Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: Soft Caps For All Stats

Wondering why the bonuses for leveling up Virtues aren't as much as they were? Well, that is because you have the soft cap for that Virtue.

There are 5 stats, or Virtues as the game likes to call it, in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, and each Virtue has its own soft caps. Soft caps exist in almost every Soulslike, and it exists to keep things balanced throughout your playtime. After leveling up a stat to a certain level, the bonus you gain for investing in said stat will start to decrease. When that happens, that means you have hit the soft cap for that stat. 

Key Takeaways
  • Soft Cap is the point at which the bonuses gained by leveling up are decreased by a certain margin. 
  • There are 5 Virtues in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty named: Fire, Water, Earth, Metal, and Wood. 
  • Each Virtue scales with different stats, and each stat has its own soft cap.
  • Wood Virtue scales with Spirit Defence and Spirit Duration and the soft cap for this Virtue is level 40.
  • Metal Virtue scales with Spirit Sustainability and Wizardry Spells, and the soft caps for this Virtue are level 10, 22, and 50.
  • Fire Virtue affects the Spirit Gain Rate and Martial Arts cost, and the soft caps for it are levels 15, 30, and 46.
  • Earth Virtue increases the player’s ability to deflect, and their carrying weights and the soft cap for Earth Virtue is level 30.
  • Water Virtue decreases the amount of spirit consumed while deflecting and enhances the player’s stealth and ranged abilities. It is dependent upon the number of Wizardry Spells the player wishes to unlock.

Soft Caps Of All Virtues

All 5 Virtues in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty contribute to a different aspect of your character and strengthen them in different areas. While investment in Virtue is made based on the player’s playstyle, the increase in health is common in all Virtues and isn’t dependent on any single Virtue.

Important: Soft Caps indicate when you should stop investing in one stat and start investing your hard-earned Qi in another. Each Virtue has its own soft caps, and the more you invest in one stat, the lesser your returns will be.

Wood Virtue

Wood Virtue
Wood Virtue (Image Credits eXputer)

Wood Virtue increases the player’s spirit defense and reduces the amount of damage dealt to the spirit gauge. It also increases the spell duration, making the spells more useful and effective in combat, especially for players who love spell casting.

The soft cap for Wood Virtue is 40, and any further investment in this Virtue will not yield fruitful results. Wood Virtue is also largely responsible for the character’s health stat.

Metal Virtue

Metal Virtue
Metal Virtue (Image Credits eXputer)

Metal Virtue scales with other spell-related stats and is targeted toward players who want to create a spell-based build. The first stat it affects is Spirit Sustainability which helps in maintaining your spirit gauge for a long duration, and the other is Wizardry Spells which reduces spirit consumption for said spells.

The soft cap for Metal virtue is 10, and after that, the bonus of Spirit Sustainability is reduced from 8 points to 3 points, and after level 22 it drops even further till level 50.

Fire Virtue

Fire Virtue
Fire Virtue (Image Credits eXputer)

Fire Virtue scales with Spirit Gain Rate and Martial Arts cost. It increases the amount of Spirit gained while attacking and decreases the cost of Martial Arts skills during battles. This Virtue is mainly for those who want to go all out in terms of damage and aggression at the cost of low health and damage resistance.

The soft caps for Fire Virtue are levels 15, 30, and 46. The consumption rate of wizardry spells remains unaffected after level 15. 

Earth Virtue

Earth Virtue
Earth Virtue (Image Credits eXputer)

Earth Virtue allows you to wear heavier armor by increasing the weight limit and increasing the amount of spirit gained upon every successful deflection. This Virtue increases your ability to punish enemies by encouraging deflection and keeping a close distance. 

Earth Virtue has a soft cap of level 30. The points gained up until level 30 are three points per level, which then later decreases to two points per level after level 30.

Water Virtue

Water Virtue
Water Virtue (Image Credits eXputer)

Water Virtue increases the character’s range, stealth, and deflect ability. This Virtue is targeted toward players who like to take their time and take a thoughtful approach toward encounters by utilizing the game’s stealth and ranged mechanics. It also decreases the amount of spirit consumed due to defection.

The soft cap of Water Virtue is dependent on the number of wizardry spells unlocked.

List Of All Stats & Their Soft Caps

Below is a list of all stats along with their soft caps that are affected by leveling up different Virtues.

  • Attack Power – 30
  • Spirit Defense – 40 
  • Spirit Sustainability – 10, 20, 50
  • Spirit Gain Rate – 80
  • Spell Duration – 80
  • Spirit Consumption Rate – 15, 30, 46
  • Equipment Weight – 35


As a souls-like game, it is important to know what the Virtues are and how they influence your playstyle because if Qi is invested randomly in different Virtues, it will result in an uneven build that is good for nothing. So, it is important to understand how each Virtue incentivizes different playstyles. For a better understanding of Virtues, consider going through our guides on best virtues and best spells for the Virtue tree. 

Leveling up virtues requires Qi, which is the in-game currency name of the Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. As you progress further into the game and face furious bosses like Zhang Liang, the requirements for leveling up get higher, and gathering a huge sum of Qi becomes a problem. So in order to know the best locations for Qi farming, consider going through our guide on the best Qi Farming method in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty,

For more information about the game’s basics and other tips & tricks that can be very helpful in traversing the treacherous lands of Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, consider reading our Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Beginner’s guide. This concludes our guide on soft caps for each stat in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.


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