Wild Hearts: All Trophies & Achievements List

Unleash Your Inner Hunter: A Comprehensive Guide To Conquering Wild Hearts Trophy List

The Wild Hearts trophy list comprises of 49 collectible statuettes, of which 36 are bronze, 10 are silver, 2 are gold, and the ultimate platinum trophy. While the official descriptions of the trophies are provided by the developers, they may contain spoilers that reveal the plot. For this reason, those who wish to experience Wild Hearts without any plot spoilers are advised to avoid reading further. However, for those who are eager to pursue the Wild Hearts trophy list, let’s get started!

Key Takeaways

Wild Hearts Trophy Overview:

  • The game offers a diverse set of accomplishments involving monster defeats, item collection, and quest completion.
  • The trophy list comprises 49 statuettes, consisting of 36 bronze, 10 silver, and 2 gold trophies, in addition to the coveted Platinum trophy.
  • Earning the Platinum trophy necessitates collecting every trophy in the game, which is a demanding task requiring skill and dedication.
  • The bronze trophies are an ideal starting point for newcomers to the game or those new to trophy hunting.
  • Trophy challenges span a range of difficulty levels, accommodating players of all skill levels.

Complete Wild Hearts Trophy List

TrophyTypeHow To Get
Land of the Rising SunBronzeSet foot on the land of Azuma
Scourge of the MountainBronzeRemove Thunder Rock from Harugasumi Pass
Old HostilitiesBronzeGet Winter Ax cleared from Fuyufusagi Fortress
Torment of FireBronzeAfter Amaterasu attacks Minato, shoot it
First StepsBronzeAccomplish your first mission for Minato
Artist dei KarakuriBronzeCreate 200 simple Karakuri
Minato dei Karakuri:BronzeCreate 15 dragon Karakuri in Minato
Sentiero dei KarakuriBronzeCreate 30 dragon Karakuri on Harugasumi Pass
Isola dei KarakuriBronzeCreate 30 dragon Karakuri at Natsukodachi Island
Canyon dei KarakuriBronzeCreate 30 dragon Karakuri in Akikure Canyon
Karakuri FortressBronzeCreate 30 Dragon Karakuri at Fuyufusagi Fortress
Synthesis ArtistBronzeCreate a combined Karakuri 50 times
Breath of LifeBronzeAwaken 20 types of Karakuri
Long DistancesBronzeWith Karakuri, travel over 10 thousand meters
Legend of the SkiesBronzeFly a distance of 150 meters in a glider
Assalto KarakuriBronzeUse Karakuri attack 100 times
Counterattack SpecialistBronzeFence 20 kemono attacks using combined Karakuri
Ace in the HoleBronzeActivate Hunting Furor 30 times
Kemono HuntingBronzeDefeat 30 kemono
Lightning DestructionBronzeFinish a powerful kemono within the first 5 minutes of the battle
Drastic MeasuresBronzeAlter the state of a kemono 20 times
Delicate TouchBronzeStroke a small kemono 30 times
Trap SpecialistBronzeCatch 100 creatures in the wild using traps
Style IconBronzeDye armor for the first time
Human DevotionBronzeReach the affinity limits of the human way by modifying armor
Ingredients of SuccessBronzePrepare your first food
Kemono in the SoulBronzeModify armor to reach the affinity limits of the kemono path
Art of CareBronzeCreate all types of restorative baths
Hidden StoryBronzeObtain the first document in the game
Open HandsBronzeSpend 30,000 at the Shop
HandymanBronzeGet 90 seals from Nobumitsu
Maximum PowerBronzeFully upgrade a tsukumo
Hunt in PacksBronzeComplete 20 online missions with other players
Brilliant AssistantBronzeAssist other players 5 times in the game
Golden HeartBronzeRevive a teammate for the first time
Lucky Charm HuntBronzeCollect your first amulet in the wild
Broken CyclesSilverDefeat the kemono in the sacred mountains
Artist of SimplicitySilverCraft 1,000 simple karakuri
Big GameSilverEliminate 300 kemono
Winning WeaponSilverEliminate 50 kemono using a specific weapon
Unstable VocationSilverDefeat your first highly unstable kemono
Crystalline PerfectionSilverWithout taking any damage, defeat a kemono
InimitableSilverObtain a rare and powerful weapon
Urban PlannerSilverBuild and upgrade every possible structure
Thread HarmonySilverFully expand a dragon well
Camp HuntingSilverUnlock every possible camp in the game
Vanquisher of the VolatileGoldIn every area, defeat a highly unstable kemono
Tsukumo WhispererGoldBuild friendship with 200 tsukumo
Wild HeartsPlatinumObtain every trophy in the game

Bronze Trophies

Bronze Trophies
Wild Hearts – Bronze Trophies (image credit: eXputer)

The 36 bronze trophies in the Wild Hearts trophy list require players to complete specific challenges, such as killing certain monsters, obtaining specific items, and completing various missions. These challenges vary in difficulty and can be completed by players of all levels.

