Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Taoist’s House Keys Location

Explore all of the Hidden Village, including the Taoist's House.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is a game that is full of mysterious quests. Whether it is the main quest or a side quest, all of these quests are quite interesting to complete. Taoist’s House Keys falls into the category of Unofficial Side Quests. If you have activated this quest and have no idea how to find the keys? There is nothing to be worried about because this guide covers every aspect of the quest that you need in order to complete it. 

Important: Do not sell Fire Pot, Anti-Freeze Soil, and Mystic Crane items. Players should keep these items as they are required to obtain the chest keys.

Key Takeaways
  • Toast’s House Keys is an unofficial side quest in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty
  • The search for the keys begins as you interact with the Hermit of Tianzhu.
    1. Players have to visit past chapters in order to acquire the keys.
    2. The main door key can be acquired from chapter 3, In The Search of The Immortal Wizard.
    3. The backyard key is found in the fifth chapter of the game, War’s Flames Blaze Fiercely.

What Are Taoist’s House Keys

Taoist’s House Keys is an unofficial side quest available in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. The search begins as you interact with the Hermit Villager at the bottom of the Hidden Village. She has lost the keys to her house and will ask you to find them for her.

Interacting with the Tianzhu Hermit
Talking to the Hermit [All screenshot credits: LunarGaming]
These keys are hidden in different parts of the game. So, in order to get your hands on these keys, you have to visit a Battle Flag and revisit the chapters of the game that you have already completed. But in order to save time, you can collect the keys to the Taoist’s house as you progress through the main questline without starting the side quest.

However, it should be kept in mind that players have to find more than one key in this side quest. Each of these keys is to be found in different missions of the game that you might have already completed or may complete in the future.

The Main Door Key

As you interact with the Hermit for the first time. She will ask you to find the key to the main door of the house. This key is to be found in the third chapter of the game, In The Search of The Immortal Wizard. Your character level for this chapter should be at least 25. If your character level is less than 25, then focus on leveling up your character, as it would prove to be way more difficult if the character level is less than 25.

As you follow the path towards the objective, displayed on the minimap in red arrow. You will eventually reach a cave. There you will find a battle flag.

Reaching the cave
Inside the cave that leads to the final boss 

As you are at the battle flag and are coming out of the cave that leads toward the final boss. You will find the key hidden just around the corner behind a stone statue at the entrance of the cave. You have acquired the key to the main gate of Taoist’s House. Return to the hermit and tell her that you found the key. Now you can open the main gate of the house and enter it.

Obtaining Main door key
Acquiring Main Door Key 

The Backyard Key

Players can now enter the house after finding the main gate key, but this is not where the quest ends. The hermit has also lost the keys to the backyard. The backyard keys are also hidden in one of the missions in the game. Players can find this key in the fifth chapter of the game, War’s Flames Blaze Fiercely

However, it should be kept in mind your character level for this chapter must be 61. If your current character level is less than 61, then you should be focusing on increasing the level, as this mission can prove to be hard even if your character is at level 61. 

In order to acquire the backyard key. Again head to a battle flag and select chapter 5 as you progress through this mission and are almost at the end of the mission. You will enter the sewers through the dragon’s head that leads to the room where the final battle flag is located. 

Inside this room, there is a small side room to the left. Enter that room and there you will find the key that will help you to open the backyard door. Now take back the key, and you can finally open the backyard door. 

Obtaining the backyard keys
Acquiring Backyard Key

The Chest Keys

Once you open the door to the backyard there, you will find three different chests. You get to keep the items in these chests as a reward for completing the quest. But the problem is that all the chests are locked.  In order to get the keys to these chests, you will require some items. But there is nothing to be worried about, as these items are pretty common in the game.

Chest reward
Chest Rewards 

The hermit asks you for the following items:

  • For the First Chest Key, the hermit will ask you to give her a Fire Pot
  • For the Second Chest Key, she will ask for Anti-Freeze Soil.
  • For the Third Key, she will ask for a Mystic Crane.

After giving her the above-listed items, she will then give you the keys to the chests. Now you can open the chests. There are different high-level items in these chests that are listed below:

  • The left chest contains high-level Key Fragments.
  • The middle chest provides high-level Crafting Materials
  • The right chest consists of high-level Gear.


After unlocking the chests and collecting the high-level items from the chests, you put an end to this exhausting quest. All players are reminded again to make sure that their character level is equal to or higher than that of the required level for each mission. Otherwise, it will be almost impossible to complete these missions.

In Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, players embark on an enthralling adventure where they play the role of a nameless soldier battling for survival in a dark version of the Later Han Dynasty. This game is filled with action-packed moments. Players fight ferocious demons and hostile soldiers by utilizing swordplay techniques inspired by Chinese martial arts.

If you are a part of the new gang that has recently started playing Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, then make sure to check out our guide that provides tips for beginners. Apart from that, you can check out the top builds in the game. We also have a guide on how long it takes to finish Wo Long Fallen Dynasty for time-cautious players.

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