Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: How To Beat Zhang Rang

Clones, Lightning Attacks & what not - Zhang Rang has got tons of attacks up his sleeve!

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty portrays Zhang Rang as a boss character of great power, who the protagonist and their team must overcome. To take down Zhang Rang, Cao Cao NPC joins the player in the critical mission of the Fall of the Corrupted Eunuch, where they confront and defeat him.

In the course of the boss battle, Zhang Rang displays his supernatural capabilities by dividing into multiple phantom versions before launching attacks on his adversaries. The battle also reveals that Zhang Rang has already transformed into a non-human entity as a result of his unquenchable thirst for power and riches due to his use of the Elixir.

Key Takeaways
  • Zhang Rang in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty occurs in the mission “Fall of the Corrupted Eunuch.”
  • One of the unique aspects of the boss fight is the presence of clones.
  • He summons these clones at the start of the fight, and when his health is around 50%, the clones give Zhang Rang a buff and can use some of the same attacks as him.
  • If you follow this strategy, you can defeat the boss quickly:
    1. Take out the clones first to decrease Zhang Rang’s overall power.
    2. Utilize companions to aggro enemies and take some pressure off yourself.
    3. Use spirit attacks on clones to decrease the boss’s Spirit Gauge.
    4. Dodge or parry to avoid his attacks.
    5. Focus on Zhang Rang after the clones are defeated.
    6. Use the Fatal Strike on the boss to deal heavy damage.
    7. Equip special effects that increase your resistance against Lightning attacks, as many of his attacks involve lightning.
    8. Use Tiger Seals to summon allies for aggro and stun-lock.
    9. Clear at least half of the clones before targeting the actual boss.
    10. Keep an eye on Zhang Rang throughout the fight to avoid getting overwhelmed by the clones.
    11.  Try to parry boss’s attacks, especially the Fatal Strikes, as this will decrease his Spirit Gauge significantly.
    12. Utilize elemental attacks with AOE damage to clear out the clones quickly.
    13. Avoid leaving any clones alive before attacking him, or he may summon dozens more.
    14. When he charges his sword during the Lightning Crash attack, dodge out of the AOE as he is charging.
    15. When the boss uses the Lightning Barrage attack, make your way behind the clone to avoid getting hit by the lightning orbs.

When Do You Encounter Zhang Rang Boss Fight?

Zhang Rang

Similar to the Zhang Liang boss fight, you can’t advance through Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty without first defeating Zhang Rang, a mandatory boss. In the quest “Fall of the Corrupted Eunuch,” players will square off against Zhang Rang. He has many attack patterns, such as sword rushes, lightning assaults, and clones that may buff him, making this boss battle difficult. Defeating Zhang Rang is a major milestone in the game’s progression and the story’s development.

Zhang Rang All Attacks 

Zhang Rang Clones [Images Credits: FP Good Game]
Sword RushRushes at the player with his sword. Can be dodged or parried.
Triple AttackAttacks the player three times. Can be dodged or parried.
Lightning SwirlZhang Rang summons purple lightning around him for an AOE attack. Can be dodged.
Lightning CrashStabs the ground, dealing lightning AOE damage. Can be dodged.
Lightning OrbShoots a slow-moving orb of lightning. Can be dodged or parried.
Lightning RushZhang Rang hurls a fast lightning bolt towards the player. Can be dodged.
Flying SpinSpins towards the player while in the air. Can be dodged or countered.
Lightning BarrageSummons a clone that shoots lightning orbs in random directions. Avoid by moving behind the clone.

Best Strategy To Defeat Zhang Rang

Attacking Boss

If you’re just starting out in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, defeating Zhang Rang might be a real challenge. To assist you to prevail against him, consider the following:

Take out clones first: First, focus on eliminating Zhang Rang’s clones, since they provide him with an early advantage in the battle. The best plan of action is to eliminate these clones first since they will make defeating Zhang Rang much more difficult. But, you must be wary since the clones may replicate some of Zhang Rang’s attacks.

Use companions to aggro enemies: If you have any allies, utilize them to attract the attention of the clones. With this, you’ll have fewer distractions while working to eliminate the clones.

Use spirit attacks on clones to decrease Zhang Rang’s Spirit Gauge: Spirit assaults on clones may hasten the depletion of Zhang Rang’s Spirit Gauge, rendering him more susceptible to attack. Use these blows repeatedly until the Spirit Gauge is depleted, and you may unleash Fatal Strike on Zhang Rang.

Use dodging or parrying to avoid attacks: Zhang Rang possesses a number of strikes that may be avoided by evading or parrying. Take attention to how he attacks and attempts to parry or dodge to prevent harm.

