Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: How To Respec

Experiment with different builds by learning how to respec your stats in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty!

The option to reset your character’s stats won’t be available to you right at the start of Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. However, as you progress far enough, not only will you get the chance to reallocate your skill points, but you’ll also get the chance to create alterations to your physical appearance.

If you want to experiment with different builds in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, then knowing how to respec your stats is a must. Many Soulslike or typical RPG games tend to lack the feature of resetting your stats which makes the process of creating different builds tedious. However, Wo Long Fallen Dynasty makes it quite easy.

Before You Start: You need to progress through the main story till Part Three of the main storyline, or you won’t have the option to respec. 

Important: Be mindful while altering your Virtues as certain spells or weapons have a minimum threshold, meaning you might not be able to use a spell that you’ve bought in the past if you reduce the Virtue needed for it.
Key Takeaways
  • You can respec your points by talking to Zuo Ci in the Hidden Village
  • Before you can talk to Zuo Ci, you need to complete the first mission in Part Three of the main storyline (the fifth overall mission), known as In Search of the Immortal Wizard.
  • Once it is done, you need to do the following to respec stats 
    1. You’ll need to fight against the Aoye boss to complete the quest and meet Zuo Ci.
    2. Talking to Zuo Ci allows you to reset your stats without any costs, and you can do it as many times as you want.
    3. You can see the effects of changing your stats in real time on the side. 
    4. Players can also change their character’s appearance and trade Accolade Points for loot with Zuo Ci. 

How To Respec Your Stats

As you level up and progress through the world of Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, you’ll acquire Genuine Qi, which essentially works like skill points. You can then use these in the different skill trees in the game, which is referred to as Virtues. The game has Five Virtues: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Boosting any aspects of these different virtues will enhance your combat abilities.

You can start investing in any of these Virtues quite early on, before even getting a proper hang of the game and having a sense of what works with your own playstyle and what doesn’t. So later down the road, when you want to switch up your playstyle, being able to respec can make things much easier. But before you can learn how to respec, there are a few prerequisites that you need to meet.

Completing In Search Of The Immortal Wizard

how to respec stats in wo long fallen dynasty
Aoye Fight [screenshot by us]
Before you can even think about trying to respec, you need to progress a bit in the main story. More specifically, you need to reach and complete the main mission in Part Three called “In Search Of The Immortal Wizard.”

The mission has you explore the bamboo forest alongside Hong Jing in hopes of finding her missing master. You can initiate the mission in the Hidden Village Hub by talking to Hong Jing, who will be standing next to a Battle Flag near the start of the village. Choosing to go to Mt Tianzhushan will initiate the quest.

Once the quest starts, you just need to go from one Battle Flag to the other and complete the mission. Along the way, you’ll face many challenges, such as a Morale Rank 10 Changgui, giant Huoshu, a mini-boss known as Zhuyan, and many other enemies.

Near the end of the quest, you’ll need to fight against a cow-like demon known as the Aoye. It’ll be a challenging boss fight where you’ll need to be careful of the demon’s tendrils, Critical Blows, and much more. But by using many different techniques and retries, especially your Divine Beast, you should be able to defeat the beast.

At the end of the quest, a cutscene will trigger in which you’ll get to interact with Zuo Ci. He’ll guide you on how the Tianzhu used Qi and will also ask you to be on the lookout for the source of the Demon Qi that is responsible for the corruption of the valley. You’ll also get to unlock the Baize Divine Beast. More importantly, now that you’ve met Zuo Ci, you’ll be a step closer to being able to respec your stats.

Finding Zuo Ci

zuo used to how to respec in wo long fallen dynasty
Zuo Ci Cutscene [captured by eXputer]
After the main quest is over, you need to find Zuo Ci again, as interacting with him will allow you to reset your stats. You’ll need to revisit the Hidden Village in order to find him. The easiest way to find him is to use the fast travel option to the Hidden Village. After you spawn, look for the big house that can be spotted near the top of the village.

For a better reference, after you spawn in, immediately turn around, and you should be able to see the house. Head inside, and you’ll find Zuo Ci behind a small table and sitting on the floor. Head towards him and interact with him to get many options, including the option to respec.

Reset Parameters

how to respec in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty
Reset Parameters Section [image by eXputer]
While talking to Zuo Ci, you’ll have many dialogue options. One of those options is called “Reset Parameters,” which essentially lets you alter your stats and redistribute your Virtue however you like. You can reduce the Qi from one Virtue and add it to another one without any consequences.

One great thing about the respec system is that you can do it as many times as you want without any limitations. Additionally, it is free, so you can experiment with as many playstyles as you can think of. Although there is no such thing as any bad Virtue in the game, you might want to distribute your Virtues according to which weapons you’re trying to use, as many weapons can scale with different Virtues.

Furthermore, the effects of any changes that you make to your distribution are showcased on the right side of the Reset Parameters section. Whatever stat is being affected by your new distribution will get highlighted, allowing you to get a good idea of if you’re making the right choice or not. Just make sure not to alter your stats so much that you’re unable to use any of the previously bought spells that you tend to use often.

Change Appearances

Character Creation Section [screenshot by eXputer]
Another option that you might notice while talking to Zuo Ci is the “Character Creation” option. Under it, you can alter all of the aspects that come under appearances. It essentially opens up the character creator menu that you might’ve used at the start of the game. As you can see in the image above, you’ll get the option to change everything from your base model to your voice. You can even randomize to get a totally different look.


In short, if you want to respec your character’s stats, you need to first progress through the main story and reach the first mission of Part Three, known as In Search Of The Immortal Wizard. After you complete the quest, you’ll be able to visit Zuo Ci at any time in the Hidden Village Hub.

Zuo Ci will have many selectable options while you interact with him, including the option to “Reset Parameters,” which can be used to respec your stats. Additionally, you can change your appearance as well as access the Accolade Rewards, which allows you to use your Accolade points to trade in for all sorts of items and weapons.

With that you know how to respec your character’s stats in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. The process is quite simple if you’ve progressed through the main story. And the fact that you can do it as many times as you want without worrying about any costs makes it an extremely handy feature to use. 

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