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Overcome the odds utilizing martial arts and help from this Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Walkthrough.

Our Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Walkthrough includes everything from guides about different game mechanics, bosses, error fixes, builds, and more.


review of the game
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Our game reviews thoroughly examine several elements, including gameplay, visuals, sound, and narrative. An overview of the game, including its genre, platform, and developer, comes first. Finally, our reviewers evaluate the gaming systems, mechanics, and more to give a solid understanding.

We also evaluate the game’s graphic and audio design. We wrap up by summarizing our viewpoint and giving a final verdict. The review in our Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Walkthrough is trustworthy, thorough, and informative, and it covers every important aspect of the game, assisting players in making an informed purchase.

15 Tough Bosses [How To Defeat]

15 Tough Bosses [How To Defeat]  (Image By: eXputer)
Bosses are crucial in determining how the player progresses through the game. These powerful foes, which include old demonic beings and people whom the evil Qui has changed, add exciting challenges and emotional complexity to the narrative.

These formidable monsters in their distant arenas challenge the player’s ability and tenacity with their enormous health bars and unique skills. You can easily defeat all bosses listed here by following the steps in our wiki.

How To Level Up Fast [Best Methods]

wo long all bosses guide and how to farm them
How To Level Up Fast [Best Methods] (Image By: eXputer)
A lot of different playstyles are available for you to choose from. Sadly, grinding is necessary to fight tougher bosses despite how experienced you are. If you’re significantly under-leveled, most powerful foes will destroy you. You can farm Xp with the help of this wiki and get higher rewards and benefits.

Best Character Creation Codes

Michael Jackson in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty
Best Character Creation Codes (Image By: eXputer)

The game offers players a wide range of character creation features, and the players haven’t missed producing some incredible characters. Character creation codes don’t work across all platforms. Therefore, a PlayStation-created character can only be utilized on PlayStation. You can identify a code by the initial letters written. You can learn more about character creation and codes with the assistance of this Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty wiki.

Deflect Difficulty [Explained]

deflect difficulty wo long fallen dynasty
Deflect Difficulty [Explained] (Image By: eXputer)
As most enemies cannot be defeated without deflecting unless you are a master of resistance and repetition, deflecting is one of the game’s main mechanics. The quantity of spirit spent varies based on the weapon and the Deflect Difficulty stat, which defines the total amount of spirit that will be utilized.

How To Beat Lu Bu

Phase 1 Lu Bu
How To Beat Lu Bu (Image By eXputer)

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty sees the introduction of Lu Bu, a significant figure in Chinese history, as a boss. He is a powerful foe, and defeating him requires skill and planning. His usual strikes will be incredibly sluggish and telegraphed, making it simple for you to block them with quick reflexes. You can beat him easily by utilizing our guides in this Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Walkthrough.

Dragon Vein Essence & Crystals Location

Dragon Vein Essence & Crystals Location (Image By eXputer)

The Dragon Vein Crystal and Essence are both useful and collectible items. The game will allow players to raise the usage cap and obtain additional healing power from the Dragons Cure Pot. Along with the game’s primary goals, side quests reward players with The Essence. It can change the Qi in the air while enhancing the Cure Pot to allow it to condense more Qi from its Dragon Veins. You can get these items easily with the help of this wiki.

How To Beat Zhang Rang

How To Beat Zhang Rang (Image By eXputer)

Zhang Rang is portrayed as a powerful boss figure whom the main character and their crew must defeat. Cao Cao NPC accompanies players in the crucial task of beating him. During the boss fight, Zhang Rang demonstrates his magical prowess by transforming into several phantom forms before attacking his foes.

The conflict also revealed Zhang Rang’s transformation into a non-human creature because of the usage of the Elixir, which fed his insatiable desire for wealth and power. Beating Zhang Rang becomes easy after reading the guides mentioned in our wiki.

Max Level [Detailed Explanation]

wo long fallen dynasty
Max Level [Detailed Explanation] (Image By eXputer)
The maximum level has no fixed value that rises throughout the game. Instead, The game concentrates on five areas where you may invest your hard-earned Authentic Qi to improve stats and abilities. You can acquire genuine qi in a few more ways than farming foes to assist you in gaining experience and enhance these qualities as rapidly as feasible with the assistance of this Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Wiki.

