Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty: How To Do Invasions

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One of the most distinct and entertaining aspects of FromSoftware’s titles has made it to Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – Invasions. This co-op feature adds another layer to the game’s mechanics, letting you invade other worlds. And with some practice, you too can test your might by facing off against players online and potentially pillaging some valuable loot.

Before You Start: You can only start your invasions once you’ve beaten the fifth main boss, Zhang Jiao, in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.
Key Takeaways
  • You can start an invasion by going to the Online Lobby and selecting the Invade option in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.
  • After being summoned into another world, the invader has to either kill the host of the world or capture their Battle Flag to win.
  • After a successful invasion, the invader can loot the host’s corpse for a bounty.
  • The host can also summon additional recruits to fight the invader.
  • Similarly, an invader might be joined by another invader to beat the host as well.
  • An invasion will only occur near the Battle Flag where you selected the Invading option.
  • It will also happen against similar-ranked players to avoid any balancing issues or potentially spoiling in-game gear and weapons.
  • Invasions are only possible on similar platforms, as the game does not feature crossplay.

How To Start Invasions

You can invade other players at any time by resting at one of the Battle Flags hubs in the game. Once in the Battle Flag’s menu, go to the Online Lobby, and select the Invade option. In this lobby, you can also find other multiplayer options like Co-op and Recruit.

Multiplayer options in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty
Invade and other Multiplayer options (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)
  • After selecting the Invade option, the game will start searching for a battleground to hold the invasion.
  • Once it’s found an invasion spot, you’ll teleport directly to the other player’s world as an invader with a red aura, after which you can begin your battles.
Important: If there are any compatibility or server issues, the search might say that it was unable to find a battlefield. In that case, you can always retry and see if you can find someone the next time around.

How Do Invasions Work In Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty?

An invasion will only take place near your Battle Flag, so you’ll hunt players that are currently in the same vicinity as you. With that being said, however, there are a few limitations as to who you can invade in Wo Long:

  1. The game does not support crossplay, so you can only invade players who are on the same platform as your PC, Xbox, or PlayStation.
  2. You can also only invade players who have enabled PvP in their settings.
  • As an invader, your primary goal is to either kill the host of the world or capture their Battle Flag.
  • The host could have several recruits by their side, either in the form of NPCs or real players, so you might find yourself facing off against multiple foes.
  • It’s worth noting, however, that killing the recruits does not mean a win for the invader.
  • You can only win the invasion if and only if you’ve killed the host or secured the flag.

Apart from that, the in-game enemies are non-hostile to the invader. So they, too, will also be focused on killing the host. The invader can, of course, take advantage of these mechanics and use the hostiles as bait or as an additional helping hand to talk to the host and their recruits. 

Invading someone wo long
An ongoing Invasion (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

On the other hand, as a host, your job is to protect the Battle Flag and/or defeat the invader.

  • As mentioned, you can recruit up to 2 allies (real players or NPCs) beforehand to help you.
  • However, the game also lets multiple invaders in a world simultaneously to even the odds.
  • And just like your recruits, an invader can also aid and revive a fellow invader during combat.

To balance the game, the invaders, hosts, and recruits in the invasion will be relatively similar in rank. Once the invader(s) wins, they receive several of the host’s wears and other inventory items as a reward and immediately get sent back to their world. Similarly, when the host’s team wins, they can scavenge the corpse of the invader for loot.

winning an invasion Wo Long Fallen Dynasty
Winning an Invasion (Image Source: eXputer)

Disabling PvP And Invasions

Invasions and PvP are enabled in the game by default. But if you want a complete single-player experience without any random invasions instead, then Wo Long does give you the option to disable them. To do that, you need to head over to the game’s Online Settings and change Invasion by Hostile Players to ‘Do Not Allow.’

Important: Disabling these features also nullifies your ability to summon other players as recruits. So by restricting invasions, you’re also limiting your other multiplayer features in the game.
Disabling Invasions Wo Long Fallen Dynasty
Disabling Invasions in the Online Settings (Image Source: eXputer)


That wraps up our complete guide on invasions in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. In regards to this staple souls-like multiplayer feature, the community on Reddit seems fairly expressive about the invasion’s implementation in the game. However, you can never tell how good or bad an in-game feature is until you try it out yourself. So assemble your crew or go in solo to experience Wo Long’s rich and enthusiastic PvP system.

If you want to have a strong build to casually wipe the floor during invasions, here are the Top 6 Best Builds in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Similarly, you can learn more about enhancing your custom build by checking out our guide on the Best Virtue Tree Spells in the game. And if you’re looking to understand the game’s other mechanics, consider reading our Wo Long Beginner Guide and Tips.

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