Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: BEST Qi Farming Methods

Whether you have mastered the combat or not, Farming Qi is vital as it will help you quickly min-max your character's stats!

Farming Qi in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is by no means an easy task, as the souls-borne-like combat can punish you whilst you’re grinding for this currency. Qi is essentially the experience points that you can obtain by defeating enemies and bosses as well as through other means too while exploring and completing missions. There are a couple of ways to farm it efficiently. Still, they all involve carefully fighting the specific enemies we have mentioned, as well as exploring each part of the level thoroughly.

Important: It is vital that before attempting each farming route, make sure to grab the banner flag checkpoints near the enemies as it will heal you and save your progress so in case you happen to die, your character will respawn to the nearest flag.
Before You Start: The farming strategies that we have mentioned specifically take place during missions located in the 2nd part as well as the 4th part of the main campaign, so keep that in mind before you attempt the Qi farming methods.
Key Takeaways
  • Genuine Qi is one of the main currencies in the game, which in layman’s terms, are experience points that players can earn in order to level up the virtues and upgrade the stats of their character.
  • Players who are looking to min-max their builds will need to start farming Qi in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, and we have discussed three different methods to farm it as efficiently as possible.

  1. The first farming method revolves around the early game in a Part 2 mission where players can repeatedly do runs of killing a large beast known as the Suanyu in order to gather a hefty sum of Qi in no time.
  2. The second method applies to the mid-to-late-game missions in Part 4 of the map, where players can farm a crocodile-like creature called the Zhupolong which is by far the most rewarding strategy to farm Qi.
  3. Lastly, the third strategy of farming Qi is an alternate version of the 2nd one. Players once again hunt down a Zhupolong in the depths of an underground cavern area in a Part 4 mission of the story here.

  • A few notable tips and tricks that players can keep in mind are that they can increase their genuine qi gains by equipping a certain enchantment as well as discover items that can reward them with Qi.

Early-Game Farming

wo long fallen dynasty qi farming
Valley of the Crying Wraiths (Image Captured by Us)

First things first, we are starting off with one of the best early-game Qi farms, which will undoubtedly help players min-max their character virtue levels during the first half of the campaign.

The mission itself takes is located in the 2nd part of the map and is called the “Valley of the Crying Wraiths,” which is shown in the image above. You will come across the mission as part of the ‘Main Battlefield’ type missions, so do not worry about missing it during your playthrough.

In this mission, you will eventually come across a certain section where you will need to climb up to a large platform where it will almost resemble an arena. Here you will immediately encounter a large demonic beast known as the Suanyu. It is a bird-like beast that will have a higher morale level than you initially, so we strongly recommend the following things before you fight this foe.

wo long fallen dynasty flags
The flag checkpoint (Image Captured by Us)
  • Firstly, as shown in the image above, there will be a nearby banner flag that you can interact with in order to capture a checkpoint, so in case you end up dying, you will spawn right back here. It is located right next to the platform where the Suanyu is, across a small broken bridge which is depicted in the image above.
  • Alternatively, you can also ignore the Suanyu on your initial arrival through the mission and proceed forward with the level. Soon, towards the end, you can unlock a shortcut to loop around back here for ease of traversal as well as not having to worry about losing progress to access the boss fight of the mission.

Now the strategy to take down the enemy can be daunting at first, as the morale difference between you and the creature will be significant enough that you may end up getting killed in a couple of hits.

wo long fallen dynasty suanyu
Fighting the Suanyu (Image Captured by Us)

So in order to counteract that, a trick that you can use to make each farming run easier is as you reset the instance of the encounter via the banner flag; if you can carefully plan it out, there is a chance to execute a fatal attack during stealth by sneaking up from behind it. Furthermore, while it may seem like a hassle, you can also kill other enemies in the mission to raise your morale rank to make the Suanyu fight less taxing on yourself.

Defeating it will yield you close to 1800 Qi per run, which in total for an hour should be around 150,000 to 200,000 Qi. But again, practice makes perfect, and if you can master the entire run as you repeatedly kill the beast, then this farming method will be that much more efficient and faster to complete.

Darkness Over The Hanshui River

wo long fallen dynasty darkness over the hanshui river
Darkness over the Hanshui River (Image by eXputer)

As shown in the image above, another one of the best farming strategies takes place during the late-game missions during Part 4, which is called “Darkness over the Hanshui River.” At this point in the game, we’re assuming you should be relatively familiar with how the combat works and are skilled enough to tackle most tougher enemies with relative ease.