How To Do Invasions

Multiplayer options in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty
How To Do Invasions (Image By eXputer)

Invasions are one of the games’ most distinctive and enjoyable features. Thanks to this co-op function, you can conquer other planets, which gives the game’s mechanics another complexity. And with a little effort, you can test your strength by duking it out with other players online and possibly capturing some priceless treasure.

The Invade option can be chosen from the Online Lobby by clicking on it. You can perform as many Invasions as you like with the help of our Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Wiki.

Cups Of Cordiality Farming

wo long fallen dynasty cups of cordiality farming
Farming Cups Of Cordiality (Image By eXputer)

Cups Of Cordiality are crucial for leveling up your relationship with NPC allies; therefore, you should be aware of the finest techniques for gathering them. Both the early stages of the game and the late game are viable times to farm the cups, although the later stages of the game are the most beneficial. Farming The Cups Of Cordiality becomes super easy with the help of this wiki.

Qinglong Armor Location

The Qinglong Helmet
Qinglong Armor Location (Image By eXputer)

Among the body armor that practically every player seeks is the Qinglong Armor. The game offers a vast selection of armor. These armors’ rarity is scaled from One Star to Five Stars. Depending on the armor’s Special Effects, the higher the stars it has, the better. This wiki contains all information about the Qinglong Armor.

Dynasty Taoist’s House Keys Location

Interacting with the Tianzhu Hermit
Dynasty Taoist’s House Keys Location (Image By eXputer)

There is an unauthorized sidequest called Taoist’s House Keys. Your interaction at the base of the Hidden Village marks the start of the hunt. She will request you to look for her house keys since she misplaced them. These keys are buried throughout the game in various locations. You must visit a Battle Flag and go back to the stages to obtain these keys. You can easily get the House Keys by following the steps in this Wiki.

5 Best Armor Sets

Triumphant Set
5 Best Armor Sets (Image By eXputer)

Players can choose from various armor sets, each with its own set of accessories and weaponry. Players can use some help deciding which of the Armor Sets could accommodate them and function well for them in-game with such a large range of armor parts to pick from. You can decide from the armor sets listed in this wiki to choose the one that compliments your playstyle.

Soft Caps For All Stats

Wood Virtue
Soft Caps For All Stats (Image By eXputer)

You can find 5 stats/virtues, each with a soft cap. Almost all Soulslikes include soft caps, which are there to maintain balance while you play. The boost you receive for investing in a stat starts to decline after reaching a particular level. When that occurs, it indicates that you have reached the stat’s soft cap.

How To Coop [Explained]

wo long fallen dynasty coop
How To Coop [Explained] (Image By eXputer)
To access co-op, you must defeat Zhang Liang, the game’s first primary boss. You’ll have to complete the tutorial level by yourself before the game lets you team up for the subsequent missions.

In multiplayer, you can call up to two other players. One space is already occupied by the AI of the NPC that follows you about on missions, however, you could just use the Willow Branch to get the NPC to depart and free up that spot. You can Coop with both random people and friends; however, cooping with friends requires players to set a password and then make a private lobby.

BEST Virtue [All Ranked]

earth virtue
BEST Virtue [All Ranked] (Image By: eXputer)
Virtues are the name of the Wo Long Fallen Dynasty’s leveling framework. You can level up across 5 virtues. Each virtue can access upgraded versions of its various metrics when you level up. These numbers include Attack, Deflect, Health, and more.

How To Find The Missing Husband

Battle Flag
How To Find The Missing Husband (Image By eXputer)

Players must work hard and try to complete the sidequests, which are an unusual assortment. These side missions can occasionally drag on for a while, and based on the location, they can be quite challenging.

Players must engage with a distraught widow who may be in three distinct locations along the quest line in hopes of finding her husband as part of the “lost spouse” quest line. Going inside the Hidden Village Location, descending the vines, and locating her right in the village will start the quest.

BEST Qi Farming Methods

wo long fallen dynasty qi farming
BEST Qi Farming Methods (Image By: eXputer)

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty’s souls-borne-like fighting might penalize you while you’re farming for Qi, making it far from a simple chore. Qi is simply XP that you can get while exploring and accomplishing tasks by killing bosses or different enemies and through some more methods. There are a few effective farming methods. Players can use Genuine QI to level up their character’s virtues and improve their statistics.

