Wild Hearts: Tamakazura & Restorative Baths Quest

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Tamakazura is the owner and the proprietor of Minato’s bathhouse in Wild Hearts which is the most important place in the game. You will need to access the Minato’s bath house from time to time in order to get boosts in the game and heal yourself after extensive explorations and battles. Tamakazura also has a quest for players, which will involve restoring his bath house. The players will be able to access this quest at the end of Chapter One of the game.

Key Takeaways
  • Tamakazura is one of the most important NPCs in Wild Hearts. 
  • The players will be able to find the NPC by heading toward the Village Of Minato. 
  • He is the owner of the Minato’s Baths and will assign you the most important quest to refurbish the area in the game. 
  • In order to complete the restoration of the bathhouse and complete the quest of Tamakazura, the players will have to defeat Lava Back Kemono as well as activate the Dragon Pit. 
  • Lastly, they will have to fight the Earth Breaker Kemono and head back to the baths to restore it. 
  • In order to upgrade the baths, the players can talk to Tamakazura, who will see what items are required for each upgrade. 
Important: Tamakazura is an important NPC who will assign you with a quest to restore his bath house, after which you will be able to use it to increase your maximum health.

Where To Find Tamakazura 

Wild Hearts Tamakazura
Tamakazura (Image Credits eXputer)

To interact with Tamakazura and begin the relevant quest in the game, follow these steps:

  1. Make your way to the village of Minato.
  2.  Upon reaching Minato, you’ll need to interact with Nobumitsu Tsumori, who is the head of the fishing guild in the village. He is an important NPC who will offer you various side quests with valuable rewards.
  3. Among the quests provided by Nobumitsu, you will gain access to the “Fingerling Head of Fishing” quest. Completing this quest will not only reward you with valuable items but also lead you to face the Gritdog monster.
  4. After completing the initial quests and facing the Gritdog, you can explore the village of Minato in more depth.
  5.  Your ultimate goal is to locate Tamakazura, who is the head of the restorative baths in the village. You can interact with him at the restorative baths.
  6.  In order to help Tamakazura and access the restorative baths, you’ll need to assist him in restoring the baths. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to refurbish the area until you reach the end of the first chapter in the game.

Tamakazura Quest 

Like many NPCS in the Wild Hearts, Tamakazura will also have a quest in store for you. Among all the vendors and upgrade systems found in the game, the most valuable system is definitely the Restorative Baths Of Minato.

Interacting With Tamakazura (Image Credits eXputer)

Fighting The Ameratsu

Before you face Ameratsu, ensure you have equipped the Mighty King Tusk armor, one of the most powerful early-game armors. This armor provides high defense, health, and an attack buff. Additionally, have a fusion karakuri loadout, such as Spring and Stake, for the battle.

Ameratsu is a formidable foe with powerful air and ground attacks. During the battle, you should make use of your fusion karakuri, particularly when Ameratsu is moving around the arena. Ameratsu’s second phase, called Rage Mode, makes his attacks deadlier. Use a crossbow to deal damage when he moves around.

Wild Hearts Tamakazura requirements
Fighting Ameratsu (Image Credits eXputer

After defeating Ameratsu, you’ll start the restoration of Minato and the Restorative Baths Quest.

Fighting Gold Shard

In the quest, you’ll need to hunt down a Kemono called Gold Shard. You’ll find the Gold Shard in Akikure Canyon.

Gold Shard is more challenging than previous Kemonos, using ranged attacks, including a deceptive Gold Shard attack. Approach it from the sides rather than from behind, and be cautious during its Rage Mode.

Fighting The Lava Back Kemono 

The next challenge is to fight the Lava Back Kemono, which is deadlier than its earlier counterpart. Equip an armor set with fire resistance and a water-based weapon to counter its fire attacks. You’ll find the Lava Back in Spirit Isle.

Wild Hearts Tamakazura NPC location
Fighting Lava Back Kemono (Image Credits eXputer)

 Activating The Dragon Pit 

To proceed with the quest, you’ll need to activate the Dragon Pit at the back of Spirit Isle. You can find it on your map. You’ll require specific res

Dragon pit
Dragon pit (Image Credits eXputer)

Fighting The Earth Breaker 

The last requirement for the Tamakazura quest will be to fight and defeat the Earth Breaker in Wild Hearts. 

Fighting Earthbreaker
Fighting Earthbreaker (Image Credits eXputer)

 It’s a cinematic fight where you’ll encounter the Earth Breaker while setting up a camp with Natsume in Harugasumi Way. You’ll use a cannon to shoot at its weak points to defeat it.

Speaking To Tamakazura 

After you have defeated Earth Breaker, you need to head back and go to the Minato baths. You will find that the paths have been restored, and Tamakazura has become the new owner. He will tell you that you can use baths to restore yourself and increase your health by some percentage. 

Upgrading Baths 

To increase your health, speak to Tamakazura again and find out what materials are needed for bath upgrades. Each upgrade requires different materials, which become rarer as you progress. Upgrading the baths will allow you to increase your maximum health.

Wild Hearts Tamakazura
Going to the bath house (Image Credits eXputer)

Summing It Up 

With this, we conclude our guide on Tamakazura and his quest in Wild Hearts. Don’t forget to check out our guide on The Voice Actors Cast in Wild Hearts as well as how to activate and use the hunter’s arm. We have also formulated a detailed guide on how to farm a lizard bloom in the game. While you are at it don’t forget to check out the final boss fight as well as how to unlock weapons in the game. If you are curious about the game length of Wild Hearts make sure to check out our guide on it. 

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