces upgraded from her. But you will note that there are three different Armor tabs. One is ‘Forge,’ whereas the others are Human-Path Modification and Kemono-Path Modification.

While you’re interacting with Natsume, you’ll get a tutorial that will give you a brief introduction to how Armor System works. The Path alignment is divided into 5 states.

They are:

  • Pure Human-Path
  • Human-Path
  • Centered
  • Kemono-Path
  • Pure Kemono-Path
The Armor Modification.
Introduction to Armor Modification. [Image Credit: eXputer]
Now, if you choose the Human Path, then according to the tutorial, the Human Path followers utilize Human Technology. They focus on what they build and on human cleverness. You will be mostly utilizing your skills to better defensive moves. As for the Kemono-Path, they are those who have a deep understanding of Kemono and strive to be at one with nature.

Increasing Path Alignment

Each of these armor pieces will have certain Damage stats. Below each of them will be either a Pure Human-Path or Pure Kemono-Path symbol. It shows that by equipping the said Armor piece, your Path Alignment will increase in that direction.

Changing Path.
The Roaming Bard Mengu armor piece will increase to the Human Path. [Image Credit: eXputer]
One thing to remember is that not all Armor pieces will have these Path Alignment points. However, you can get Alignment points if you choose the basic Armor pieces. But if you want to get higher points, you will have to go to their respective tabs. Either to the Human-Path Modification tab or to the Kemono-Path Modification.

Now, you must note one more thing here. If there is a Human-Path skill with your Armor piece, but you are on Pure Human-Path, then the skill will automatically be unlocked. You won’t have to reduce your path to Human-Path to get it. The same goes for the Kemono and Pure Kemono-Path. In addition to that, the base skill of that Armor piece will remain as it is. 

How To Utilize Human Or Kemono Path

When exploring Armor sets, note that some skills are readily available, while others with a Path symbol are locked. To unlock a specific skill, your Armor must align with that Path. For instance, wearing Path-specific pieces is necessary for skills marked with the Pure Kemono-Path sign.

Take the Bandit Uwagi armor piece as an example—it has Freezing Recovery as an accessible skill, but Resurrection, marked with the Pure Kemono Path symbol, is locked. Ensure your armor set aligns with the desired Path level to unlock these skills.

Kemono-Path example.
The Bandit Uwagi requires Pure Kemono-Path to unlock the second skill. [Image Credit: eXputer]
It means that if you want to acquire and utilize the skill, you will have to wear armor pieces that get you to Pure Kemono-Path. Only then will you unlock the Resurrection skill of Bandit Uwagi; we will have to get to the Pure Kemono-Path affinity.

For that, you will have to check out the armor pieces that give Kemono-Path points. For the skill in our example, you will have to go to the Kemono-Path Modification tab.

There, take any armor piece that gives out the most Kemono Path points. You will have to keep on wearing Armor pieces until you get to the Pure Kemono-Path symbol on the bottom. That is how the Resurrection skill is unlocked. Similarly, if there is a Human or Pure Human-Path skill, you will have to get your Path affinity to that level.

The Armor Alignment only prepares you for the Final Boss fights. These will be quite tough, so make sure that you fully prepare yourself. You can acquire the Lightstone to upgrade your gear, too. Now, there are tons of Trophies and Achievements for you to get, so you should get started on that.

Before you go out and buy the game, make sure to check its System Requirements. That will tell you if you can run it on your machine or not. While you’re at it, why don’t you check out our Wild Hearts Review?

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