Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: How To Beat Zhang Liang

You will never bow down before Zhang Liang if you master his attack patterns & defeat him!

Zhang Liang is big, brutal, and best at smashing you with his massive club in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. You will die not just once but every single time if you do not learn the boss’s attack patterns, how to deflect, when to guard & much more. The worst part is that the entire boss fight spans two phases, making it even more challenging. 

Key Takeaways
  • Zhang Liang is the first boss in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, encountered in the early stages of the game.
  • The boss fight consists of 2 phases, adding complexity to the combat scenario.
  • Prioritize deflecting attacks to reduce Zhang Liang’s Spirit gauge and create openings for damage.
  • Use spells to create distance and inflict additional damage to Zhang Liang.
  • Zhang Liang’s attacks come in sets of two; time your deflects accordingly.
  • Guard against Earth-based magical attacks instead of deflecting.
  • In the second phase, deflect multiple attacks with altered timing.
  • Deflect Zhang Liang’s elongated demonic arm grab just as it reaches you to stagger him.
  • Summon the Divine Beast when Zhang Liang’s health is around halfway to conclude the fight.

Zhang Liang’s Arena

Zhang Liang, the boss, will do a big villain monologue upon the player’s arrival in the arena, but the monologue can be skipped.

  • Zhang Liang wields a great club that he slams down in front of him at the beginning of the fight.
  • The arena may have elements that impact the fight, such as obstacles or hazards that the player must avoid.
  • There are also strategic elements that the player can use to their advantage, such as corners or elevated platforms.

Zhang Liang’s Boss Fight Tips & Tricks

Embered Arm Deflect

Here are some tips and tricks for both phases of the Zhang Liang boss fight:

First Phase

  • Cast a buff spell before engaging Zhang Liang.
  • Focus on deflecting his attacks with the B/circle button to shrink his Spirit gauge.
  • Mix in normal attacks with X/square and Spirit Attacks with Y/triangle to further drain Zhang Liang’s gauge.
  • Deflect immediately after Zhang Liang performs his Critical Blow grab with his elongated demonic arm to stagger him.
  • Sprint towards him at the beginning of the fight for a couple of free hits.
  • Assign Wizardry Spells for brief moments of distance to cast a couple of spells and deal more damage.

Second Phase

  • Focus on deflecting his attacks with proper timing to stagger him and perform a Fatal Strike.
  • Deflect Zhang Liang’s Critical Blows to stagger him.
  • Liang often performs moves in sets of two, requiring multiple deflections.
  • The boss can summon rows of rocky shards and perform acrobatic maneuvers.
  • His club can be deflected to summon rows of rocky shards.
  • Use Guard to defend against the boss’s Earth-based magical attack.
  • Deflect Zhang Liang’s grab with his elongated demonic arm to stagger him.
  • Summon the Divine Beast to end the fight once his health bar is depleted to about halfway.

I hope these tips and tricks are useful for defeating Zhang Liang!

Mistakes To Avoid During The Boss Fight

Deflecting Arming Swing Attack

Here are some common mistakes to avoid when fighting Zhang Liang so that the player can defeat him more easily:

  1. Not deflecting enough: In both phases of the boss fight, the player’s main objective is to deflect his attacks to shrink his Spirit gauge. It’s essential to practice deflection to get the timing right, and the player should prioritize deflecting over dealing damage.
  2. Button mashing: While button-mashing can help the player deflect more often, it can also be counterproductive. It’s crucial to time the deflect button correctly, or the player may end up dodging instead, leaving Zhang Liang with his Spirit gauge intact.
  3. Not utilizing spells: The player can assign and use spells to deal additional damage to Zhang Liang. Spells can be used to create brief moments of distance, allowing the player to cast a couple of spells and deal more damage.
  4. Failing to guard or deflect Earth-based magical attacks: He can summon rows of rocky shards and perform other magical attacks that can be challenging to deflect. It’s often easier to guard against these attacks than to deflect them, so players should use a guard to defend themselves.
  5. Not paying attention to Zhang Liang’s movements: He often performs moves in sets of two, and the player needs to be aware of this to time their deflects correctly. The player should observe Zhang Liang’s movements to identify the right moment to deflect and avoid getting caught out.
  6. Not using the Divine Beast: Once his health bar is depleted to about halfway, the player can Summon the Divine Beast to end the fight. It’s crucial to keep track of the Divine Beast Gauge and not forget to use this powerful tool to defeat Zhang Liang.

By avoiding these common mistakes and focusing on deflection, timing, and observation, the player can defeat Zhang Liang with ease.


The player’s odds of beating Zhang Liang in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty are increased if they adhere to the guide’s recommendations. The walkthrough tutorial explains how to defeat the boss and includes advice on how to avoid damage, use spells, and make the most of the Divine Beast. The player’s reflexes and timing will be much enhanced after finishing the guide, preparing them for the game’s more difficult boss battles.

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