Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Max Level [Detailed Explanation]

Hone your skills and strength as you grind your character to the the max level!

Unlike other RPGs, the Max Level in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is not entitled to a single value that you gradually increase over the course of the game. Instead, the game focuses on five different categories in which you can invest your hard-earned Genuine Qi in order to upgrade your stats and gameplay capabilities. Aside from farming enemies, there are a few ways that you can effectively earn genuine qi to help you level up these virtues as quickly as possible.

Important: The Game does not feature a max level per se, but with five different stat categories known as Virtues, they all have different level thresholds where the stat value boosts will offer diminishing returns, so keep that in mind as you upgrade each category.
Key Takeaways
  • Reaching the Max Level in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is a little tricky as players don’t necessarily need to min-max everything but instead upgrade each of the Five Virtue categories to a desired level using Genuine Qi.

  1. The Wood virtue increases the overall health of the character and also increases the amount of spirit gauge value lost when damaged by foes.
  2. Melee-focused players can look forward to investing in the Fire virtue as it affects how much spirit they can gain when attacking enemies, as well as how much spirit is consumed when using martial arts moves.
  3. Earth Virtue determines the weight load of the character and what kind of gear they can use during gameplay. Investing in it can help create a “Tanky” build as well as increase the spirit gained from deflects.
  4. Leveling up the Metal virtue will allow the spirit gauge to remain consistent despite idling for a few seconds during gameplay. It also decreases the amount of spirit consumption when casting sorceries and spells.
  5. Lastly, the Water virtue will make stealth a breeze as it will decrease enemy visibility but most importantly, it can also the ice spells as well as increase the stats of the character by a minor value.

  • One of the best early farms to gain a huge amount of Qi is done by repeatedly slaying the Suanyu beast during a mission found in the 2nd part of the game.
  • A few helpful tips and tricks include exploring levels carefully in order to collect extra Qi in the form of fragments as well as entailing which are the best virtue to level up.

All Virtue Types And How To Level Them Up

wo long fallen dynasty
All Virtue levels (Image Captured by Us)

In typical fashion, one would instantly assume that an action RPG such as Wo Long Fallen Dynasty would feature character levels that you can level up in order to boost the potentiality of your character. However, that does not seem to be the case here, and if you’re readily familiar with other previous titles from Team Ninja, you would know that the game wouldn’t go the traditional route of having one main level to focus on.

As such, the game does not use any typical experience points; instead, you will be earning a leveling currency known as Genuine Qi. It can be earned by defeating enemies as well as through other means, which we will go over later on here.

But for now, though, let’s briefly discuss each of the five virtues and how they can impact your stats as well as other currently known information, such as their thresholds. It is also worth mentioning they can largely affect playstyles too, so it is encouraged that you look up the Best Builds to use for your character before you start investing your genuine Qi into them.


wo long fallen dynasty wood virtue
Wood Virtue (Image Captured by Us)

As shown in the image above, the Wood virtue represents the total amount of Health pool on your character as well as determines how much of your spirit is lost when you get attacked. To best describe it after experiencing the game firsthand, the spirit gauge is located at the bottom of your health bar in the middle. It can be influenced in two different ways during gameplay with either a positive or negative spirit gauge.

Building up enough spirit by damaging enemies and bosses will allow you to unleash special martial arts attacks, which can deal a significant amount of damage to the enemy, almost outright stunning them if done correctly. However, if you get damaged too much or keep abusing your guard stance, then with enough negative spirit, your character might eventually get stunned locked, leaving you vulnerable to attacks.

So upgrading your Wood virtue levels can be highly beneficial, especially since it also technically controls your vigor too. Furthermore, investing in this virtue will also allow you to use a couple of buff spells as well as increase your stats, most specifically on the sword archetype weapons, but that is slightly unnoticeable.

