Wild Hearts: Unlock Weapons Tree & Awaken Slots

Find out how to unlock weapons by using materials in the weapons tree.

Wild Hearts is a game where you have multiple weapons and you can choose from those options. There is a system named Weapon Tree in Wild Hearts which facilitates you to see all the weapons available in the game. You can even view different types of, versions and models of the weapons as well.

Key Takeaways
  • The weapon tree basically assorts your game plan related to the weapons you will use throughout the game
  • This tree shows you how you can unlock the weapons in different sets of order.
  • You must know that by continuing with the story missions, you will be able to get the materials required for the slots to be unlocked
  • To complete this tree, you will be required to defeat various Kemono, as some of the slots in the weapon tree require you to kill certain monsters

What Is The Purpose Of The Weapon Tree

Important: The game offers various kinds of weapons to the players and these are categorized in 14 different kinds. The tree shows a proper pattern of how the weapons can be unlocked. Some of them cannot be accessed until you unlock the node in the Weapon tree.

These weapons can be available when you craft them or upgrade them. The tree will show players which weapons need to be updated and which of them do not require any kind of crafting at that moment. You can even make a plan about which materials to choose for crafting so you can get the required weapon of your own choice.  

Wild Hearts Weapon Tree
This is the weapon tree which contains all the weapons in an order

How To Unlock The Weapon Tree 

You must remember that the weapons are sorted in the tree through an ascending order. The best ones are kept all the down tree as they are the rarest and the strongest weapons in game. You must defeat some of the tough Kemono to get your hands on those weapons.

How Can You Awaken Slots In Weapon Tree 

Before You Start: You can only unlock the weapons if you complete the awaking of the slot. When you will open the weapon tree in Wild Hearts, you will see that the game demands some of the slots to be awakened for the weapon to be unlocked. To do this, players must get some of the core materials in Wild Hearts by searching in different locations.

If you want to succeed, you should obtain these materials by only completing the missions of the game. This is a benefit for you as well because you will get a lot of materials through rewards or by defeating a monster.

This awaking requires you to hunt down different Kemono. Do note that you must kill some of the bigger monsters to get the best weapons. At most times, you are required to kill the Kemono, who possess the exact element which you must acquire.

Best Way to Find Materials 

The best way to kill the Kemono is by hunting monsters of the same element. Like you should go after monsters that possess one of the elements: fire, ice, water, wind, and so on. This way, you can easily go through a single tree line in a faster way. It may become a little hectic, but you will easily move in the weapon tree without any further ado.

After some time, you will see the weapon tree and will get to know that some of the weapons are really expensive or the material used to make them is not available for other weapons. Wild Hearts have solved this trouble by giving the players option to get all the materials back which was used in the crafted weapons.

You must use the yellow arrow and click on any node that you wish to reverse. This way, you can use that same material to make a weapon that is far more powerful and deadlier than the previous ones. This is a major advantage of checking the weapon tree on a regular basis.

Advantages Of Weapons Tree 

  • You can see all the weapons that are present in the game, along with the requirements that they need in order for them to be upgraded
  • The weapon tree tells you about the best weapons that are available, as those that are placed in the end of the weapon tree are classified as the best ones.
  • If you wish to reverse any kind of material used for making in one weapon and want to use the same material in another weapon, you can freely do so.
  • You can decide which weapon you want to unlock first and which can be unlocked afterwards


The players must acquire the weapons that they craft or that they upgrade through the weapon tree in Wild Hearts. This tree will show them all the weapons, including the swords, hammers, bows and much more. All you require to unlock the slots are the material that you may use for the weapon. These items can be found while you play the game’s story mode and continue with killing the monsters. Some of the weapons even require you to kill certain Kemono in Wild Hearts.


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