Wild Hearts: Lightstone Location & Uses

The Lightstone in Wild Hearts is a pathway to many upgrades, which some consider to be unnatural.

Among all other materials, Lightstone is an important one to upgrade your gear in Wild Hearts. The Lightstone location can be tricky to get to if you don’t know where to look for them in Wild Hearts.

Key Takeaways
  • Lightstone is one of the crafting materials.
  • It is only found in the Fuyufusagi Fort region of the map.
  • Make sure that you stay near the mountains and look for small rocks with a Yellow Gem inside them.
  • You can use the Lightstone to upgrade your Weapons and Armor in Wild Hearts.

Lightstone location

Lightstone is one of the many raw materials that you will use in the game. It is quite useful as it can help you upgrade many things in the game. It is easier to find if you know where you have to look.

The Lightstone is found at only one location in the game. And that is the Fuyufusagi Fort, which is a frozen region in the game. So, to get the Lightstone, you will first have to travel to Fuyufusagi Fort. If you still haven’t unlocked the location, then you can keep on making progress in the game and you will eventually unlock it. Ujishige will take you to Fuyufusagi Fort.

The Fuyufusagi fort location.
You will find Lightstones here. [Image Credit: eXputer]
Anyways, once you get to Fuyufusagi Fort, you will get your hands on Lightstones. That is because it is the main region of the Lightstones and it is the only region where you will get them. There aren’t any ‘confirmed’ locations where you will get Lightstone. But as you roam around the map you’ll come across them. They will mostly be found near cliffs. Lightstones are rocks with a Yellow Gem inside them.


Uses Of Lightstone

Lightstone is a useful crafting material. You will use it to upgrade Weapons and Armor pieces. That will make them much more useful than before. So while you’re at it, make sure to collect a bunch of them. Because Lightstone will surely come in handy as you will have to upgrade your weapon and armor pieces. And you won’t have to return back to get your hands on more of them.

Final Remarks

That being said, there is much more to Wild Hearts. You can get tons of Achievements in the game as you make progress. The game is of moderate length, as we have discussed in our ‘How Long to Beat‘ guide for Wild Hearts. In addition to that, we’ve listed all that We know so far. You can check out its System Requirements to make sure it runs perfectly on your PC. Did you know that Wild Hearts is coming to Game Pass?

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