Wild Hearts: Layered Armor & Cladding

If your armor doesn't look cool while hunting Kemono then you are doing it wrong.

Wild Hearts is a new hunting action RPG game made by Koei Tecmo. The game takes a lot of inspiration from Monster Hunter. It has a lot of different weapons, armor, and monsters that players can fight with. Like most hunting games, Wild Hearts also has a specific Transmog system called Cladding. This allows the player to customize the cosmetics of armor. Here’s everything you need to know about Wild Hearts’ Layered Armor and Cladding.

Before You Start: You need to complete the main story to unlock Cladding and Layered Armor.

Key Takeaways
  • Wild Hearts has its own Transmog system known as Cladding.
  • To unlock layered armor and Cladding, the players must complete all 5 story chapters.
  • You can find a boy named Yotaro in Natsume’s Forge, and you can talk to him about the layered armor.
  • The items required for Cladding include Gold, the armors you need to Transmog, and Magical Orbs.
  • Magical Orbs can be found by defeating Volatile Kemono and each cladding requires a specific orb.

How To Unlock Cladding 

The Transmog system in Wild Hearts has an entirely different name than Monster Hunter’s Layered Armor. It is known as Cladding in Wild Hearts. This process, like any other Transmog system, allows the players to change the appearance of any armor. In addition, it will not take away any of the stats of one armor. Meaning if you like a specific armor’s aesthetics but it has poor stats, then just use Cladding.

While this is a very useful system, unfortunately it is an end-game unlockable. There are a total of 5 story chapters in Wild Hearts. To unlock Cladding, you must finish all 5 story chapters to be able to use this. This has both pros and cons. The good thing about it is that now you will have your personal best set in the game equipped already. The bad thing is that you might look ridiculous trying to mix up the best stats in the rest of your playthrough.

After you have completed Chapter 5, head to Minobu Town, which is the hub area of Wild Hearts. In that hub, you will find Natsume’s Forge. In the forge, you can find a kid named Yotaro. This is where you can use Cladding. Just go to Yotaro and talk to him. He will ask for a few materials and that you will need to use cladding. 

Items Required For Layered Armor

Important: Cladding, like most Transmog processes requires a few items. All of these items are listed below:

  • The armor which you want to change your equipped set into
  • Magical Orbs 
  • Gold

The first item, which is very obvious, includes having gold. A specific amount of gold will be required for you to use cladding. The second item is getting the armor set you need to change your best gear into. If you have a certain set you like for the stats and a certain one you like for aesthetics; you can use cladding to merge them. However, you need both of them to be able to use layered armor.

The third item, however, is very hard to get. You need magical orbs to be able to use cladding. Players get magical orbs when they defeat Kemono. Kemono are the beasts that we hunt in Wild Hearts. There are a few types of Kemono in Wild Hearts. When you defeat a volatile Kemono, you will be rewarded with a magical orb. 

However, these volatile Kemono are extremely strong. You can only defeat them if you have really good gear. This is also why Cladding is an end-game unlockable. For a specific layered armor, you need a specific Magical Orb. You can not get your desired cladding unless you have the magical orb that is specified in the requirements. 


That covers everything you need to know about Layered armor and cladding in Wild Hearts. It is an end-game process, but you still need to look stylish whenever you are hunting Kemono. There are a few armors that look really good and have good stats, but it is all subjective. If you like something and want it to have better stats, then Cladding and Layered armor system is for you.

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