Speaking of which, while it isn’t stated in the virtue’s description, leveling it up will also increase your spell duration. The soft cap at which you will notice diminishing returns is 40, after which you will only notice minimal differences between your spirit and HP.


wo long fire virtue
Fire virtue (Image Captured by Us)

As depicted in the image we have captured for you, the fire virtue affects the amount of spirit that you gain when attacking enemies or bosses. Not only that, but it also determines how much spirit is consumed when you use powerful martial arts attacks. If you’re someone who absolutely engages in an aggressive playstyle, then leveling up the fire virtue will probably be your main concern.

Furthermore, it shouldn’t be overlooked that you can also earn and upgrade your fire-based spells from this leveling category. While the virtue is mainly focused around melee users of the game, you will need to look into leveling it up, too, in order to increase damage with the pyromancy-like spells as well unlock access to them.

However, in terms of knowing the soft cap or the max leveling difference, we noticed a minor fall in stat increase after reaching Level 15 in the Fire Virtue. You can also expect a larger dropoff when you reach Levels 30 and 46, after which it is best that you keep in that range only as it will no longer provide any significant increase to your spirit gauge-related stats.


wo long fallen dynasty earth virtue
Earth virtue (Image by eXputer)

Shown in the image we have provided, much like the endurance stat from the Souls Borne games, the Earth virtue affects the total weight limit of your character as well as the amount of spirit that you gain when deflecting incoming attacks by your foes. The leveling category is best suited for players who are looking to optimize their characters for a higher defense value which will, of course, increase your overall damage resistance.

When it comes to the weight limit, this will apply to both weapons and armor in terms of gear, as you will be able to wear heavier pieces of armor to help you better fortify your defense. Just like the name of this virtue category, leveling it up will also allow you to gain access to a few ground-based spells, which can be a great tool for crowd-controlling enemies during certain situations.

Lastly, deflecting will be your main counterattack action for almost the entirety of the game. Increasing how much spirit you gain from performing these deflects by leveling up Earth will be crucial to taking down enemies with ease.

Just like how the Wood virtue is geared towards Swords, the Earth virtue can be ideally used with the Glaive weapon archetype. You will notice diminishing returns once you reach round Level 30, at which point you won’t notice too much of a difference, especially since your attack power will grow by minuscule points.


wo long fallen dynasty metal virtue
Metal virtue (Image by eXputer)

Metal is definitely the level-up tree that most mage characters will end up focusing the most on since it is the bread and butter of their builds or playstyle. It affects the duration long you can maintain a positive spirit as well as the amount of spirit consumed when casting spells and other sorceries. At a high enough level, the spirit bar will take longer to deplete when idle so that you can conserve it for a longer period of time.

Aside from that, you can expect to unlock a few poison and curse-type spells, too, which will be extremely useful if you’re playing a mage build in the game, as they can provide passive damage against enemies.

But honestly, aside from the bonuses to spells, it is useful to invest in the metal virtue solely due to the fact that you will maintain a solid positive spirit during combat. Furthermore, the soft cap starts from Level 10, which is fairly early on for the tree, so it is considered worth investing in if you have spare currency.


wo long fallen dynasty water virtue
Water virtue (Image by eXputer)

As shown in the image above, the water virtue might be the least bit of your concern to level up. Still, honestly, it is almost just as valuable as the rest since it will primarily boost almost every stat point of your character by a tiny amount. It mainly revolves around stealth, as it affects how easily enemies can detect you during gameplay as well as the amount of spirit consumed while deflecting.

Now while the former is pretty much useless for a game such as Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, the amount of spirit used for deflects can be enticing as it can pretty much go hand-in-hand with the Earth virtue’s deflect bonus too.

Not only will you be consuming less spirit to execute deflects, but successful ones will make sure you stay at a positive spirit gauge at all times. Lastly, leveling this virtue up will also grant you access to a few ice-type spells, which are tailor-made for mage builds, and there is no soft cap for it since it is mostly there to help allow you to unlock a few of the spells in the game as well as raise the overall stats.