Focus on Zhang Rang after clones are defeated: When the clones have been vanquished, attention should be turned to Zhang Rang. After the clones have been eliminated, it’s time to turn your attention to Zhang Rang. Maintain your usage of spirit attacks, evading or parrying his assaults until you can finish him off with Fatal Strike.

Use Tiger Seals to summon allies for aggro and stun-lock: If you have Tiger Seals, use them to call in reinforcements, who you may then deploy to steal the initiative or shock the enemy. Their ability to attack and stun Zhang Rang will allow you to more easily kill him.

Repeat the process to defeat Zhang Rang: Iterate on this strategy until you have vanquished Zhang Rang. It may take more than one try to defeat him, so be patient.

It’s important to remember that the best way to defeat Zhang Rang is to eliminate his clones first, then employ spirit assaults, and last, to avoid or parry his strikes. You will eventually be able to overcome him and advance in the game with enough time and effort spent practicing.

Mistakes To Avoid During The Zhang Rang Boss Fight

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty ZHANG RANG – Acid Pool

If you wish to win your battles against Zhang Rang in Wo Long: The Fallen Dynasty, it’s crucial to avoid making these typical mistakes:

  • Refrain from going straight for the actual Zhang Rang as the battle begins.
  • Rather, you should concentrate on eliminating the clones first.
  • With them gone, Zhang Rang’s defenses will be weakened, making him easier to destroy.
  • Do not underestimate the clones’ potential impact on the battle; despite appearances, Zhang Rang benefits from the clones’ presence.
  • You should try to eliminate them as soon as possible to ease the pressure throughout the battle.
  • Make use of spirit strikes; they might weaken Zhang Rang’s defenses and leave him open to your physical assaults.
  • Make heavy use of them in battle; they will make your life much simpler.
  • You should try to avoid Zhang Rang’s strikes, since they may sometimes have catastrophic effects.
  • Avoid taking too much damage by dodging or parrying them.
  • Having allies who can assist you divert attention from the clones and deal with them is a huge advantage, so make sure you use them effectively.
  • You may put them to good use in the battle if you use a little strategy.
  • It’s important to use your surroundings to your advantage since there may be openings through which you may avoid or deflect Zhang Rang’s blows. Make good use of cover and other obstructions.
  • Watch your health bar and utilize healing items as needed; Zhang Rang’s assaults may be rather damaging.

While it may take more than one try to beat Zhang Rang, you shouldn’t give up on your goal too quickly. Don’t give up; keep trying, and improve as you go. Instead, keep reevaluating your approach as you go. With these strategies, you may increase your chances of winning the Wo Long Fallen Dynasty boss fight against Zhang Rang.

Who Is Zhang Rang

Charged Attack

Zhang Rang is a significant character in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, primarily known for his corrupt practices and abuse of power during the Han dynasty. He is depicted as a greedy and cunning eunuch who seeks to enrich himself at the expense of the common people.

Zhang Rang’s background story in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty highlights his rise to power in the imperial court, where he became part of a powerful clique known as the “Ten Eunuchs.” His influence and authority grew, and he became increasingly corrupt, using his position to extract bribes and favors from others.

One of Zhang Rang’s most notorious actions was his role in the construction of a massive dungeon beneath Luoyang, where he imprisoned innocent people and used them to extract their Qi, an ingredient for the Elixir. This Elixir was then sold for vast sums of money, further enriching Zhang Rang and his associates.

Zhang Rang’s actions and abuse of power drew the ire of several prominent figures, including the general-in-chief He Lin, who attempted to remove the Ten Eunuchs from power. However, Zhang Rang preemptively had him assassinated, consolidating his hold on the imperial court and intensifying his corrupt practices.

Boss Fight Rewards

Here are the potential rewards that you can get after defeating Zhang Rang in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty:

  • Wuhuan Cavalry Hat
  • Wuhuan Cavalry Armor
  • Wuhuan Cavalry Gauntlets
  • Wuhuan Cavalry Greaves
  • Yellow Turban Commander Helmet
  • Yellow Turban Commander Armor
  • Yellow Turban Commander Gauntlets
  • Yellow Turban Commander Greaves

Based on the lore information that you must have read above, you will get Wuhuan Cavalry or Yellow Turban Commander set pieces along with a few random drops. 


That is pretty much everything we had to entail about Zhang Rang’s boss fight in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. You now have complete information regarding Zhang’s attack patterns, what incoming strikes to avoid, deflect, or guard, and the series of mistakes you should avoid. So, this should be enough for you to defeat Zhang Rang in the game and progress the story further. 

In any case, if you’re done with the boss guide, why not read our Best Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Builds, Best Spells For Virtue Tree, and Dynasty Divine Beasts guides before you leave? 


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