In the following mission, towards the end of it, you will come across an area where you can notice a small puddle with a red crystallized formation of some sort sticking out of it. Upon getting close, you will soon be ambushed and confronted by the Zhupolong, a demonic crocodile-like beast that will be our main source of Qi in this farming method which is shown in the image above.

wo long fallen dynasty flag banner
Flag banner checkpoint (Image by eXputer)

However, keep in mind what’s important here is that you grab the checkpoint flag before you approach it for the first time, which can be found right at the entrance of the area, showcased in the image above for your convenience. Each time you defeat the creature, it will drop upwards of 8000 Qi to collect, which, if you keep doing it for around 10 minutes, can generate roughly 100,000+ Qi to invest in your virtue levels.

wo long fallen dynasty zhupolong
fighting the Zhupolong (Image by eXputer)

The strategy that we found best to work in our favor was to immediately deflect its ambush attack as it rose from the ground. But as soon as it comes out, the best course of action is to mow it down using any flame-imbued attacks on your weapon, preferably a sword or saber.

Make sure to dodge or deflect its claw swipe attacks, but if you’re powerful enough, then you can easily take him down before it gets any chance to launch a dangerous attack. As soon as you kill, simply run back to the flag and reset the instance to repeat the farming method.

Tyrant’s Final Banquet

wo long fallen dynasty qi farm
Tyrant’s Final banquet (Image credit: eXputer)

The name of the mission is shown in the image depicted above, which is called “Tyrant’s Final Banquet” and can be found in Part 4 of the campaign on the map. The following Qi farming method we have for you here is relatively similar to the previous one in which we kill the Zhupolong enemies of the Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

wo long fallen dynasty tyrants final banquet
Heading downwards in the mission (Image credit: eXputer)

The section where you do this farming method is located towards the end of the mission; it will be indicated once you head downwards into an underground chasm and labyrinth-like area, as shown in the image above. It isn’t too hard to navigate around the area, but more so, locating the banner flag for the checkpoint can be a little confusing; once you head down here for the first time, you simply need to head toward the left.

wo long fallen dynasty flags
The checkpoint flag (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

We have provided an image above in which you can find the flag as soon as you make a left turn after heading down the initial flight of stairs to the area. The Zhupolong, which we have to farm, is located to the left of the flag, but on your first visit here, the pathway will be locked by a door that we need to open from the other side.

wo long fallen dynasty locked gate
Unlocking the gate (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

From the flag, make your way toward the right side, and you will eventually reach the room with Zhupolong, but instead of fighting him, continue from here to spot a pathway leading back to the locked gate. Simply open up the gate, and now you should have an easier path to and from the enemy that we will be farming for Qi. The strategy that we discussed previously to help you take down the enemy should apply here too.

Important Tips And Tricks

While on the subject of farming Qi, it is imperative that you know a few mechanics related to it in the game as well as additional pointers from us which can help you locate it aside from farming special enemies. We have entailed the following tips and tricks for farming Qi so that you can get a better grasp of farming it properly.

  • First and foremost, you can also find Qi in high abundance throughout your exploration in missions in the form of items known as Qi clots and fragments. They will be typically found in the environment or in hidden places, so make sure to carefully explore every nook and cranny of the level before proceeding onwards.
  • To further increase your earnings from the farming runs, you can equip special enchantments on your gear, such as “Genuine Qi Obtention,” which will increase the amount of Genuine Qi earned from defeating foes.
  • Aside from the main missions, you also have the option to partake in Sub Battlefield missions which are basically just side quest-type missions but completing these will reward you with a bountiful of rewards, including extra genuine qi for your efforts.
  • Lastly, it goes without saying, but we strongly recommend investing your hard-earned Qi at any given moment when possible, as the last thing you may need is to end up accidentally dying whilst farming it. The game will even notify you that there is enough qi to level up your character by the yellow glowing qi value in the bottom left corner of the screen on your HUD.

The Wrap-Up

According to a Subreddit Post, players of Wo Long Fallen Dynasty can honestly find their own farming routes if they so wish since the game has checkpoint flags close to important sections of missions most of the time. You shouldn’t face too much trouble in gathering enough Qi to maximize your stats, but moreover, if you follow along with our Beginner’s Guide for the game, then you can easily have an easier time in the early stages.

In our Builds guide for the game, we have detailed everything there is about making the proper play styles for your playthrough, which also includes the Best Spells for mage characters. Though if you’re an avid player of souls-like games in general, then feel free to go all the way with a melee build. Fans of the Nioh titles, another Team Ninja series, should feel relatively familiar with this game as it incorporates quite a few elements from it.

But for now, this wraps up our guide on you can farm Qi in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty and the best methods to do it. If you have any further questions related to the guide or have any other farming strategy that you would like to share, then feel free to let us know in the comments section below! As always, eXputer wishes you luck!

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