The bronze trophies are a great starting point for players who are new to the game or trophy hunting.

Trophy List – Part 1:

  • Land of the Rising Sun: Arrive in the Azuma region and witness the breathtaking landscape for the first time.
  • Scourge of the Mountain: Clear the Thunder Rock that appeared along Harugasumi Pass, eliminating any threats that stood in your way.
  • Old Hostilities: Successfully clear the Winter Ax from Fuyufusagi Fortress, an ancient battleground that has seen many battles.
  • Torment of Fire: Shoot down the Amaterasu after it attacked Minato, saving the town from destruction.
  • First Steps: Complete your first mission for the people of Minato, setting out on your journey as a monster hunter.
  • Artist dei Karakuri: Create 200 simple Karakuri, showcasing your artistic abilities and ingenuity.
  • Minato dei Karakuri: Create 15 dragon Karakuri in Minato, demonstrating your mastery of the craft.
  • Sentiero dei Karakuri: Create 30 dragon Karakuri along Harugasumi Pass, showcasing your dedication and skill.
  • Isola dei Karakuri: Create 30 dragon Karakuri on Natsukodachi Island, proving your abilities to the locals.
  • Canyon dei Karakuri: Create 30 dragon Karakuri in Akikure Canyon, demonstrating your skills in rugged and challenging terrain.
  • Karakuri Fortress: Create 30 Dragon Karakuri at Fuyufusagi Fortress, showing your mastery in a formidable and ancient location.
  • Synthesis Artist: Create a combined Karakuri 50 times, demonstrating your creativity in combining different types of Karakuri.
  • Breath of Life: Awaken 20 types of Karakuri, showcasing your understanding of the different types of Karakuri and their potential.
  • Long Distances: Travel a distance of 10,000 meters with Karakuri, showing your resilience and endurance.
  • Legend of the Skies: Fly 150 meters in a glider, demonstrating your prowess in flying and your courage.
  • Assalto Karakuri: Unleash a Karakuri attack 100 times, showing your strength and power in combat.
  • Counterattack Specialist: Successfully fence 20 kemono attacks with combined Karakuri, demonstrating your skill in defending and counterattacking.

Continued Trophy List – Part 2:

  • Ace in the Hole: This trophy can be obtained by activating Hunting Furor 30 times in the game. Hunting Furor is a special ability that players can use to increase their speed and attack power during battles with kemono.
  • Kemono Hunting: To earn this trophy, players need to defeat 30 kemono in the game. Kemono are creatures that roam freely in the Azuma region and can be hunted for rewards.
  • Lightning Destruction: This trophy can be achieved by finishing a powerful kemono within the first 5 minutes of the battle. The first 5 minutes are crucial in kemono battles as players must inflict significant damage on the creature to avoid prolonged battles.
  • Drastic Measures: This trophy is earned by altering the state of a kemono 20 times in the game. Players can use different techniques to alter a kemono’s state, such as inflicting damage to specific body parts or using items to weaken the creature.
  • Delicate Touch: Players can obtain this trophy by stroking a small kemono 30 times in the game. Small kemono are cute creatures that players can interact with in the game.
  • Trap Specialist: To earn this trophy, players need to catch 100 creatures in the wild using traps. Traps can be used to catch different types of creatures and earn rewards.
  • Style Icon: This trophy can be achieved by dyeing armor for the first time in the game. Players can customize their armor with different colors and designs.
  • Human Devotion: To earn this trophy, players must reach the affinity limits of the human way by modifying armor. This requires players to complete various tasks and obtain items to modify their armor.
  • Ingredients of Success: Complete your first food preparation, showing your culinary skills and providing nourishment to yourself and your allies.

Continued Trophy List – Part 3:

  • Kemono in the Soul: This trophy is earned by reaching the affinity limits of the kemono path by modifying armor. Players must complete different tasks and earn specific items to modify their armor in this way.
  • Art of Care: Players can obtain this trophy by creating all types of restorative baths in the game. Restorative baths can be used to heal and recover after battles.
  • Hidden Story: This trophy is earned by obtaining the first document in the game. Players can find hidden documents throughout the game that provide additional stories and lore.
  • Open Hands: To earn this trophy, players must spend 30,000 at the Shop. The Shop is a location where players can purchase various items and equipment in the game.
  • Handyman: This trophy can be achieved by getting 90 seals from Nobumitsu in the game. Nobumitsu is a character that players can interact with in the game to obtain different rewards and items.
  • Maximum Power: Players can earn this trophy by fully upgrading a tsukumo form. Tsukumo is a creature that players can ride and use in battles.
  • Hunt in Packs: This trophy is earned by completing 20 online missions with other players. Online missions are special missions in that players can compete with others.
  • Brilliant Assistant: To obtain this trophy, players must assist other players 5 times in the game. Assisting other players can include helping them in battles or providing them with items.
  • Golden Heart: This trophy can be achieved by reviving someone online for the first time. In the game, players can revive each other during battles to keep the fight going.
  • Lucky Charm Hunt: Players can earn this trophy by collecting their first amulet in the wild. Amulets are special items that players can find and use to enhance their abilities.

