Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: Cups Of Cordiality Farming

Make these NPC Allies your sworn brothers in Wo Long!

Cups Of Cordiality play an important role in leveling up your bond with the NPC allies in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, which is why you should know about the best methods to farm these key items in the game. You can farm the cups both in the early game and late game; however, farming in the late game is more efficient. 

Key Takeaways
  • Obtain Cups of Cordiality to level Oath with reinforcements in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.
  • Farm Cups by replaying missions; one is more efficient.
  • The Demon Fort Of The Yellow (Part 2) mission has a chest containing the cup.
  • The first mission is unlocked early but less efficient.
  • The Uninhibited Heart (Part 5) mission has three possible spawn points for cups
  • Once you reach the maximum Oath Level with an NPC ally using the cups, you will receive the armor and weapons of that NPC in the game.
Important: You will need Cups Of Cordiality if you’re planning to get the special armor sets and weapons of your NPC Allies.

Best Cups Of Cordiality Farming Methods

As we have already mentioned before, there are two ways you can farm the cups in the game. However, both of these methods depend on you replaying the missions that you’ve already ended. Additionally, you’re going to replay these missions over and over again.

For our early game farm, we will utilize a mission from part 2, whereas for our late game farm, we will utilize a mission from Part 5 in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. In conclusion, we will be doing the following farms for Cups Of Cordiality;

  • Early Game Farming
  • Late Game Farming

Early Game Farming

wo long fallen dynasty cups of cordiality farming
The Demon Fort Of The Yellow Mission In Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty (Image Captured by Us)

The early game farming is only possible when you reach Part 2 in the game and have completed The Demon Fort Of The Yellow mission additionally.

  • Basically, we will be replaying that mission in order to get the Cup.
  • However, this method is not as efficient as you’ll only be getting a single Cup Of Cordiality per run in the mission.
item in the game
The Treasure Chest Containing A Cup Of Cordiality (Image Captured by eXputer)
  • When you load into the mission, just keep following the linear until you arrive at the huge battlefield where you’ll have to open up a gate.
  • Open that gate and go inside, then climb up the ladder in the area.
  • You will then cross a small bridge and see a small opening on the roof.
  • Jump down through the roof, and you should arrive at the treasure chest that contains the Cup Of Cordiality.
  • You can then restart the mission to keep opening up that chest in order to get the cup.
  • Make sure to run through the enemies and not engage in combat, as it will just waste time.
  • You need to run to the chest as soon as you load in so that you can farm the maximum number of cups in no time.

Late Game Farming

item in the game
The Uninhibited Heart Mission In Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty (Image by eXputer)

Now, this late-game farming method is actually really popular among the players of Wo Long, as is evident from this subreddit post additionally. You will need to unlock Part 5 in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty because we are going to farm the cups in a mission that you play in that part.

The mission that we’re talking about is actually The Uninhibited Heart, and there are actually three different spawn points for the Cup Of Cordiality here. Depending upon RNG, you can actually farm the most cups in this mission, and these cups are actually located at the beginning of the mission additionally. 

wo long fallen dynasty cups of cordiality farming
Cup Of Cordiality Spawning As Ground Loot (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)
  • Start by dropping down near the Battle Flag.
  • Jump on the left wall after dropping down and ascend.
  • Check for ground loot at the end of the path; it might be a Cup Of Cordiality.
  • If not found, jump down on the left side of the first ground loot spawn.
  • Follow the path, jump onto a platform, and check for ground loot at the top.
  • There’s a chance the loot is a Cup Of Cordiality.

Uses Of Cups Of Cordiality

wo long fallen dynasty cups of cordiality farming
Cups Of Cordiality In The Game (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

When you rest at the Battle Flag in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, you can actually open up a Reinforcements tab where you’ll see your NPC allies and their Oath Levels additionally. You can slowly increase the Oath Level by completing various missions with those allies.

wo long fallen dynasty cups of cordiality farming
Receiving The Weapons And Armor Of Reinforcements (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

However, Cups Of Cordiality can fasten up that process, and you’ll max out the Oath Level with your NPC allies in no time. The maximum Oath Level is 10, and once you reach it with an ally, you will receive their armor and weapons as a reward. In order to receive the rewards after maxing out the Oath Level, just open up the Deliveries tab after resting at a Battle Flag in the game additionally.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is a game with one of the best combat systems that utilize Build Variety additionally. You can make use of various Spells in the game, and there is a whole tree for these spells based on Virtues in the game. Virtues are basically the basic stats in Wo Long. There is even Coop and multiplayer here as well. You can either play with your friends or invade other players in the game.

This concludes our guide on the best farming methods for Cups Of Cordiality in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. We have entailed two different methods catering to two different parts of the game. You can utilize one of our methods for the early game and the other one for the late game. The uses of Cups Of Cordiality have also been mentioned in complete detail. Let us know what you think about Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty in the comments below!


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