All Weapons [Definitive Guide]

wo long fallen dynasty weapons
All Weapons [Definitive Guide] (Image By: eXputer)
The game features a considerable number of weapon categories. Because there are so many different types of weapons, players can utilize a wide range of builds, greatly increasing the gameplay’s diversity and appeal.

Using each weapon is enjoyable in and of itself since none play alike. There are 16 basic sorts of weaponry, each with advantages and disadvantages.

Upgrade Weapons & Armor

Upgrade Option
Upgrade Weapons & Armor (Image By: eXputer)

Players can also salvage their unused armor pieces to receive some jewel fragments and the original steel or leather. Special Effects can be added to each armor or weapon piece to buff it further.

The durability of the players’ armor and weapons is limited if they haven’t been improved. If players wish to upgrade their equipment, they must find Zhu Xia, a blacksmith who can be located in Tianzhushan Village.

Copper must be available in sufficient quantities for players to upgrade their equipment normally. The players must acquire steel to improve their weapons. Furthermore, players must acquire leather if they want to enhance their armor. The rating of the weapon or piece of armor that the player desires to enhance determines the grade of the steel and leather.

How To Respec

how to respec stats in wo long fallen dynasty
How To Respec (Image By eXputer)

You won’t have the choice to reset your character’s stats initially. But once you go far enough, you’ll also have the ability to change your physical look and have the chance to redistribute your skill points. Learning How To Respec is essential if you want to try out various builds.

At the Hidden Village, speak with Zuo Ci to respec your points. You must finish “In Search of the Immortal Wizard,” which is the fifth overall task, before speaking with Zuo Ci.

How To Beat Zhang Liang

How To Beat Zhang Liang (Image By eXputer)

Zhang Liang is the first boss battle you’ll surely encounter in the first few hours. You’ll die on multiple occasions if you don’t understand the boss’ mechanics, attacks, how to dodge him, and other strategies. The worst thing is that the boss fight has two parts, making it extremely hard.

Divine Beasts [Explained]

divine beast in wo long fallen dynasty
Divine Beasts [Explained] (Image By: eXputer)
Holy/mythical monsters based on beasts from Chinese mythology are known as Divine Beasts in the game. These can greatly increase the strength of your character and quickly tip the balance of combat in your favor. You can find ten Divine Beasts.

There are five categories for each Heavenly Beast. Each possesses unique passive powers connected to the beast’s virtue and two active skills. Once a player has interacted with the checkpoints, they can only use one at a time.

Beginners Guide & Tips

Combat Guide Wo Long Fallen Dynasty
Beginners Guide & Tips (Image By: eXputer)

The game features a sophisticated fighting system and is quite challenging. To fully understand the game’s principles, players should read the guides in our Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Walkthrough combat guide for beginners while considering these factors.

Best Spells For Virtue Tree

Absorb Vitality
Best Spells For Virtue Tree (Image By: eXputer)

There are a total of five stats and virtues that players can pick up, develop, and use to constantly upgrade and get advantages. Players can find it challenging to determine what the greatest spells in every virtue tree are due to the large number of spells available to them. Nevertheless, each stage lets people acquire fresh spells that may be employed in combat to destroy foes.

Best Builds [Top 6]

Heaven's Reliance
Best Builds [Top 6] (Image By: eXputer)
With five classes/stats primarily focused on and various weapons, Wo Long Fallen Dynasty offers one of the most intricate character and class systems. This allows players to choose a build that is perfect for them. We’ll help you get the best build in our Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Walkthrough so you can play according to your desired playstyle.

Is The Game Coming To Game Pass and PC?

Image shows Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Gameplay
Is The Game Coming To Game Pass and PC? (Image By: eXputer)

Prepare yourselves because Team Ninja Wo Long’s newest action-packed title, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, is nearly here. On March 3, 2023, this new experience from the creators of the Nioh Series will launch, powered by intense sword action and malevolent forces. But the important question is whether it will be available on PC and Game Pass.

Game Length [How Long To Beat]

Wo long fallen dynasty gameplay
Game Length [How Long To Beat] (Image By eXputer)
Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty’s main story is believed to require 40 hours to complete. The gameplay can be significantly extended over 40 hours with endgame content and side missions. Both casual and avid gamers will find enjoyment in the game. Famous historical personalities appear in the Chinese mythology-based plot. Fans who enjoy playing action-packed games with complex storylines and engaging gameplay should find the game to be a thrilling and satisfying experience.

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