Best Early Game Qi Farm

wo long fallen dynasty Qi farm
The mission (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

We wanted to showcase an excellent Qi farming route we happened to stumble upon during the early game. Although, it is fairly advised that this might require skillful play and commitment to execute properly. This farm takes advantage of the 2nd Part of the main battlefield missions where the exact mission is called the “Valley of Crying Wraiths,” which is shown in the image above for your convenience.

The section we’re looking for is deadset on your way toward the mission completion, so do not worry about missing it. As pointed out in the image showcased above, you will soon come across a giant demonic beast known as the Suanyu, which resembles a mix between a dragon and a bird. The beast is fairly tough as the morale gap between you, and it will be large enough that it can kill you within a couple of hits.

wo long fallen dynasty suanyu
Fighting Suanyu and locating the flag nearby (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

Despite that, we strongly encourage you to, first of all, grab the nearby flag here near the broken bridge for a checkpoint here. You can also further ensure your progress is safe by skipping the fight and unlocking a shortcut (if this is your first time playing the mission), which is located toward the end of the level itself.

What helped us with making the farm easier was when resetting the area using the flag, there is a slight time window where you can sneak to the side of the Suanyu to execute a fatal blow stealth attack which will almost take out half of its health if you’re morale is high enough.

Morale can be easily manipulated by clearing nearby enemies in the level. However it might be a hassle, but it is the best early-game XP farm in our experience, as you can gain around 180-200K Genuine Qi within an hour of doing it with a little legwork thrown in there since this game is quite merciless in certain gameplay sections.

Helpful Tips And Tricks

wo long fallen dynasty (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
Tips and tricks (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

Whether you’re someone struggling with the game, or are just looking to quickly farm Qi in order to min-max a few stats before a tough encounter, here are a few important things to consider when you’re trying to reach the max potential of each of the five virtue in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

  • While you may not know it or sometimes forget about it, the game will periodically notify you of when you can use your Qi to level up a virtue. It will be indicated by the Qi amount turning gold into the bottom-left corner of your screen, and honestly, it is worth investing that before you walk into a tough boss fight or encounter since you may just end up losing it by some fatal flaw.
  • Exploration is vital in the game as whilst you’re out and about during each mission, trying to complete it and get to the boss encounter, you may as well take the time out to explore every corner thoroughly. This is because you have the chance to stumble upon Qi fragments and clots, which can reward you with a hefty sum of the currency, making farming for it easier.
  • It is advised that you also check out the side content of the game, most specifically, the Sub Battlefields, which are optional missions that you can undertake to earn extra rewards alongside the main campaign. These can turn out for the better, as you can grind a fair sum of Genuine Qi by completing these activities.
  • Lastly, you might be wondering what is the best virtue to upgrade for the max level in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, but for almost any player, it has to be the Wood virtue, solely due to the fact that it can increase your HP. Still, if you’re a skilled player who knows all the ropes, then feel free to invest in either Fire or Earth.

The Wrap-Up

According to a GameFAQs post, there was a debate sparked on the topic of what the max level could be for the Wo Long Fallen Dynasty despite having five different level trees. Thankfully, there is no need to max them out, as reaching the soft cap for each one should be more than enough to create the most basic builds with ease.

Our Beginner’s Guide to the game will entail every strategy and help that you need in order to set yourself up for the brutal gameplay that awaits you. Our Review of Wo Long Fallen Dynasty helped us break down its most integral components, from the awe-inspiring gameplay to the performance on both console and PC. It is honestly a combination of the best of both worlds from Team Ninja’s Nioh franchise.

But for now, this concludes our guide to everything that you may need to know when it comes to grinding for the Max Level in the game. If you have any further questions related to the topic or about the game in general, then be sure to mention them in the comments section below so we can get back to you with a solution as soon as possible! As always, eXputer wishes you luck!

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