Wo Long Fallen Dynasty BEST Virtue [All Ranked]

Virtues are important for the pious to take down all the sinners in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty!

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is a new Souls-like action RPG game set during the Three Kingdoms War. It is a game that takes a lot of inspiration from Dark Souls as well as Sekiro. It has a unique leveling system named Virtues. These virtues are all different and provide different benefits to the players depending on their builds. Here is all you need to know about the best virtue in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

Key Highlights
  • Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is a new Souls-like game with a new leveling system called virtues.
  • There are a total of 5 virtues, including Earth, Fire, Wood, Metal, and Water.

Virtues in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

As mentioned earlier, Wo Long Fallen Dynasty’s leveling system is named Virtues. There are a total of 5 virtues that the players can level up. Each virtue has different stats that they can upgrade as you level them up. These stats can be Attack, Deflect, Health points, and more. Depending on the type of build the player is going with, they can prioritize leveling up a certain virtue.

Important: All 5 virtues are listed from best to worst as follows:

  • Earth Virtue
  • Fire Virtue
  • Wood Virtue
  • Metal Virtue
  • Water Virtue

Complete details about Virtues: 

VirtueHPSpiritEquipment WeightAffinityResistanceMain Weapon
EarthRaisesRaisesRaisesIncreases Earth AffinityIncreases Water Resistance,
Decreases Wood Resistance
MetalRaisesRaises-Increases Metal AffinityIncreases Wood Resistance,
Decreases Fire Resistance
Curved Sabres
WaterRaises--Increases Water AffinityIncreases Fire Resistance,
Decreases Earth Resistance
Dual Swords &
Ranged Weapons
FireRaisesRaises-Increases Fire AffinityIncreases Metal Resistance,
Decreases Water Resistance
Straight Sabres
(The Most)
--Increases Wood AffinityIncreases Earth Resistance,
Decreases Metal Resistance

Earth Virtue

earth virtue
The Earth Virtue in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

The Earth Virtue is, without a doubt, the best virtue that everyone should upgrade. Most beginners will upgrade Wood virtue for extra health. However, that is not highly recommended. Earth Virtue is the most important virtue because of the maximum equipment weight. Players might think it is not that important, but in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, equipment load is highly important regardless of the armor you wear. Because it easily increases as you get new gear.

In addition to the maximum weight increase, the Earth Virtue increases the spirit gain from deflection. It is the most important stat that players require, especially during boss battles. Spirit allows players to use the defense and offense of their characters to the fullest. Deflection during boss battles is mandatory, and you can barely win against enemies without deflecting. So, if you are thinking about dodging instead of deflecting, think again. Earth Virtue also unlocks Earth Spells, which can be useful against enemies. 

Fire Virtue

fire virtue
The Fire Virtue in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

Fire virtue is the second-best virtue in the game. It is highly recommended for aggressive melee players. Fire virtue increases the spirit gain from attacks. Hence, if you are a very aggressive player, this virtue is the best fit for you. Players can easily regain their spirit as they keep attacking their enemies. This is also why this virtue is easily the second-best virtue that any player can upgrade. 

Moreover, the fire virtue allows players to use less spirit while performing martial arts. Martial Arts can be considered as special moves in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. When a player uses these attacks, it actually costs spirit. So as mentioned earlier, if you are an aggressive player, you must level up the fire virtue. It helps to overall increase your chances of performing martial arts, which will help players deal a lot of damage. The fire spells are also very useful as they deal a huge amount of damage to enemies.

Wood Virtue

The Wood Virtue in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Wood virtue is what most beginners will upgrade. The virtue is fairly useful because it increases the character’s health points. This means that if this is your first time playing a Souls-like game, it is recommended that the players upgrade this virtue. Health will always be something that players require in games like these. So even if you are trying to go for a specific build, you must always remember to upgrade this virtue as well.

In addition to increasing Health points, Wood virtue also increases the spirit defense as well as spell duration. It is very useful for spell casters as it increases the time a spell is cast. You get extra spirit defense which will help you survive in boss battles for longer than before. It is highly recommended that beginners should upgrade this virtue because this will make the game a bit easier for them to enjoy. 

Metal Virtue

The Metal Virtue in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

Metal virtue is one of the two more odd virtues of the game. The main and most important aspect of Metal Virtue is the spirit consumption of spells. This virtue upgrade will reduce the spirit consumed when using spells. So, it is an extremely important virtue if you want to create a spell build. However, if you plan on going full melee, this will not be as important as the rest. 

Yet it also increases a very odd stat, which can be useful during boss battles. Upgrading the Metal virtue will also increase the spirit of sustainability. This stat allows the character’s spirit to stay at a higher level for a longer duration. This can be very useful for boss battles as it will allow the players to fight them without worrying too much about spirit. Metal spells, in the beginning, are not that useful. However, once you have upgraded for a while, you can use very powerful metal spells, which are really useful for spell users.

Water Virtue

The Water Virtue in Wo Long Final Dynasty.

Water virtue might be at the bottom of the list, but it can be very handy if you upgrade it in moderation over time. It increases the stealth of the player’s characters, which will be handy against normal enemies. However, it has very little use against bosses and cannot work against them. So, if you want to upgrade stealth for more effective measures against canon fodder, this is the virtue for you. 

In the case of the Water virtue, there is another stat that it can upgrade. It actually decreases spirit consumption during deflection. It also allows you to dodge without worrying much about spirit consumption. This can come in handy with bosses as you need to dodge as well as deflect a lot. Upgrading Water virtue also increases the attack power of the ranged weapons. So if you want to use ranged weapons as your main weapon you should definitely upgrade the Water virtue. 


Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is a Souls-like action RPG made by Team Ninja. The last Souls-like they released was Nioh 2 back in 2020. This is their latest try at Souls-like games with a story centered around the Three Kingdom War after the Qin Dynasty. 

That wraps up everything you need to know about the best virtue in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. If you are just starting the game and don’t know what to do, check out our beginner’s guide. While you are at it, you should also check out our BEST spells for virtue tree and BEST builds guides to help you on your journey through the game. 

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