Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: How To Beat Lu Bu

Check out our guide to learn all about Lu Bu's moves and the optimal strategies to defeat him in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

Lu Bu is a prominent figure in Chinese history who debuted as a boss in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. He is a formidable enemy and requires strategy and skill to beat him.

Important: You should obtain the Enhanced Defense and Absorb Vitality spells for this fight. Also, do not forget to get a Fortitude Level of at least 18 before you start the boss fight.
Key Takeaways
  • Head into the fight against Lu Bu with a Fortitude Rank of at least level 18. You can level this up by finding battle flags located throughout the mission.
  • Also, I recommend the spells Enhanced Defense, Absorb Vitality, Life Wither, and Calamity Bolts.
  • You should be at least level 40 before you attempt this fight. Also, make sure your gear is up to par, too.
  • Due to its mighty rock pillars, I recommend using the Divine Beast Qilin in this fight.
  • Ensure you put on Enhanced Defense and Absorb Vitality before you open the door to the boss fight.

First Phase

In the first phase, Lu Bu will be mounted on a horse. I recommend you always stay behind the horse and hack away at him. His normal attacks will be very slow and telegraphed, so you can easily deflect them on reaction.

Phase 1 Lu Bu
The First Phase | Image By eXputer

In addition, he will occasionally run away on his horse and fire a volley of arrows at you. We recommend deflecting these to keep your spirit on the positive side. Once you have fully depleted Lu Bu’s spirit, he will be dismounted, and the second phase will begin.

Critical Attacks In The First Phase

Lu Bu has a variety of Critical Attacks he can use against you. You can only get the timing right with practice for almost all of these attacks

  • He will jump into the air and slam down onto the ground. Once you see the red glow get darker while he is descending, execute a deflect, and it will work.
  • In another attackhe will charge at you with his horse. This one is pure timing; simply deflect as soon as the horse is close to you.

Second Phase

During the second phase, Lu Bu will be aggressive and relentlessly attack you. In addition, his horse will also start running rounds in the arena. To counter this, I recommend fighting Lu Bu in the corner of the arena, away from the concrete area.

Phase 2 Lu Bu
The Second Phase | Image By Us
  • We recommend that you adopt a passive and defensive playstyle for this phase.
  • Do not attack aggressively; use 2-3 hits after deflecting Lu Bu’s attacks.
  • Also, Lu Bu will buff his attacks with a fire effect during this phase, so make sure you are not guarding too much, as it inflicts chip damage.

Additionally, Lu Bu will fire his arrows twice in a row in this phase. You must always keep that in mind, as this can kill a lot of good runs. They will also be buffed with the aforementioned fire effect, so try to get good at deflecting them every single time. After depleting his spirit gauge during this phase and executing a critical attack, Lu Bu will mount his horse again.

Mount Horse
Lu Bu Mounting The Horse | Image By Us

Critical Attacks In The Second Phase

The critical attacks in the second phase will be more lethal than before.

  • Lu Bu will jump into the sky and descend. As he descends, the red glow will get darker. Once it does, immediately execute a deflect.
  • He can also execute an extremely fast slash. However, parrying this is very easy as you can just execute a deflect as soon as you spot a red glow.

This leads us to the third attack, which is a lot trickier to deflect. Lu Bu will drag his halberd, leaving behind a trail of fire. The timing to deflect this is very tight, so I recommend rolling to the right instead, as Lu Bu has no tracking during this attack. You can also find a way better punish him by doing this method.

Lu Bu Trail Of Fire
The Third Critical Attack | Image Credit: eXputer

Important Things To Keep In Mind

  • If your spirit is on the positive side while fighting Lu Bu, always refresh your Enhanced Defense and Absorb Vitality spells if he gallops away or if you deflect his Critical Attacks.
  • Doing this will increase your survivability by quite a lot.
  • In addition, if Lu Bu’s spirit is depletedimmediately cast an Absorb Vitality before you execute your own critical hit. 
  • Doing this will grant you a big healing, so always do this.
  • Also, do not forget to use Calamity Bolts and Life Wither, but only if your spirit is positive.

Summoning allies for this fight is not recommended as they are ineffective against Lu Bu. Almost all of the time, they will simply act as punching bags for Lu Bu and die. This leads to you going to help them and then getting hit while reviving them. However, you could invite players to help you with this fight.

Besides the immense satisfaction from killing Lu Bu, players can also obtain random pieces of the Flying General set and a guaranteed Sky-Piercing Halberd.

Leveling Your Base Stats

  • The recommended level for this fight is level 37. 
  • However, we recommend you go for an even 40 to get a higher advantage against Lu Bu.
  • In addition, you should invest at least 15 points into the Water stat as Lu Bu has many powerful attacks that utilize fire against you.
Wo Long Stats
The Stats Menu | Image By eXputer

Leveling Up Your Fortitude Rank

Fortitude Rankis imperative for your survival against Lu Bu as it boosts your attack and defense. This can be achieved by finding battle flags in every mission’s nook and crannyAlso, do not worry about missing these flags, as they are easy to find.

We recommend summoning some allies while exploring the mission to help fight the ganks. In addition, we recommend you get a fortitude rank of at least level 18 if you want a good chance against Lu Bu.

Finding The Right Divine Beast

Out of all the Divine Beasts, Qilin worked the best for us against Lu Bu. The reason is that the rock pillars it spawns give you a type of shield. You can lure Lu Bu into these pillars, and he will take hefty damageWe recommend using the Divine Beast when Lu Bu is below 30 percent healthy. Also, summoning a Divine Beast while Lu Bu executes a Critical Attack will completely cancel Lu Bu’s attack, so keep that in mind.

Attaining The Right Spells

In your fight against Lu Bu in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, we recommend using spells to make the fight much more lenient. Also, you can bring some water spells to nullify Lu Bu’s fire attacks, but it is not mandatory.

Unrelenting Frost

Unrelenting Frost is a Water spell that requires 15 points in your Water stat and a morale level of at least 3. It fires a volley of ice shards at the enemy. It is useful against Lu Bu as it douses the flames on his Halberd.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Unrelenting Frost
The Unrelenting Frost Spell | Image By eXputer

Life Wither

Life Wither is a Metal spell that requires 7 points in your Metal stat and a morale level of at least 15. This spell is incredibly powerful as it debuffs the enemy, making them take extra damage.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Life Wither
Life Wither Spell | Image By Us

Enhanced Defense

Enhanced Defense is an Earth spell that requires 2 points in your Earth stat and a morale level of at least 3. This spell increases your defense and makes you not stagger against enemy attacks.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Enhanced Defense
Enhanced Defense Spell | Image Grab: eXputer

Absorb Vitality

Absorb Vitality is one of the best spells you can use in this fight. It only requires 3 points in your Wood stat. This spell lets you recover your HP by consecutively hitting the opponent. In addition, you can absorb a big chunk of health by executing a critical hit when the enemy’s spirit is fully consumed.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Absorb Vitality
Absorb Vitality Spell | Image By eXputer

Calamity Bolts

Calamity Bolts is a Metal spell that requires 4 points in your Metal stat and a morale level of at least 3. This spell reduces the enemy’s attack power, making it very effective against a powerhouse like Lu Bu.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Calamity Bolts
The Calamity Bolts Spell | Screenshot By eXputer

And there you have it; with my Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Lu Bu boss guide, you will easily overcome this mighty general in combat.

Look at the game length of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty if you are playing it. Make sure you know about all weapons in the game to pick which one suits you best. If your current build is not viable against Lu Bu, you should respec your stats. Lastly, here is how to find the missing husband.

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