Silver Trophies

Silver Trophies
Wild Hearts – Silver Trophies (image credit: eXputer)

The 10 silver trophies in the Wild Hearts trophy list require more advanced skills and expertise from players. These trophies may require players to defeat more challenging monsters, complete tougher quests, or obtain rare items. However, the sense of accomplishment gained from acquiring a silver trophy is well worth the effort. Obtaining a Silver trophy will increase your GamerScore by 30.

Trophy List – Part 1:

  1. Broken Cycles: You venture deep into the sacred mountain and eliminate the kemono that started it all. This epic battle marks a turning point in your journey and grants you the “Broken cycles” achievement.
  2. Artist of Simplicity: You show your creativity by crafting 1,000 simple karakuri. These delicate devices require precision and patience, and your dedication earns you the “Artist of simplicity” achievement.
  3. Big Game: You prove your hunting prowess by taking down 300 kemono. These ferocious creatures come in many shapes and sizes, and your mastery over them earns you the “Big game” achievement.
  4. Winning Weapon: You demonstrate your proficiency with a single type of weapon by finishing 50 kemono using only that weapon. Your skill with this particular tool earns you the “Winning weapon” achievement.
  5. Unstable Vocation: You conquer your first highly unstable kemono, proving your courage and skill. These creatures are extremely powerful and unpredictable, and your victory earns you the “Unstable vocation” achievement.

Continued Trophy List – Part 2:

  1. Crystalline Perfection: You defeat a kemono without taking any damage, showcasing your precision and reflexes. Your flawless victory earns you the “Crystalline perfection” achievement.
  2. Inimitable: You obtain an extremely valuable weapon, which sets you apart from other hunters. Your possession of this legendary item earns you the “Inimitable” achievement.
  3. Urban Planner: You build and upgrade all possible structures in the game, demonstrating your planning and management skills. Your efficient use of resources earns you the “Urban planner” achievement.
  4. Thread Harmony: You fully expand a dragon well, which produces valuable resources and allows you to customize your karakuri. Your mastery over this important feature earns you the “Thread harmony” achievement.
  5. Camp Hunting: You unlock all possible camps in the game, which provide safe havens and valuable resources for your adventures. Your exploration and resourcefulness earn you the “Camp hunting” achievement.

Gold Trophies

Gold Trophies
Wild Hearts – Gold Trophies (image credit: eXputer)

The two gold trophies in the Wild Hearts trophy list represent the ultimate challenge for players. These trophies require exceptional skills and determination to achieve and may only be obtained by the most dedicated of players. Completing all challenges and objectives in the game is necessary to acquire these trophies. For every Gold trophy you earn, your GamerScore will increase by 15 points.

Trophy List:

As we approach the end of the game, there are two final trophies to earn and complete the “Wild Hearts trophy list.” Here they are, expanded and explained in detail:

  • Vanquisher of the Volatile: Defeated a highly unstable kemono in each area.
  • Tsukumo Whisperer: Befriended 200 tsukumo.

With these two golden statuettes earned, players can truly say they have completed the Wild Hearts trophy list and conquered all that the game has to offer. Good luck on your journey to earning these final achievements!

Platinum Trophy

Platinum Trophy
Wild Hearts – Platinum Trophy (image credit: eXputer)

The ultimate goal for all players in the Wild Hearts trophy list is the Platinum trophy. To obtain this prestigious award, players must collect every trophy in the game, including the bronze, silver, and gold trophies. This requires a combination of dedication, perseverance, and skill.

  • WILD HEARTS: Obtained all trophies

Like many AAA games, Wild Hearts incorporates achievements and trophies that are tied to completing specific story milestones. However, the game takes things up a notch with its challenging kemono monsters and variants, which will undoubtedly take some time to hunt down. To assist players in their pursuit of earning all the trophies and achievements, we have listed all of them in this guide.


The Wild Hearts trophy list offers a challenging and rewarding experience for players of all levels. With this comprehensive guide, players can navigate the list of achievements and strive to obtain the coveted Platinum trophy. So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the world of Azuma, defeat dangerous monsters, and become a master trophy hunter in Wild Hearts!


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