Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: How To Level Up Fast [Best Methods]

The bosses are already tough, but being under leveled will turn the battles into a nightmare.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is a very fun game that offers a huge variety of playstyles. Unfortunately, no matter how skilled you are, you will need to do a bit of grinding to face stronger bosses. Most strong enemies will obliterate you if you are too underleveled. That is exactly why today we are going to tell you all the best methods on how to level up fast in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. 

Key Takeaways
  • Akin to most games, you gain XP by doing multiple things, which then level you up in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.
  • Doing the quests and side quests is an excellent way to gain XP and gear.
  • Even if you use the best builds or best armor sets of the game, you will still lose easily unless you level up
  • Being on a decent level is essential for most encounters.
  • If your level is below most enemies in an area, then you knowing the best Beginner’s tips or the best spells will do you no good.
  • Completing Side Quests is a great source for level farming as it provides an incentive for the player to revisit old ground. It also provides good practice; soon, you will become a master and easily beat Lu Bu.
  • Upgrading and Salvaging gear regularly is key to leveling up fast in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. 
  • Playing the game in Co-Op makes the time and grind go by significantly faster. Soon, you will reach the max level in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty
  • Salvaging gear and selling it benefits a lot. You can gain Jewels by salvaging useless equipment, which you can use to make strong equipment by embedding them. 
wo long all bosses guide and how to farm them
Repeatedly fighting enemies & bosses like these is essential for most methods on our guide | From us at eXputer

Repeat Areas

all battlefields wo long guide
Selecting a Battlefield area to repeat from the world map | Captured by eXputer

After you have gone through a Battlefield, you will come across many enemies, old and new. Fighting them drops a lot of loot, like copper and weapons. You can salvage these weapons to earn Jewels. Using the Jewels to embed the current strong gear makes it even stronger.

Furthermore, having devastating gear helps kill enemies and bosses faster, which naturally means you will collect loot at a way faster pace. We know that repeating what you have already done can be boring, but it is something that you will need to do if you want to level up fast in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

We suggest that you try out different playstyles when repeating these areas. It can lead to you finding out about your preferred playstyle and also keep things fresh. 

Speaking of keeping things fresh, most Side Quests switch things up a bit. Most of them change enemy placements and even put in little surprises that we won’t spoil to catch players off their guard. Next, let us talk about them in a bit more detail. 

Complete Side Quests

missing husband side quest guide
Find a missing husband by talking to this girl in the Hidden Village | Image from eXputer

While the game doesn’t have the best lore and narrative, the side quests can improve that a lot. They provide extra content and also give more lore to some of the locations and enemies you encounter. All the gear that drops during these also has a likelihood of being stronger than your current one.

Still, by far, the best thing about Side Quests is how many of them give you a different experience in the same location. They make going back and repeating areas far less tedious. Now you can actually enjoy the challenge that new enemy placements bring.

Needless to say, Side Quests also give you extra rewards for completing them. Some take Copper away but provide gear and Qi which helps you far more than Copper does.

One such quest is the one shown in the screenshot above. You should try your best to complete as many Side Quests as you can if you want to level up fast in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. 

Salvage & Upgrade Equipment

Players hate the convoluted item and loot pool of Team Ninja’s games. During your adventure, you will come across countless items, many of which will be gathering dust in your inventory. Fortunately, now they can be of some use as you can go to a Blacksmith and salvage them for materials, mainly some Jewels.

In addition, Jewels can be used to enhance weapons & armor. Simply go to a shop and then select the option to Embed gear. That is how you enhance it. Make a habit of regularly Salvaging useless equipment each time you return from a Battlefield. Getting rid of needless stuff will make you stronger than you know.

You should also consider Salvaging strong equipment that doesn’t suit your playstyle. If you have been regularly completing quests and side quests, then you already might’ve found a playstyle that suits you. Most of all, the other types of weapons are useless for you, even if they are really strong. 

Regularly Spend Genuine Qi

all virtues guide to level up fast in wo long fallen dynasty
Spend Genuine Qi to increase your Virtues | From eXputer

Keeping Genuine Qi on yourself for too long can prove to be very dangerous. These work like the Souls in FromSoftware’s titles. If you die, you lose them and have to recover them. It can be extremely frustrating to die again while you are trying to recover the Qi and lose it all.

What makes recovery even more frustrating here compared to FromSoftware’s works is that now you have to fight and kill the enemy who beat you earlier to recover the Genuine Qi. If you fall to your demise or die due to some other causes, then you won’t have to go through this hell.

Still, as you can tell by now that it isn’t wise to keep a lot of it on you; if you die to a really strong foe, chances are you will die again when you go back to recover the Genuine Qi. So, always keep spending it on things that suit your build and playstyle. 

Cautiously Recover Genuine Qi 

This one goes with what we said earlier. Recovering Genuine Qi is a nightmare, especially if you die of a stronger enemy. You need to be extra careful fighting them now, so you don’t lose the Genuine Qi forever. You should have a low amount of it on yourself in the first place.

Still, if you die with a lot of Genuine Qi on you, the best way to proceed is to grind separately on weak enemies and reach a stronger state which will fare well against the foe who fell you earlier. Genuine Qi is key to making you stronger and deadlier.

Play In Co-Op

Just like with every farming guide, playing with a friend makes the process go by a lot faster. You can hop in the game with a buddy of yours who can help you demolish foes and go through areas at a way faster pace. If you can get somebody who has already beaten the game, then it will make the process even faster. 

Naturally, playing with a friend also reduces the tediousness of all the methods we have listed. When you are besting enemies left and right with a homie, you will ignore all the shortcomings of the game and the repetitiveness of farming for levels. 

Wrapping Up

Fans of FromSoftware’s works have found a very familiar experience in these Team Ninja games, as is further proven by this Subreddit Post. It is hilarious how a lot of the frustrations are also shared. These games offer a very good amount of content that also incentivizes replayability and Co-Op.

The only thing that we want from the next title is good exploration. We aren’t looking for Skyrim, but it would feel really good to have such good combat in an actually engaging lore-filled world. You can still do a lot in the game, like learn how to do invasions or farm Cups of Cordiality.

The game reminds us a lot of Nioh. We did enjoy most of our experience. The repetitiveness is offputting, but you adapt to it soon. Did you like the game? Were you familiar with the historical figures who appear in it? Which playstyle do you love? Let us know all about it in the comments below. 

While you are here, why not check out our other guides if you are still having trouble, 

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